“It has everything except for the remote start from that fun VW, Darth Vader commercial.”

The Ride
The Driver: Jessica
Car in Question: 2012 Volkswagen Passat
Spotted at: Chelsea Piers, 62 Chelsea Piers, New York, NY 10011
Odometer: 2,934


Q: Wow, a 2012 Volkswagen Passat. These are great. What can you tell us about yours Jess?

A: It’s a silvery-gray. It’s very safe and I had a Jetta as my last car, so I’m really pleased with Volkswagen.

Q: What’s the story behind the actual buying of the car?

A: For our anniversary, my husband surprised me and we had flown to Florida. His dad is the COO of a car dealership and this whole time he had planned to surprise me, and drive home in our new car.

Q: Any fun stories from that first trip back?

A: We actually had to take a rental car back because this model of car was not produced yet, so we basically had to get on a list.

Q: How is it traveling with your husband?

A: Driving with my husband, he’s very much a planner. He’s very much like the big brother on Darjeeling Limited, like a laminated sort of itinerary. He had planned how long we could drive, so we could have like six hours of sleep, get up, have 20 minutes to get back on the road. I don’t get to make as many stops as I want, but I usually get to eat wherever I want.

Q: Sounds strict! What’s your favorite roadside food stop?

A: Chik-fil-A. I get chicken nuggets.

Q: Are waffle fries involved?

A: Yes. And sweet tea, which is dangerous on the road.

Q: Your husband seems like he’s a bit more straight-laced when he’s on the road. Does he have any pet peeves with you while you are in the car?

A: No, I would say I actually am a little more neurotic about the car. I don’t like people who are dirty. I get a little anxiety-ridden if someone’s not going to wipe their feet after they’ve been frolicking in an apple orchard or things like that. But he’s really bad about paying attention. I think it’s because we haven’t had a car in a long time and he’s used to thinking it’s OK to text or be on your phone!

Q: Lastly, tell us about your favorite feature.

A: It’s pretty fully loaded. It has everything except for the remote start from that fun VW, Darth Vader commercial, which is really awesome. I just really like it. It’s a smooth ride and good looking.

Photos and interview by Chinae Alexander

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