Keep your body kicking, even as you wrap it in this season’s fun sweaters and cute coats. Our five favorite fitness classes this fall follow. As ((305)) Fitness puts it, go ahead and “make sweat sexy.” By Jessica Allen.

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These days, the bigger the booty, the better. Get your rear in gear with instructors Peekaboo Pointe (who puts the “ass in classic,” according to her bio) and Gal Friday at Burlesque Booty. Wallflowers need not apply: you’ll be rolling, rollicking, ducking, dipping, crawling, and doing all sorts of moves on your hands and knees. After class, don’t forget to break out the smartphone and take a belfie. You’ll have earned it.

This fall ((305)) Fitness opens its first flagship studio, so you can get all the dance cardio you can handle. The Greenwich Village location will boast fun, flattering lighting, a real DJ booth, and other details that will make you forget you’re in a gym, rather than a nightclub. Instructors claim you can burn up to 800 calories in a 55-minute class, which combines cardio endurance, high-intensity sprints, aerobic exercise, muscular toning, and anaerobic training.

For many, fall means football. The Park Slope location of Harbor Fitness offers a Gridiron Workout on Sundays, which means you can get in some hardcore hustle and bustle, then head home to watch the games (or nap on the couch). The workout features the drills, reps, and routines performed by professional football players. The instructor should know; after all, she’s a professional women’s football player herself.

Don’t say so long to summer just yet. The Slip ’N Slide workout at Revolution in Motion will remind you of childhood afternoons spent, well, slipping and sliding. Developed by a chiropractor, this class is both low impact and intense. You slip booties over your sneakers, then move back and forth on a board. Think it sounds easy? Think again: the moves are designed to “enhance your nervous system [by developing your] quickness, coordination, balance, strength, and power.”

(credit: MySportsClubs)

(credit: MySportsClubs)

New York Sports Club offers members and nonmembers alike the chance to get into the best shape of their lives. It’s called UXF (the Ultimate Fitness Experience), and it’s a total body makeover. You’ll use sleds, battle ropes, and other equipment as part of the UXF Circuit, which combines cardio and strength training in mega-intensity spurts. You’ll also get face time with a trainer and nutritional guidance. So stop reading this and go sign up.