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Former Beatles guitarist and singer, Ringo Starr, interviewed with radio DJ, Scott Muni, in 1992 to promote his album, Time Takes Time. The interview took place right before his All-Starr band was to perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

“The last tour was good because we had nothing to promote, just let’s have a lot of fun and do the records that are made already. But this time, besides doing that I’ll also do stuff off the album,” said Starr.

“Weight of the World” was the hit single that reached Number 43 and Number 74 in the US and UK, respectively.

“The reaction we’re getting is really good, I’m really pleased so far. We could do with a bit more reaction of course, but any reaction is good,” said Starr.

His All-Starr band was made up of Starr, Joe Walsh, Nils Lofgren, Dr. John, Billy Preston, Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Clarence Clemons and Jim Keltner, with other occasional guests.

“All the problems leave the room when we get to rehearsals and it’s such a thrill to be up there with such great musicians,” said Starr.

With the new album release and new singles, Starr guaranteed a fun experience.

CBS archives

CBS archives

“It’s a really exciting show and I can promise you that. And it’s a lot of fun, if you want to come and have fun but if you don’t want to have fun you might as well stay at home,” said Starr.

While answering questions faxed in to the radio station, Starr briefly took a minute to reflect on his Beatles days and his memorabilia.

“In those days we didn’t really collect it all, we just threw it away when it got rotty, that was that, now I wish I would’ve kept it all, I mean, I was just in the Hard Rock (Café) and they’ve got more of my stuff than I’ve got,” joked Starr.

Starr also quickly shutdown any hopes that fans had of a future collaboration between Starr and other Beatles members, saying, “no, there is absolutely nothing where we are going to collaborate. So, that’s the end of that.”

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He even explained his disdain for talking about The Beatles twenty years after the break up.

“It gets boring. I’ve got a new record out and I like to talk about that. The current thing that’s happening. And people still want to delve into the past as if there’s anything new… and there’s not,” said Starr.

Ringo Starr is still performing to this day at age 73 and has plans to perform with Beatles cohort, Paul McCartney, at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Listen to Scott Muni’s complete interview with Ringo Starr from 1992 below:

– Cameron Steagall, CBS Local