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Photo Credit: Empellon Al Pastor

Photo Credit: Empellon Al Pastor

Empellon Al Pastor
132 St. Marks Place
New York, NY 10009
(646) 833-7039

Ugh Daylight Savings, one of the worst days of the year.

Yeah sure, everyone got an extra hour of sleep the one day it took to adjust to the time change. But now it’s back to only seeing the sun when you walk on the right side of the street during your lunch break, before it sets at 4:00 p.m. What joy.

We know it’s easy to despise the diminishing daylight but look on the bright side, now that it’s darker earlier you get to go out and party earlier (that’s how daylight savings works, right?). So, you’ll definitely want to hit up Empellon Al Pastor, the new bar that’s taking the East Village by storm.

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Now be warned, this isn’t your typical East Village bar; in reality, it’s so much more than that. This taqueria is ultra-casual and inviting, and has some of the best Mexican drinks and food around. With draft beers and cider, Micheladas and Margaritas, and not to mention all the tequila you could ever drink, you’re bound to have a night that you won’t remember (in the best possible way).

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So, what makes it so much more than a typical bar? Well, besides being able to buy an endless amount of tequila shots, you can also get some tasty and really affordable food, like $4 tacos. Yes, you read that correctly, you can get food for less than five bucks. Not only are there tacos that cost less than your morning cup of coffee, but there’s also spit roasted pork and pineapple, guacamole and drunken black beans for when you need to put a little something in your stomach.

Plus, Empellon Al Pastor is open until 2 a.m. to accommodate your new daylight saving times schedule and all of your taco and tequila needs.

Just try to take it easy on the tequila; just because you slept an hour later doesn’t mean you get to be an hour later to work.

By Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS New York.