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The Ship

The Ship

The Ship
158 Lafayette St.
New York , NY 10013
(212) 219-8496

The only way to sail the seven seas, put your mind at ease, and protect the motherland with your fellow man? You guessed it. Join the Navy. But since your tendency toward seasickness and claustrophobia (plus a few not-so-stellar marks on your record) may prevent you from joining the ranks, we suggest channeling your naval aspirations into a much less militaristic endeavor: grabbing a drink at the Ship, a recently opened, nautical-inspired cocktail spot.

Step aboard this unassuming little subterranean dive in Little Italy if you like the following things: cocktails created by alums of Little Branch, PDT and Milk & Honey; small plates of lobster buns with sriracha mayo and Korean-style BBQ short rib sliders; and an atmosphere where you can do your best pirate impressions with little-to-no censure.

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Life preservers aren’t necessary but with the interior’s hull-like sensibility, you may not be completely surprised to see a weathered sea captain with a peg-leg threatening to keel haul the bartenders if he doesn’t get his drink fast enough.

High ceiling, clean lines and white-washed brick walls create the ideal canvas for more seafaring design elements, like artfully rusted ship parts transformed into light fixtures, banquettes made with old sail material, porthole bathroom mirrors, and a significant amount of nautical art. There’s even a nonfunctioning fireplace, because, well, it gets cold on the high seas.

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To bring a good flush to you and your date’s cheeks, hunker down for a liberally dosed craft cocktail, like the Chin Chin, a blend of bourbon, ginger and apple cider, or the cognac-spiked Prescription Julep, a mint-flavored rye drink served over crushed ice in a julep cup. While the drink list has the requisite classic martinis, Old-Fashioned’s and Sazerac’s, you can also indulge your adventurous side by ordering the Bartender’s Choice, a self-described drink option which you can respectfully send back if it’s not to your taste.

Ok, that’s about it…we’ve just about fully depleted our stores of nautical references so you should probably sail into this bar soon.

By Arielle Sachar

Arielle Sachar writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS New York.