Study Links Sleep Problems To Weight Control ProblemsHave you been getting enough sleep lately? If the answer is no, you're probably also having trouble losing weight; CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Go Red For Women Fashion Show To Inspire Heart AwarenessSeveral celebrities hit the runway including Miss America Camille Schrier, Tony Award-winning actress Ali Stroker and Madeline Stuart, the world's first supermodel with Down Syndrome. CBS2's Maurice DuBois reports.
Cardiologist, Survivors Talk With CBS'2 Kristine Johnson On Realities Of Heart DiseaseRebecca Trahan and Melissa Dimmick are united as survivors of nearly fatal heart disease. They joined their doctor, Mount Sinai cardiologist Maya Barghash, and CBS2's Kristine Johnson to talk about their experiences.
GoRed Day Brings Focus On Women's Heart DiseaseThe GoRed For Women Day initiative shows how stress is more likely to affect a woman's heart than in a man. CBS2's Chris Wragge and Mary Calvi report.
Innovative New Heart Pump Technology Giving Patients New Leases On LifeCBSN New York's Dr. Max Gomez looks at the Impella and L-VAD heart pumps and talks with people who have been saved by the new devices.
Women's Heart Health Week: Mary Calvi On How Symptoms Differ Between Men And WomenAs we go into February and celebrate Women's Heart Health Week, CBS2's Mary Calvi reminds us to be aware of heart attack symptoms in women and men.
Women's Heart Health Week: Dana Tyler On Her Favorite Heart-Healthy FoodsThere's all this attention in February on Valentine's Day, but what about the real hearts for women? As CBS'2s Dana Tyler points out, eating well is so important for your heart.
Women's Heart Health Week: Kristine Johnson On Her Sister's Life-Threatening ExperienceYou love them with all your heart, but how often do you think about their actual hearts? CBS2's Kristine Johnson reminds us of being mindful of ourselves and others after a close-to-home story of her own.
People Urged To 'Go Red For Women' On Feb. 7 To Raise Awareness Of Heart Disease In WomenAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Dr. Icy Fergus of Mount Sinai Hospital stopped by to discuss it.
'New Year, New You' Workout Tips From 'Mister Abs'Levi James, also known as "Mister Abs," has an exercise plan you can actually stick to. CBS2's Cindy Hsu reports.
Consumer Reports Finds Security Issues With Women's Health AppsAn estimated 50 million women around the world use health apps, but a new investigation shows users' information may not be as protected as they think.
Ricki Lake Reveals New Look Caused By Hair LossCBS2's Alice Gainer has the latest on celebrity Ricki Lake's new look sparked by her hair loss.
New Procedure Helping Women With Overactive BladdersCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the latest on a new medical procedure helping women who are constantly having to go to the bathroom.
Tips To Lower Your Risk For Breast CancerMedical lifestyle expert Dr. Eudene Harry says there are several things you can do to lower your risk for breast cancer.
Clearing Up Misconceptions About Breast CancerWhile there are many new developments in breast cancer detection and treatment, there's also a lot of misunderstandings about the disease; CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Remembering Broadway's Marin MazzieBroadway actress Marin Mazzie died from ovarian cancer nearly one year ago, and now her husband, Broadway actor Jason Danieley, is holding a benefit concert to celebrate Mazzie and her commitment to cancer awareness.
Shannon's Law Signed To Cover Costs Of Annual MammogramsSuffolk County lawmakers have passed a law requiring insurance companies to cover annual mammogram costs. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.
New Procedure May Delay MenopauseA new surgical procedure may help delay menopause in women for up to 20 years.
Breast Implants Recalled Over Cancer RiskCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the latest on the recall of textured breast implants which may cause cancer.
Breast Implant Recalled For Link With CancerMedical device maker Allergan Inc. is recalling a type of breast implant linked to a rare form of cancer. The company Wednesday announced a worldwide recall of implants with a textured surface.
Research Reveals Genes Linked To Eating DisordersNew research has found there are certain genes that make a person more likely to develop a serious eating disorder such as anorexia. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
NYC Becomes First US City To Turn Down Federal Funds For Family Planning, Preventative Health ServicesNew York becomes the first city in the nation to turn down federal funds for family planning and preventative health services; CBS2 political reporter Marcia Kramer explains.
Waking Up Early Could Lower Women's Risk For Breast CancerA study out of the U.K. found that "night owls" have a higher risk of breast cancer than "morning people." CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Period PovertyChristina Capatides joins CBSN New York's Hazel Sanchez to discuss the CBSN original documentary "Period: Half the Population Has One But No One Talks About It."

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