New Technology Helps Detect Cancer In Women With Dense Breast TissueIt's good news for the many women who can't get a reliable result from a normal mammogram. Their problem is dense breast tissue which can mask possible cancers. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Study: Birth Control Pills Linked To Breast CancerA study suggests that birth control pills modestly raise the risk of breast cancer. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
How Often Should A Woman Have A Mammogram?They save lives, but how often should a woman have one? New research suggests it may depend on your weight. Dr. Max Gomez has more.
New Pillow Helps People Deal With Nighttime Acid Reflux Without MedicationWanting to avoid medications is especially true for pregnant women. Dr. Max Gomez has more.
Hormone Replacement May Improve MemoryResearchers have found estrogen buffers working memory from the impact of stress. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Study Shows New Link Between Gut Bacteria And Breast CancerA surprising connection has been discovered between breast cancer and bacterium. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Some Women Opting To Work At Starbucks To Pay For Expensive Fertility TreatmentsStruggling with infertility can be costly for families trying to have babies, but now some women are giving up their jobs to become Starbucks baristas in order to pay for expensive IVF treatments. CBS2's Anna Werner reports.
City Opens Mobile Lactation Pods For New MomsThe mobile suites come equipped with benches, a table, an outlet to plug in a breast pump, and a lockable door.
Tips On Keeping Your Feet HappyYour feet work hard for your body, so you better treat them right. Amy Brightfield, features director for Better Homes and Gardens, stopped by to share some tips with CBS2's Cindy Hsu.
Women Athletes More Likely To Get Hurt Than Men, Experts SayWhether it's going for a run, riding a bike, or playing tennis -- there are plenty of ways to stay active and exercise. But women apparently need to take extra precaution. Dr. Max Gomez has more.
FDA Recalls Popular Birth Control PillThe products were improperly packaged, according to the feds.
Birth Control Pills RecalledA packaging mix-up has prompted Lupin Pharmaceutical to recall Mibelas 24 FE tablets.
Trump Reverses Obama Order On Abortion FundingCBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
National Wear Red Day Raises AwarenessCBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Depression TestingCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Birth Control WorriesCBS2's Jessica Moore reports.
Marijuana For Periods?CBS2's Tracee Carrasco reports.
Botox For BreastsDr. Max Gomez Reports
Better Sex Through FitnessCBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
Mammogram Age Changes?CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Pump Breast Milk Where?Mom angry at where she had to nurse at Dulles Airport.

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