Tightening The Skin Without Surgery
CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the latest on a new treatment to tighten the skin without the need for a facelift.

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Rockland County Issues New Measles DeclarationRockland County has issued a new measles emergency declaration as cases continue to grow.
Teen Makes Stunning Recovery From Broken NeckCBS2's Cindy Hsu has the latest on the remarkable recovery of a teen who broke his neck during a polar plunge event.
More Measles Cases In New York, New JerseyHealth officials say two pregnant women in New York City have been diagnosed with the measles.
Many Teens Unaware Vaping Involves Consuming NicotineE-cigarette use has skyrocketed among middle and high school students, but a new study suggests many teens aren't aware how much nicotine they're getting when they vape. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
Possible Measles Outbreak At NJ RestaurantCBS2's Alice Gainer has the latest on a potential outbreak of measles spread at a New Jersey restaurant.
Preschool Program May Offer Longterm Heart Health BenefitA new study has found the best way to stop the nation's number one killer, heart disease. Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Lack Of Vaccinations, Ease of Travel To Blame For Measles OutbreakNationally there have been 626 confirmed cases of measles so far in 2019, of which 359 cases in New York, 33 cases in New Jersey and two in Connecticut. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
NY Mets Legend Ed Kranepool To Get Kidney TransplantThe wait is over for New York Mets legend Ed Kranepool who just got word he'll soon get a much-needed kidney transplant. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.
Lack Of Vaccinations, Ease of Travel To Blame For Measles OutbreakNationally there have been 626 confirmed cases of measles so far in 2019, of which 359 cases in New York, 33 cases in New Jersey and two in Connecticut. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.

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Possible Measles Exposure At NJ Restaurant On April 19The New Jersey Health Department says a resident of Middlesex County may have exposed people at a Rosalita's Roadside Cantina on Route 9 in Englishtown in Monmouth County last week. CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports.
Judge Upholds Decision Against Rockland Measles BanA judge has upheld the ruling against Rockland County's ban on unvaccinated children in public places.
Judge To Rule On Enforcement Of Measles FinesA judge is expected to decide whether to continue, lower or eliminate $1,000 fines put in place as part of the city's mandatory measles vaccination. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Listeria Outbreak Linked To Deli Meats And CheesesThe Centers For Disease control is warning about a listeria outbreak in this area that's been linked to deli meats and cheeses. The outbreak has put eight people in the hospital in four states and has left one person dead. CBS2’s Mary Calvi reports.
Flight Attendant In A Coma From MeaslesCBS2's Ali Bauman has the latest on the flight attendant flying between New York and Israel has lapsed into a coma after being infected with the measles.
Flight Attendant In Coma From MeaslesCBSN New York's Ali Bauman has the latest on a flight attendant in a coma after getting the measles that she may have contracted in New York City.
Rockland Residents Threatened With Fines To Curb Measles OutbreakIn addition to new local government restrictions, the the CDC is now saying children who normally get their first dose of the vaccine at one year of age can now get the first dose at six months and a second dose as early as 28 days later. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
Possible Breakthrough In Crohn's DiseaseCBSN New York's Dr. Max Gomez examines a possible breakthrough in the treatment of the most serious cases of Crohn's disease.
Rockland Takes New Action Against The UnvaccinatedCBS2's Tony Aiello has the latest on the Rockland County's new measures to crack down on unvaccinated children as the measles continues to spread.
Is There A Possible Cure For Crohn's Disease?CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the latest on a new breakthrough procedure that may help patients suffering from Crohn's disease.
Lyme Disease Cases On The RiseCBS2's Meg Baker has the latest on defending against ticks as the number of Lyme disease cases skyrockets.
Michigan Measles Outbreak Linked To New York ManA New York man is believed to have spread the measles to nearly 40 people in Michigan.
Expert Warns About Lyme Disease And New Jersey's Uptick In TicksA Rugers University tick expert explains how New Jersey is a perfect habitat for the explosion of deer ticks, the bug that spreads the disease. CBSN New York's Meg Baker reports.
Rockland County Tries New Tactic To Legally Slow Measles OutbreakA new order would require unvaccinated students who don't have medical or religious exemptions in the most affected areas from going to school. CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.
Daycare Shut Down Over Measles While Parents File LawsuitThe United Talmudical Academ's daycare is the first facility to be shut down for non-compliance with the New York Health Department's orders about measles vaccinations, while a group of Williamsburg parents have filed a lawsuit over the policy. CBS2's Mauice DuBois reports.
City Makes Good On Threat, 23 Yeshivas And Daycares Received Notices Of ViolationsAfter threatening to fine or even close yeshiva schools and daycare centers that allowed unvaccinated students amid the measles outbreak, 23 sites have now been fined and shut one in Williamsburg. CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.
Lab Creates 3D-Printed Heart, Sign Of Future For Organ TransplantsIsraeli researchers have 3D-printed a heart, complete with muscle and blood vessels. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Despite Public Health Efforts And Fines, NYC Measles Cases Increases To 329 CasesNew York City health officials reports an increase in the number of active measles cases in the city has risen to 329, largely centered in Williamsburg. CBS2's Maurice DuBois reports.
New Test For FibromyalgiaCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the latest on a new test to help detect fibromyalgia.
Measles Outbreak Grows In New YorkCBS2's Ali Bauman has the latest on the growing measles crisis in the New York area.

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