Avoiding The Endless Wave Of RobocallsCBS2's Valerie Castro shares tips from experts on how stop receiving an endless amount of robocalls.
MTA To Test New Payment SystemThe MTA will start testing the OMNY payment system, aimed at replacing the MetroCard.
Apple Watch Glitch Triggers S.O.S. CallsCBS2's Natalie Duddridge has the latest on a glitch in the Apple Watch that may signal emergency crews without the wearer asking for them.
FaceTime Bug In Apple DevicesA bug in Apple's FaceTime software apparently lets users listen in on people they are calling and even see through their cameras without them picking up the call.
iPhone FaceTime Bug Lets Callers Eavesdrop On OthersA newly uncovered quirk allows users to listen in on people they are calling or even see them through their phone's cameras without them picking up the call. CBS2's Cindy Hsu reports.
Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Denies Stealing Trade SecretsChinese tech giant Huawei issued a statement overnight denying charges of stealing trade secrets, breaking confidentiality agreements and violating sanctions against Iran. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
Password Weakness Opens Security Systems Up To Hacker AbuseHome security systems are supposed to make people feel safe, but when hackers took control of one family’s system, they felt anything but. CBS2's Anna Werner reports.
Expect 5G Wireless Service To Be The Talk OF CES 2019The Consumer Electronics Show officially starts Tuesday in Las Vegas, pitting the biggest tech company's latest gadgets on display. CBS2's Kara Tsuboi reports.
All Eyes On Consumer Electronics Show In VegasCBSN New York has a preview of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Doctor Says 'Selfie Wrist' Injuries IncreasingA California doctor says the number of people suffering from wrist injuries due to taking selfies is on the rise.
Sprint, T-Mobile Move Closer To MergerThe multibillion-dollar deal just got the green light from the Committee on Foreign Investment and, if approved, would leave the United States with three wireless providers. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
'Sleep Texting' Becoming A New Medical IssueCBS2's Scott Rapoport has the latest on a new condition involving people texting in their sleep.
'Keep Your Pics In Your Pants': Lawmaker Drafts Plan To Combat 'Cyber Flashing'Imagine lewd images popping up on your phone from a stranger. More and more New Yorkers say it's happening to them and now, one local lawmaker says he has a plan to put an end to it. CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.
New App Offers Promise For Solving Election Day DifficultiesCBS2's Hazel Sanchez has more on the search for poll improvements.
Most Cell Phone Apps Targeting Kids With Ads, Study ShowsThe study is so alarming, consumer groups are urging the federal government to step in and do something about it.
What To Know About Facial Recognition TechnologyAvailable on newer smartphones, facial I.D. can now be used to make purchases, pass through airport security, track medication use in healthcare, and target advertising in marketing. CBS2's Siobhan Gorman reports.
Apple Product Updates To Be Revealed WednesdayApple is planning on making an announcement about its products on Wednesday, possibly the debut of new iPhones, Apple Watch, or its operating system. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Parents Reactions Mixed About Teachers Texting Their StudentsMany teachers say they’ve started texting students to give them assignments or help them with school work, but that’s not sitting well with some New Jersey parents. CBS2's Meg Baker reports.
Dining Out? Better Put That Phone AwaySome restaurant owners are losing their appetite for customers who don't disconnect during dinner. CBS2's Jessica Layton reports.
New Ride-Hailing App Launches For Yellow, Green Taxi CabsA Midtown-based tech company called Waave just rolled out a two-year pilot program for yellow and green taxis. CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.
Phone Message Tricking Users To Call Expensive Scam NumberA new scam involving a call from a 10-digit number that looks domestic has people dialing an expensive international number that can rack up big charges on the user's phone bill. CBS2's Clark Fouraker reports.
Public Power Charges Could Hide Spy Software Risks For Your DevicesAs public power stations with USB connections continue to pop up to recharge power-hungry devices, some experts are warning of a cyberattack called "juice jacking." CBS2's Siobhan Gorman reports.
Eye On Cyber: Juice Jacking And How To Protect Your DevicesOur power-hungry devices always seem to be running low on juice. But a popular way to re-charge could lead to trouble. CBS2’s cybersecurity expert Siobhan Gorman reports.
Excessive Screen Time Could Be Harmful To Your VisionA new study examined the impact of the blue light emitted by phones.

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