Nassau Cop Union Head Wants Criminal Charges In Friendly Fire Shooting

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Nassau Police Union President James Carver was asking the district attorney to consider if criminal charges were appropriate in the accidental shooting of Special Operations Officer Geoffrey Breitkopf.

img 9999 Nassau Cop Union Head Wants Criminal Charges In Friendly Fire Shooting

Funeral bunting at Selden Fire Dept for PO Breitkopf (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

Breitkopf, 40, was killed by friendly fire in Massapequa Park. He was in plainclothes and carrying a rifle when he arrived at the scene, responding to a call for backup.

Nassau County’s police union said the shooting of Breitkopf may have been instigated by a retired NYPD officer. Carver’s focus was on the retired city cop who reportedly shouted “He’s got a gun,” something he believes triggered the deadly mistake.

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“The Nassau County Police Department was in charge of that scene and he should have let them run the scene,” Carver said. “We’re now dealing with something that we’re never really going to know the true answers to.”

The investigation will be turned over to the district attorney’s office.

Newsday quoted the retired officer’s son as saying his father was being unfairly blamed for the tragedy.

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Minutes before the friendly fire incident, officers had fatally shot Anthony Digeronimo, who allegedly was threatening people with knives before lunging at police.

On Tuesday, David Digeronimo, the suspect’s father, spoke to CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan. Digeronimo said his son’s death was preventable.

The elder Digeronimo said he had asked police “to put the guns away” and not to hurt his son. He said his family was also saddened about the shooting of Officer Breitkopf.dsc 0028 Nassau Cop Union Head Wants Criminal Charges In Friendly Fire Shooting

When asked if a taser should have been used, the suspect’s father replied “anything except killing the little boy in front of me” would have been better.


One Comment

  1. Francis Muldoon says:

    Everyone the blame should share by all involved

    The retired NYPD officer who reportedly shouted “He’s got a gun,”

    Where were the other LE to establish a safe perimeter to keep

    civilian public away from the crime scene.

    If it was safe perimeter was established properly, the retired NYPD Loud mouth

    should be away from active crime scene.

    Especially the MTA policeman who fired the fatal bullets to end Nassau County Special Operations Geoffrey Breitkopf

    Also, the chain of command falls underneath the The Nassau County Police Department. They should have called off local first responder from showing up on the scene.

    LE officers had fatally shot Anthony Digeronimo,

    so why was additional LE showing up after the fact, the prep the threat was eliminated.

    So why were the MTA policemen involved on this crime scene?

    FOG of Legal Law Enforcement and
    Retired NYPD LE lough mouth
    he retired, he leave LE work for full-time LE
    Lack of Proper communication.

  2. brett says:

    the perp should have been left alone in his house untill he starved to death . why go in and get so close that he surprises you with a knife. cops out side couldnt control the situation .what a shame this all is.

  3. MassapequaManNowInPutnam says:

    Even if the undercover cop was not a cop, a civilian, would it have been okay to just shoot him? Should the mta cop not have yelled “drop the gun!” ?? Or “drop the rifle!”?

  4. JUSTIN says:


    1. jim says:

      can u even read a little

  5. Shields Up says:

    I agree with Rob that Police are trained to stop the threat. And that is to shoot at the center of mass, or torso. In addition to stopping the threat by shooting at center mass, this minimizes the hazard of shooting at a body part and missing with those bullets hitting innocent victims.

    And Rob is correct that a person with a knife 20 feet away can kill you as that distance can be closed rapidly.

    The outcome of this incident is extremely unfortunate and will certainly prompt changes in future responses. Undoubtedly there will be a change to radio dispatches so that other agencies are not called in unless there is an emergency. The need for Police personnel to know one another, especially if not in uniform is paramount. Officer Geoffrey Breitkopf might never have been shot if he were wearing an outer garment with large markings that said POLICE. This is commonly referred to as a “raid jacket”. And it remains unknown if Officer Geoffrey Breitkopf was wearing body armor.

    The entire incident is a tragedy but hopefully could be avoided in the future.

  6. jim says:

    Maybe daddy David D would be interested in writing a book on his parenting skills and all proceeds could go to the widow and children of officer Breitkopf who would now be home playing with his children if not for the actions of junior and a city cop who doesnt know the meaning of retired

  7. Rob says:

    I really feel for David Digeronimo over the loss of his son however a knife, particularly the type used by this young man, are deadly weapons and from a distance of 20′ a person with a knife can seriously maim or kill someone if they run at his target. Police and Peace Officers are not trained to shoot at legs, heads, arms, or hands and for good reason: they would likely miss and therefore still put themselves in harm’s way. Police are trained to shoot at ‘center mass’ (the torso). The reason being is this is the largest volume area and the chances of hitting the target are greater (but even then not guaranteed in the heat of battle). If this young man indeed lunged at the officers, then they were within their right to defend themselves as they were trained. There is no telling if this man would have gone and killed others either in the home or community had he not been stopped. I support the police 100% in this instance.

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