Sources: Dozens Of Cops Could Be Charged In Bronx Ticket-Fixing Probe

Investigation Starts By Accident, But Is Now City-Wide

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A major ticket-fixing scandal has rocked the NYPD.

Sources told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer on Monday that grand jury indictments are expected “shortly” and that as many as 40 cops could face the music in the Bronx alone.

A grand jury is reportedly considering bribery and larceny charges against dozens of cops, who, sources said, performed an NYPD magic trick — they made tickets disappear in exchange for gifts.

Tight-lipped top cop Ray Kelly confirmed the case.

“We expect officers to enforce the law objectively,” Kelly told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones. “There should be no favoritism at all.”

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports: Ray Kelly said the investigation is ongoing

Sources told Kramer NYPD Internal Affairs investigators have been secretly wire-tapping calls made to and from dozens of police officers and reportedly have thousands of hours of tapes.

The case reportedly started by accident. Apparently the owner of a barbershop not far from the 43d Precinct in the Bronx called his cop son to see about fixing a ticket. Unbeknownst to the cop the telephone was being tapped by Internal Affairs officers who were investigating local drug trafficking.

Sources told Kramer that union delegates were among those asked to fix the tickets, and, among the cops under investigation, more than two dozen face potential felony charges, while another 10 could face lesser charges like obstruction of government administration.

Sources also said that although the case began in the Bronx prosecutors in at least two other boroughs have pieces of the probe, which is why Kramer asked the police commissioner if a federal prosecutor should be brought in to oversee things.

“I think the district attorneys, the local district attorneys and the Internal Affairs Bureau are fully capable of doing this investigation,” Kelly said.

Some wonder if the Bloomberg administration policy of increased ticketing revenue, which has raised half a billion dollars since he took office, has led to increased efforts by the public to get tickets fixed any way they can.

“I don’t know whether we’re overzealous or under-zealous,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. “I’m sure there is somebody who went over the line, but they’d be very few and far between.”

Internal Affairs probers pulled summonses issued by 12 Bronx precincts last September. Records were also reportedly pulled at precincts in other boroughs.

After the probe began the NYPD instituted a new electronic tracking system for summonses, making it tougher to fix tickets.

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One Comment

  1. vince says:

    I wonder how many cops, or their friends and family in this city recieve speeding tickets, red light summons, drinking in public tickets etc? Or do they flash their badges and PBA cards so that they can get a free pass.? They are supposed to serve and protect the public, which they do but they also procect each other…

  2. Abused Citzen says:

    There are way more covers ups by the NYPD! They should start investigating the 47th. PCT. & IAB. They should start looking into retired cops that still get major favors done. It’s disgusting what goes on in the NYPD!!! Fixing parking tickets are only minor, compared to putting honest citizens life at stake while certain cops do nothing but LIE, LIE & MORE LIES!!!

  3. NYPD Blues says:

    This bunch of Hispan1c cops really bring shame to the NYPD.

  4. B Hirst says:

    Anyone who has recieved a ticket in Bronx should write internals affairs and question if any tickets they had were written by any of the charged officers. I f you have had one issued it likely was part of a plan to get more tickets written to get more chances to fix tickets….. This would create paperwork for the PD and allow you to get payback from Bronx for your hassels….. The PD hafes to be questioned….. Give them paperwork….lots and lots of costly paperwork… This takes the profit out of the ticket writing scam thast the city and the PD has been running on the backs of the people…

  5. All Cops Are Crooked says:

    aint that the damn truth. line em up, strip em of their pensions and tase the sheet out of em.

  6. J says:


  7. hooay22 says:

    Their is no respect for any kind of law in the Bronx. Ticket fixing there goes back to the 40’s. Crooks beg to be tried in the Bronx especially if the main witness is a cop; they don’t take anything a cop says as the truth.

  8. Auburn Dale says:

    Why are cops being investigated at all? All cops carry the legal designation of “Hero,” so they’re EXEMPT FROM ALL LAWS.

  9. PETE MARTIN says:

    Campisi is a great guy. He’s honest and beyond reproach. And a great cop. Ask the New York Rangers, whom he knows on a first name basis from all the games he attends. Sure he pays for his tickets full boat too.

  10. NYPD RANTER says:

    I want to know if Chief Campisi of Internal Affairs will be arrested for fixing summonses for Dr. Kleinman, a NYPD surgeon. Oh, wait….Campisi can do no wrong. Where was Campisi while all this was going on? Towing cars of detectives testifying at Imette St. Guillien’s murder trial.

  11. Corruption says:

    This is going to get huge attention and more and more people are going to be in serious trouble as this unfolds. And they deserve every single bit of it. Sleep well ticket fixer’s you know who you are and you deserve what you get. Start searching the help wanted ad’s maybe you can find a day labor job and actually work for a living.

  12. DaTruth says:

    lol i meant crooked….

  13. DaTruth says:

    i guess to move up in rank you need to do something cooked……
    it must be a nyc thing….

  14. J says:

    NY PEE D. Where the corrupt advance their careers.

  15. Mario Cuomo says:

    This investigation will go nowhere, and rightly so.

  16. kornhole says:

    How many has Kelly and Bloomberg fixed for their friends?? Don’t even mention the hasids in Brooklyn. I told you, don’t even mention them.

  17. El Palo Gordo says:

    punish them all!! and send all of them crooked cops to jail/prison to teach them all a lesson and thats what should happen to all the cops that think they are above the law in nyc….oh and one more thing….cops should not have any kind of alcoholic beverage 12hours pior to punching in for work…there is nothing worse than a cop on a hangover harrasing the minority’s….lol

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      what about a minority harassing a cop while he is drunk that’s a real crime

  18. petey says:

    What about a certain group, primarily in brooklyn, with their chiefs on speed dial?

    1. Guest 44 says:

      Jerk, If you bothered to to find out why they drive like nuts with lights and sirens, you would discover they are on their way to medical emergency calls for all the good folks in Brooklyn. Maybe some day you will need them and appreciate the lights and sirens to get your sorry ass medical help or to a hospital.

      1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

        you and I both no they would never help a black man or even a kid. I have seen it several times.Remember the Crown Heights riots cause by there actions. I do..Now go live in the Jewish bubble you do and pray near the water for forgiveness Mayor Mike has yu back

  19. MrPhilip Philip Philips says:

    Yes it is always right when we find it and the possibility of doing something about it ,but until then the point of knowing and not knowing exists Where was this suspicion or doubt. When does the painter complete his painting it is never finished until it is sold, No one is the criminal until he is found, so till then he will continue like he never was one.

  20. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    If the cops are charged for taking care of tickets for family members then Mayor Mike should be charged federally for give high paying jobs to his family members on the NYC tax dollar…If you would like the names let me know..

  21. Carlos Liriano says:

    some cops are more crooked than than the crooks, those cops should get some jail time, to teach them a lesson

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      Hey Carlos are you even a US citizen ?

      1. drny says:

        Why are you assuming Carlos is not a U.S. citizen?

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