In 2011, Yankees Just Can’t Beat The Red Sox

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — When the Yankees needed a big effort Wednesday night, A.J. Burnett came up small.

That’s the way it has gone for them almost all season against the rival Red Sox.

David Ortiz hit one of three Boston homers to back a tireless Tim Wakefield and the Red Sox kept up their domination of the Yankees this year, defeating New York 11-6 to take over first place in the AL East.

“We haven’t pitched consistently and at times we haven’t hit but they have had big outbursts against us,” manager Joe Girardi said. “We need to make pitches.”

Alex Rodriguez homered but Burnett (6-4) was ineffective for the banged-up Yankees, who have lost seven of eight meetings with Boston this season — including all five at home.

The last time the Red Sox won their first five road games against the Yankees in a season was 1912, on the way to their second World Series title.

“We play these guys so much. If you don’t play well they’re going to beat you,” Derek Jeter said. “They’ve outplayed us. They have a good team. The bottom line is they can hit and they can pitch. They can do a little bit of everything.”

LISTEN: Joe Girardi: “(Burnett) got hit kind of hard”

Facing his most familiar foe in Wakefield, Jeter finished 1 for 5 to move within 11 hits of 3,000. He had a run-scoring double but also grounded into a rally-killing double play.

Carl Crawford and J.D. Drew also connected for Boston, both in the ninth inning to break the game open for a second time. Jacoby Ellsbury had three hits and Adrian Gonzalez added two RBIs.

“You’ve got to make smart pitches and I didn’t make smart pitches in the first,” Burnett said.

Boston goes for its second sweep at Yankee Stadium in a month Thursday night when right-hander Josh Beckett faces fellow ace CC Sabathia in their latest marquee matchup. Beckett has beaten Sabathia and the Yankees twice in two spotless starts this season, striking out 19 over 14 shutout innings.

The Red Sox scored three runs in the first for the second consecutive night, including a two-run shot by Ortiz.

Hey David, what did you hit?

“A bomb,” he said, drawing laughs.

The reigning AL player of the week, who has four homers in his last eight games, hit a two-run drive in Tuesday’s victory and punctuated it with a cocky flip of his bat followed by a silky pirouette before starting toward first base.

Girardi said he “didn’t really care for it,” and Ortiz said it was simply “Papi style.”

That home run came one pitch after rookie Hector Noesi backed Ortiz off the plate, but the Yankees never brushed him back Wednesday.

“We’re not trying to pitch him right down the middle, which is where the pitches seem to end up. He looks really good at the plate,” Girardi said. “I mean, he’s really swinging the bat.”

Ortiz said he wasn’t concerned about New York throwing at him in retaliation.

“Why should I?” he said. “I don’t care about what Joe Girardi said. I come to play the game every day. That’s about it. I’m done with that.

“We cross that line, we take it like a man. That’s it.”

Wakefield (3-1) was relieved in the sixth by ex-Yankee Alfredo Aceves, who went the rest of the way for his first save of the season.

Jeter was 1 for 3 against Wakefield, giving him 32 career hits off the 44-year-old knuckleballer, his most against any pitcher. The two have squared off in 118 plate appearances, the most common matchup among active players in majors.

“It’s the same as anybody else,” Wakefield said. “I approached him the same way as the last 16 years.”

Fill-in catcher Francisco Cervelli had three hits and two RBIs for the Yankees.

Russell Martin (back) sat out, and reliever Joba Chamberlain (elbow) was placed on the 15-day disabled list. First baseman Mark Teixeira was back in the lineup after leaving Tuesday night’s game when he was hit on the right kneecap by a first-inning pitch from Jon Lester.

New York tried to rally in the sixth, scoring once and sending up Jeter with the bases loaded. But with sweat dripping from the bill of his cap, Aceves got the captain to ground into an inning-ending double play.

Just before that, speedy Brett Gardner failed to break from third on a pitch that went to the backstop. He said he hesitated because he thought the ball hit Jeter.

“It’s not a good read,” Girardi said. “It changes the complexion of the game a lot. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but he didn’t read it and it ended up hurting us.”

Making his first start at the new Yankee Stadium on a 90-degree night, Wakefield was handed a 7-0 lead by the fourth. He floated 66 mph knuckleballs toward the plate and held New York in check long enough to earn his 196th career win.

The oldest player in the majors, Wakefield even had enough in the tank to outrace Gardner to first base on a grounder in the fourth, tumbling to the turf after tripping over the Yankees outfielder.

“I thought we were going to have to need a wheelbarrow to get him off the field,” Boston manager Terry Francona said. “But that just shows his professionalism. He’s always been a guy that covers first. That’s why he’s still pitching.”

NOTES: Rodriguez’s 624th homer cut it to 7-1 in the fourth and gave him 1,865 RBIs, passing Hall of Famer Mel Ott for ninth on the career list. … Jeter whiffed in the third, snapping a career-long stretch of 58 plate appearances without a strikeout.

Will the Red Sox continue their Yankee dominance? Sound off in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. Dale Auburn says:

    The Yankees and other local teams have received MILLIONS of New York City taxpayer dollars over the years, in the form of tax breaks, new stadiums, and ticker-tape parades. It’s only fair that the teams return the favor by (1) winning every game they play at home, and (2) reimbursing us when they choose to not win.

    Therefore, I propose that the City Council immediately enact a new law… If a sports franchise is based in New York City and receives ANY form of city funding (e.g. tax breaks, new stadium, ticker-tape parade), then said franchise MUST win EVERY game it plays at ANY venue within the City limits. The penalty for losing a game would be a fine equal to the total payroll for said game.

    Under that rule, the Yankees would owe a fine equal to the combined Yankee and Red Sox payrolls for last night’s game. That should be enough to make up for a wasted subsidy.

  2. Paul D says:

    Sh#t! don’t you know that’s the truth! Truth

  3. Truth says:

    Last year, the Yankees beat the red soxs almost every game of the first half. Second half was all red sox. It was even at the end of the season. Still lots of baseball to be played and I’m sure this year will also be the same. It’s all about who does well in the second half and in the end.

  4. Paul D says:

    i like funny little user names, you know, when you go on one of those free camsites. But how about putting your name to your comments. It’s like when you hear that an “unidentified source” had just thrown his teamates under the bus. Have the stones to own your own words.

  5. Dan Hoffman says:

    I am so tired of AJ Burnett, the Ed Whitson of our time. And while Garcia has had his moments, he can really only be effective against inexperienced hitters and free swingers who he can fool. Good teams with good hitters are beyond him. It is time to pay Burnett to go pitch in Kansas City where he might be good and the Yankees might get a prospect or two in return for him and to let some of the young guys pitch. They may not win now, but their not winning with Burnett and Garicia either, so they might as well see what they have coming up.

  6. Yankees4Ever says:

    Mrs. Met, how are the Mets doing, still trying to stay out of the cellar? They have the Pirates coming this week; the Mets could be cellar dwellers after this coming series is over.

    Seems you’re not over the spanking the Yankees gave the loser Mets in the 2000 WS and the chokers of ’07 & ’08 so coming here thinking ranking on the Yankees will make you feel better, yet you have overrated players on your loser team who can’t seem to stay healthy or can’t stay out of last place in the national Easy League.

    How’s not winning a title in 25 yrs feel? Inquiry winning Yankees fans minds want to know.

  7. Paul D. says:

    This is beginning to look like ’09 all over again. But this time, it just doesn’t seem like the Yanks have a dog in the race. Petite is not around to remind that pitching staff of championship mettle. Posada has gone south and there doesn’t seem to be a u-turn anywhere in sight. A-rod… well… we’ll leave that one alone. Jeter has glimpsed the twilight and is taking a slow ride towards the horizon. Gardner has consistently shown that the rare and special gift of exceptional speed is utterly wasted on him. And the ship is still helmed by Daffy Duck.

  8. bullett says:

    Yankees are becoming the Titanic of baseball……….slowly sinking.

    1. JetersDone says:

      That’s not fair….The Yankees are older than the Titanic!!!! HaHaHaHaHa

    2. Edward says:

      How’s that, in early June, there is still a ton of baseball left to play. I know most of you guys are closet Boston h*mo fans, but you don’t win titles in June.

      Maybe you idiots haven’t notice but Pedroia may be done for the season, Masukaka is done for the year & with 100 games left to play anything can happen.

      Most of you posting here will disappear come August, you always do every year.

      1. John says:

        Your ignorance is only outweighed by your stupidity (quoting ESPN College Football) .. first off your little attachment to the Boston fans is really ignorant, I guess you are a little phobic in that department .. second, learn to read because even if Pedroia has surgery he will be back in a month, but they believe he might be back Friday … and considering Wakefield has again taken over for Dice K and again schooled your Yankees last night, maybe you should watch your ignorant fingers when you type

  9. JetersDone says:

    The Yanks are more over rated than the friggin Iphone! This team is gutless and cannot stand toe to toe with the BoSox and they have proven this year!

    1. Edward says:

      Jane (akaJohn) you ignored sl*t, don’t get upset you moron, your RoidSox will be taken care off at the end of the year like every year. RoidSox got lucky in ’04.

      They signed Lacky, Cameron, Beltre, & Scutaro for a ton of money in ’10 thinking that would be enough to beat the Yankees, how did that work out?.

      This year they signed Gonzalez & Crawford to TRY to do the same. In ’09 they signed Smoltz & Penny & Roidsox fans proclaimed themselves champions with the best pitching staff in baseball.

      The Yankees slammed Smoltz into retirement during one game where the Yankees slammed dunked him & went on to win the World Series in ‘09. It’s early June Shi* for brains.

      When the time comes in the end the RoidSox will falter against the Yankees, they always do.

      So don’t get you panties all tied up in a bunch Jane (akaJohn), it’s only June

      1. John says:

        Wowwww .. you are really are a moron .. just glad I brought out the best in you .. again, you are ignorant of the facts:

        1) Beltre was one of the better players in the AL last year and actually a complete shock to everyone, thus he signed the big deal with Texas

        2) Those signings didn’t work out because three of our biggest hitters (Youkilis, Ellsbury and Pedroia) missed a ton of the season and we still split the season series with the Yankees, and everyone even talked about Francona for Manager of the Year because of how he pulled it all together with the remaining players .. and we were all fine with the Red Sox not mortgaging the future just to try and make the playoffs with that many injuries

        3) Gonzalez this is the best hitter in the AL, hands down even Francesa said as much the other day, and Crawford is coming around

        4) Smoltz was a risk coming off a year away and surgery, and the writing was on the wall when the Braves werent signing him back

        5) Geez seems like the last few years the Sox have either tied the season series against the Sox .. and the last big series was 04 .. how did that work out for you?

        It’s also funny you say Roid Sox when no one on the Sox have admitted steroid use, but yet the Yankees with A-Rod, Petitte, Giambi and Clemens all have admitted or been brought up on charges related to steroids or HGH

        and I didn’t ignore sl*t .. I replied to your comment didnt I?

      2. Edward says:

        Stop the crying Jane, you’re becoming a whining spectacle. Again, it’s still early June. The Riodsox have put a ton on money into the team in the last 15 years.

        Idiot Jane (aka John) Manny Roid-mirez tested positive for steroids, suspended for 50 games and this year tested positive again, he took Riods while playing to the Sucks period.

        A report in ’09 stated David Roid-tiz tested positive in ’03 & and he blamed it on a bad test and like O.J Simpson, he was going to hire a private investigator to look into the person responsible.

        He should have looked himself in the mirror for that person responsible. Both claimed it was supplements and vitamins that they took.

        You can’t be this stupid, or maybe you are, & tell us you did not see David Roid-tiz crying on TV claiming that his was innocent as did Manny Roid-mirez.

        Jerry Remy’s son Jared was arrested for selling steroids, who do you think he sold it to, yeah, Red Sucks players you moron

        Injuries are part of the game Jane (a.k.a John). Yankees had injury to key players and still won the division, something the Roidsox have not done.

        Be grateful for the wildcard because thatt’s the only way the Roidsox have made the post season. .

        Need I say more because I can.

      3. John says:

        It’s so funny because you feel it necessary to keep calling me Jane .. someone you have never met and don’t know ..

        Ahhh figured it out .. lack of maturity and facts .. yeah thats it

        I’m done wasting my time with you .. simply because you are one of those Yankee fans who are sooo deluded that you don’t see things clearly and I know too many Yankee fans who are more reasonable, mature and obviously smarter than you and can talk real facts without being insulting.

        Have a nice day and hope you get your head straightened out sometime in the near future.

  10. LOUIE says:

    2006 2007 2008, choke away the playoffs each year, 25 yeARS AND NO CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR A NEW YORK TEAM THATS EMBARASSING.

  11. louie says:

    gutless team, look at all the blown pennants chances through the years, and yes didnt your tesam spit the bit yesterday

  12. MikeC says:

    These teams have gone back and forth over the years. In 2011, the Red Sox have the edge. As long as the Yankees can win against everyone else, they will be there in the end and probably face the Red Sox in the playoffs where anything can happen.

    1. John says:

      Mike .. I am a Red Sox fan .. and I have to complete admire what you have commented and if we ever meet up (obviously never going to happen) but I would buy you a beer because you are mature and realistic with the game we admire

  13. Steven Alperstein says:

    Maybe because they Just are Not as good as the Red Sox!!!!

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