Travel + Leisure’s Dirty Little Secret: New York City No Longer Ranked Number One

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Start spreading the news — but clean up when you’re done. 

We all know New York is the greatest city in the world, but the Big Apple dropped from its number one spot in the following category: dirtiness.

According to survey conducted by a Travel + Leisure magazine, New York was ranked the fifth filthiest city in 2011, down from its ranking as the first dirtiest city last year.

Travel + Leisure compiled the list of the 20 dirtiest cities in the United States in connection with its June issue and its annual America’s Favorite Cities survey.

Knocking New York out of the number one spot? New Orleans. Right behind the Crescent City is Philadelphia, followed by Los Angeles and Memphis.

Hey, we can’t always be number one right?

2011 America’s Dirtiest Cities:

1. New Orleans

2. Philadelphia

3. Los Angeles

4. Memphis, Tenn.

5. New York

6. Baltimore

7. Las Vegas

8. Miami

9. Atlanta

10. Houston, Tex.

11. San Juan, PR

12. San Francisco

13. Dallas-Fort Worth


15. Washington, DC

16. San Antonio, Tex.

17. Orlando

18. Chicago

19. Kansas City

20. Anchorage

What do you think? Should NYC even be in the top 10? Comment below


One Comment

  1. FedUp says:

    They obviously are not counting human gar bage as part of the filth!

  2. Mario Cuomo says:

    Puerto Rico is a door mat for the USA

  3. daisy says:

    NYC is not the dirtiest or have the highest crime rate.

  4. Barre Flynn says:

    The problem with this is that it does not take into account the amount of people per square mile that live in NYC> We do a hell of a job keeping this city clean considering how big we are and how many people live here.

  5. Brooklyn McDirtyshoes says:

    Since when is Puerto Rico in America? I understand it’s a territory and all, but it’s still its own country, right? Either way, Phuck Philly!

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