15-Year-Old Juan Ortero Shot To Death In East Harlem

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A teenager was shot to death Tuesday night while making a trip to a corner store near his home in East Harlem.

Police say a man came up to Juan Ortero, 15, in front of the Peaceful Valley community garden at East 117th Street and Madison Avenue around 9:30 p.m. and opened fire.

Ortero was shot in the torso and rushed to Metropolitan Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“He was dead before he even hit the hospital,” his mother, Jessica Montilla, said. “He ain’t never gonna come back home. He’s never coming home.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg speaks with the victim’s mother

A makeshift memorial with fifteen candles, one for each year that Ortero lived, now marks the spot where the 10th grader was gunned down.

No arrests have been made. A motive was not immediately known.

Montilla said her son fell in with the wrong crowd but he didn’t deserve to die.

“All I wanted him to do was to get an education and go to college and live a good life,” Montilla said. “That’s all I wanted, for him to be good and not to worry about what’s going on out there, there’s nothing out there for him. That was our biggest argument with each other.”

Last November, he was shot in the hand at a party on Park Avenue in East Harlem. He also had a prior arrest for robbery.

Montilla told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg that she did whatever she could to keep her son off the streets which she says is plagued by gang violence.

“He’s not the first and he won’t be the last to die this summer, believe me, the streets is hot,” Montilla said. “There’s going to be a lot more deaths and a lot of mothers feeling the way I feel; I wish them all the best, no one deserves this.”


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  1. Krystal Johnson says:

    Juan Ortero was like a brother to me. Now that he’s gone it feels like it’s a big hole in my heart but I know he will be here with me no matter if he’s here or not. Juan aka Chika Ding will forever be in memories ” Gone but never forgotten ” I love you an R.I.P to my Bro !

  2. Unnamed says:

    Stop judging for a second. He was arrested for robbery but not convicted. Do you know why ? Because someone lied on him. He was shot in the hand do you know why? Because thay is a dangerous neighborhood. innocent bystander. Through everything he kept a smile . baby sat his sister and was wonderful to his friends. He go t killed because he was on the wrong street unfortunately that is also the.street where he lived. Jp killed him. That is the name of the person who shot him. The whoadies. Thats.the name of the gang. Now what. ? Will the police even make an arrest? If you want to know did it its jp. Thats what the streets know. Now what.

  3. one planet many world apart says:

    to this me person i have raised 4 boys in harlem, by myself- the first is my brother now 32 years old he has never gotton in trouble with the law ,is a hard working man. the other is my first son which is now 25 years old and is now about to finish collage. now i have a 14 years old that is the total opposite of the other 2. so u say that it is not the goverments duty 2 raise our children yet they have made it there duty on telling us how to raise our children . this goverment go to our children schools and tell them we can not do this to them,we can not do that to them. then when our children are out control the only solution they have given me is to go to a shink which i have been doing since he was 8 years old and played hockie for the first time 8 miss 8 or to but him away. then there is this,1 of these goverment worker told me ( cross your hands grit your teeth and let him be). when i was about 11 i played hockie some 1 saw me and called my aunt,she went looking for me beat my ass from 106 and third ave until 112 st and first ave i never did that again. when my brother or my oldest did something that i beleave was putting them in danger i beats there ass just like i got beat. look at where they are and look at where my 14 year old is going now you tell me who to blame here. now all i can do is pray that my 5 year old does not go in that direction. no should pass judgment on what they have no experienced. i read this blog on another page regarding this same boy. it read in my word there are no white picked fences in my world there are no doormen down stairs to open the door for me and take my bags up for me. what this person failed to say was what is in my world so let me inlighten all those who think they now my world just because they picked up a paper a read a couple of word. in my world there is no doorman but you will find many drug dealer ready to give me boy some drugs to deal for him. in my world there are no white picked fences but you will find some 1 willing to teach you how 2 rob the home that those picked fences surround. this goverment failed me when i was young to long of a story,just keep in mind i raised my brother that sould say it all and know they r failing my 14 year old. i look at this boy picture and see my son.

  4. Juan Otero's Uncel says:

    My nephew died, and that all the matters at this moment. Don’t make this political. No one deserves to be gunned down. How about we find a way to keep guns off the street instead.

  5. emily says:

    I honestly don’t believe anyone has the right to blame the parent for what has happened to her son. Regardless he was a child and every child makes mistakes and no child deserves to loose there life over it. Its that kind of “he deserved it” attitude that makes this world such a terrible place. I knew his family personally and no one can console the grieving of a mother and father who lost there son, and sister who lost her brother. That boy will never step foot in a college classroom, hell never get to give his mother grandchildren , he won’t even see his 18th birthday. Gun violence is a serious issue and its claiming the lives of too many innocent children . RIP Jay your memory lives in our hearts forever and we will never stop loving you .

  6. Jonathan Perry says:

    My prayers go out to the mother and the family of this young man. It is so unfortunate that our society has sank to this level in the absence of positive programs and jobs for our youth to keep them out of harms way. The state and local governments seems too selfishly distracted with closing budget gaps and cutting spending for programs that they have endangered the lives of the very people who are scheduled to inherit the future. This parent moved to where she felt was a safer environment for her son, yet voilence still claimed his life. The very reason gangs and youth violence continue to be at the forefront of our news broadcasts is due to the lack of proper funding to be put into these communities. For it it were, it would give them a chance to do something contructive with their time that will undoubtibly keep them focused to a point where violence is totally a forgotten thought. I sincerely hope that there is someone in State government that will read this and take the messege as far as it can be taken, and hopefully bring about a definite change.

    1. ME says:

      Sorry Jonathan Perry, the problem is not the government. It’s not their duty to keep your kids out of trouble; it’s the parent’s job to raise their kids properly so they know to stay out of trouble. He was arrested for robbery already; robbery. That means he held someone up at gunpoint or knifepoint to take what is not his; materialism. Lesson #2: teach your kids to be satisfied with the things they have, know your needs and necessities, and work hard for the things you want. He was THE bad company. His mother can move him where ever she wants, but if HE is the problem, then it won’t matter where he is; he’ll find trouble because he is trouble.
      No one deserves to die this way. May God bless his family as they deal with this tragedy. But please, stop blaming the government because parents are lacking in their duty as parents. Don’t leave YOUR kids to government, cops, and teachers to raise. They are there to aid them, not raise them.

      1. Real says:

        Real – I agree with ME. But let us not put all the blam on singele parants. The government has something to do with our chrildern not having centers to go to after shcool any more. No PAL’s cutting school budget and aid. To many young kids getting killed in our inner city’s. The gangs have to stop killing each other. There is so much more to life then killing each other. Love and peace to all. One Love

      2. The Facts says:

        Excuses, excuses and more excuses. Tiresome. Nobody is buying this nonsense anymore. The reason he was not incarcerated for robbery is a mystery. Hope they catch the murderer as fast as they can.

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