New Yorkers Celebrate Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

Activists Calling It A Major Victory In Civil Rights

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Activists are calling it a major victory in civil rights as celebrations continue around New York City today after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a same-sex marriage bill into law.

New York became the sixth and largest state in the country to legalize gay marriage after days of heated debates in Albany.

Pending any court challenges, legal gay marriages can begin in New York by late July. Cuomo signed his bill into law just before midnight Friday.

WCBS 880’S Ginny Kosola reports: Cuomo Calls New York A Beacon For Social Justice

A huge street party erupted outside the Stonewall Inn Friday night, with celebrants waving rainbow flags and dancing after the historic vote.

Queens teacher Eugene Lovendusky said he’s “spellbound” and “exhausted” by the outcome of Friday’s vote. The 26-year-old said he’s proud the Senate “finally stood on the right side of history.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the vote “a historic triumph for equality and freedom.”

At Stonewall Inn, Scott Redstone watched New York sign the historic same-sex marriage law with his partner of 29 years, and popped the question.

“I said, ‘Will you marry me?’ And he said, ‘Of course!”’ Redstone said he and Steven Knittweis walked home to pop open a bottle of champagne.

A woman also surprised her girlfriend in Greenwich Village by getting down on one knee and asking her hand in marriage. She accepted.

Within 30 days, they and other gay couples will be able to get married in New York and some Lutheran ministers are already preparing to perform those marriages.

The Reverend Katrina Foster is pastor of the Incarnation Lutheran Church in Bridgehampton, Long Island. Reverend Foster is gay and was married in Connecticut to her longtime partner and says the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recognizes her same-sex marriage.

She says the legislation will strengthen marriage, not destroy it. The congregation welcomes openly gay couples.

Celebrities from around New York and around the country are also reacting to the legislation. Many have been sounding off on Twitter since the bill was signed into law.

Lady Gaga on Twitter: “I can’t stop crying. We did it kids.”

Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter: “happy gays r here again !!!!!”

Cyndi Lauper in a statement: “I have never been prouder to be a lifelong New Yorker than I am today with the passage of marriage equality.”

Ricky Martin on Twitter: “Time to celebrate!!! Marriage Equality for NYers! Its about… love!”

Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter: “It PASSED! Marriage equality in NY!! Yes!! Progress!! Thank you everyone who worked so hard on this!! A historic night!”

Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter: “I’m thrilled about the news from NY. Marriage equality! Every day we get a little closer. What an amazing feeling.”

Kathy Griffin, on Twitter: “tonight we’re all New Yorkers! Straight & gay alike, let’s all celebrate marriage (hash)equality. The right side of history!”

John Legend on Twitter: “Happy that New York passed marriage equality tonight. A victory for human rights. Progress.”

Pink on Twitter: “congratulations!!!!!!!!! About time!”

Steve Martin to Alec Baldwin on Twitter: “Alec! Now we can get married!”

Baldwin’s response.: “Ok. But if you play that … banjo after eleven o’clock…”

Darren Criss on Twitter: “I sing it every night, but now it has better meaning: `New York- concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do.’ 🙂 As if I didn’t already have enough to celebrate and enjoy today. A big hug for New York from my lone hotel room in London.”

Alyssa Milano on Twitter: “Way to go, New York. One people. One planet. One love.”

Wendy Williams, on Twitter: “Yay for Gay Marriage! NY, it’s about time…jersey we’re next! How you doin?”

New York Sen. Charles Schumer also released a statement Friday night saying “When the famous French historian Alexis de Tocqueville visited New York in the 1830s, he said the one thing that distinguishes America from every other country in the world is its inexorable move toward equality. Tonight we have taken another giant step in that proud tradition.”

But not everyone is in favor of the new law. Representatives from the Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Rabbis and other conservative leaders fought the legislation.

“Why stop there? Why not a man and two women, Why not a man and two men?” said Jeff Field, spokesman for the Catholic League of New York.

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan also condemned the decision. “The passage by the Legislature of a bill to alter radically and forever humanity’s historic understanding of marriage leaves us deeply disappointed and troubled,” he said in a statement released Friday night.

Meanwhile, celebrations of the new law are expected to continue this weekend with events around the city.

NYC Council Member and longtime gay rights activist Daniel Dromm, had a community party Saturday to celebrate the passage of the same-sex marriage bill.

“Today we are here because New York state has said ‘I do’ to equality,” said Dromm.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports: Lawmakers Feeling Emotion Of New Legislation

Dromm and other LGBT activists gathered in Jackson Heights to cut what was being called a gay wedding cake.

gay wedding cake New Yorkers Celebrate Same Sex Marriage Legislation

Gay wedding cake (credit: Kathleen Maloney/1010 WINS)

On Sunday, New York City’s annual Gay Pride March will step off at noon. More than 500,000 participants are expected to attend and police commissioner Ray Kelly says the NYPD is prepared to handle the large crowds.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports: Kelly Says Celebrations Often Continue Through Monday

“It is a big celebration weekend, we understand that,” said Kelly. “We see it year after year. We have additional resources that will be deployed in the southern part of Manhattan where the parade terminates.”

The Gay Pride March will wind its way downtown from 36th Street and 5th Avenue to Christopher and Greenwich streets.

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One Comment

  1. Lucky Stiff says:

    Remember the NYC bath houses? Time to open them up again.
    It’ll be good for business and add many needed jobs to the economy.
    Consumable items for this are water, towels, and toilet paper.

  2. Dale Auburn says:

    “When religion and politics travel in the same cart, the riders believe nothing can stand in their way. Their movement becomes headlong – faster and faster and faster. They put aside all thought of obstacles and forget that a precipice does not show itself to the man in a blind rush until it’s too late.”

    – Frank Herbert, Dune (1965)

  3. FedUp says:

    It will now be really entertaining to watch grossly overweight gay people push baby carriages around places like Costco while they argue loudly with each other about their bills and their quickly diminishing sex lives. I didn’t realize gays had the same cravings for mediocrity that straights do. I guess most people just don’t aspire to much, regardless of their sexual orientation.

    1. Lack of Gray Matter says:

      So they condone Fist-Fcking everynight and day, to be an act of Love?

  4. murrayhill says:

    Now it’s time to take on the next taboo: inter-species marriage. Hey, why not? It’s just a personal lifestyle decision. After all, nobody is being hurt, and if the dog or horse or whatever is okay with it, it’s nobody’s business. We will of course need to develop a curriculum in our public schools to teach tolerance. And let’s not forget that any crime perpetrated against such a person is a hate crime as opposed to a non-hate crime when perpetrated against normal people.

    1. straight doc in NJ says:

      no wonder you hold a proletariat position in society.

      1. murrayhill says:

        You don’t have the foggiest idea what position I hold in society, but being a liberal elitist, you believe that anyone who holds an opposing opinion to yours must be uneducated and ignorant. Your 10 dollar words don’t impress me one bit.

      2. Rodin says:

        Of course, you don’i have the ‘foggiest idea’ of whether the “straight doc in NJ” is a ‘iberal elitist’ either. If you find assumption offensive, why commit the exact same sin, except that YOU assume you are right to assume and HE is not? Which resembles nothing like a discussion of the issue at hand. Nothing like personal recriminations and insults when lacking in valid arguments!

        On top of which you are both still going at it when it’s a mute issue. IT’S OVER!

        You’re BOTH idiots.

        “When you assume you make an @ss out of YOU and ME.” Heard that before?

        … idiots ….

    2. ejones says:

      Your screen-name is apt — you’re about as bright as a pile of dirt.

      1. murrayhill says:

        What a brilliant and scathing rebuttal! Have you considered writing as a profession?

  5. JustSaying says:

    Religious aspect aside and regardless of the government trying to legitimize this depravity, most ‘straight’ people will see same sex couples for what they truly are – an aberration of nature. This vote changes NOTHING in the collective minds of most people. It does NOTHING to further your acceptance in mainstream society. You always have been and always will be looked down upon. Happy day!

    1. ejones says:

      Where have you been living, under a rock?

      Sorry, silly question — obviously you just slithered out from under one.

  6. Mike says:

    Who effin cares. Fix the damn economy!

  7. New York Died says:

    And I care about what Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Ellen DeGeneres, and Steve Martin have to say…why?

  8. Morality says:

    Okay, so the trade-off is we should not have to listen to any sob stories about AIDS. Activities that produce AIDS are now legal–so no more pretending like it’s some innocently contracted disease.

    1. ejones says:

      The highest HIV infection rates are among heterosexual african-american women.

      The lowest HIV infection rates, not only in the U.S. but worldwide, are among lesbians.

      So your comment makes no sense.

  9. Ohioan says:

    Gays account for less than 10% of the population. Let’s say that half of gays have an interest in getting married. So the state of New York is in debt and in decline and the legislators are wasting their time on something that affects 5% of the population. Sad.

  10. straight doc in NJ says:

    my God… I was not aware that hatred can have so many disguises.

    And to respond to many of these imbecilic and irrational prognosticative comments posted here, what OF marrying a horse? A dog? Or polygamy? Perhaps even marrying a DVD? How will this affect you, or me, or anyone else, even if in your Kubrick-like world it was to play out?

    Many of you say these barbaric words, yet exclaim at the top of your voices “never forget 9/11” How many gay and lesbian persons died on that day, or doesn’t that figure into your illogical thinking? “That’s different” I suppose you’ll say.

    Be happy you’re alive. Life is too short.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      “I was not aware that hatred can have so many disguises.”

      Hatred is a v-e-r-y lucrative industry – especially when it’s NOT disguised at all.

    2. Rodin says:

      Religion is faith-based hatred.

      Good without god.

      1. mak says:

        So what’s the basis for your hatred? Your posts seem to spill the most vitriol.

      2. Rodin says:

        @ mak

        The short answer: Religious fanaticism, the ‘godly’, willfull ignorance, the arrogance of piety.

        “But we should be outraged at what’s going on in the world. Anger is not negative. Why shouldn’t I be outraged? Why shouldn’t I be bitter and angry?”
        ~ JULIE NICHOLSON, English vicar whose daughter died in the London tube bombings of July 2005

        I never cared to proselytize anything to anyone, except too many “believers”, from Barak Obama to Pat Robertson to blustering bigot Timothy Dolan, constantly strutt their stuff in the public arena.

        Your constant proselytizing and the unwelcome imposition of your faith on my life I rightfully resent. My right to be free of your dilusions I WILL argue and discuss and defend.

        I got fed up with religious intrusion and respond in kind. Keep your faiths out of my face and you won’t hear from me.

        Take a look. Check regularly for updates.

        “After coming into contact with a religious man I always fee I must wash my hands.” ~ FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

        I hope, for your sake, this is answer enough.



  12. Wolf says:

    Fear is what fuels the hatred. Wake up people. If you know yourself and are secure in your own sexuality then you would not fear gay people. Gay is not a virus. You cannot catch it and become gay. Share the joy and be happy. Stop being hateful. Marriage is about love between two people. Not about hate.

    1. hereandnow says:


    2. hereandnow says:

      I think many of the haters are lashing out because, in their own sexual insecurity, they used to have tacit permission to bully and abuse this group. Now, that outlet for their own fears and uncertainty has been effectively taken away, and they are left with their latent doubts and no familiar way to process them.

  13. Rodin says:

    Need go no further than this page. Religion = Hate.

  14. Chuck says:

    While I am a practicing Catholic, I see nothing wrong with gays being allowed the benefit of a civil union. Gays are born gay, just as heteros are born hetero. To ‘punish’ them by denying them the same civil unions that heteros can obtain is patently unfair. Those of you who are religious think about this… God created gays. Did He do so in order to have them live a miserable life and be treated like outcasts? I think not!

    1. Brucie says:

      Very well said.

  15. Father Concerned says:

    As a Roman Catholic Priest from the Diocese of Brooklyn who has worked with and counselled countless gay men and women for Lord knows how many years, I am grateful that this legislation has passed. (with all the “protection” clauses therein) I am likewise revolted over the statement that my Bishop made with regard to this legislation (found on and other newsworthy web sites) Gay men and women contribute such vitality, compassiion and generosity- not only to the Church but the society at large. They deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and equality. Their many loving relationships reflect the beauty of frienship and the glory of God. ( by the way, for the record: I am neither gay) I am just getting sick and tired of the offensive and obnxious control by church authorities who become highly defensive and somewhat vitriolic when they come to realize that they are becoming truly poweless after all. Sadly, my church seems to becoming less the church that Jesus intended to be . The Church of Christ will prevail. The men with the pointed hats will not…….

    1. nathan says:

      Father, your post should be hung on the front page of this site as an example of everything that is RIGHT with the Catholic Church. I may be a Jewish heterosexual but I still sat indeed, God bless you.

      1. Rodin says:


        ‘Reformed’ Catholic, good without gods.

      2. hereandnow says:

        This post should be nailed to the doors of St. Pat’s in Manhattan.

        The church is about power, and that power is being threatened by progress and enlightenment.

    2. Bob Fowler says:

      You’re a Catholic priest, and I’m the Queen mum. As a Roman Catholic priest you are supposed to uphold the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and the directives of the Pope. As the Bible says, you cannot serve two masters. Bone up there cowboy and walk away from the church if you are so opposed to her teachings. As a priest, you are not empowered to interpret the Bible to suit your own personal desires.

      By the way, please note, I am not condemning your opinion. You are speaking with an authority that you do not possess. In my opinion, and that was backed up 35 years ago when I left the church, the Roman Catholic Church is closer to paganism than Christianity. If you don’t agree with her teachings, it is time for you to leave, and pursue a true Christian walk.

      1. Sarah says:

        Well said!

      2. Val says:

        Santa Maria Magdalena! I left the chaotic and antiquated church because of thoughts like yours. It is all about money and power: let’s face it. And the pope is a vanity status ridiculous figure that holds no morals nor rights over humankind, nor does the archbishop … the middle ages is no longer here … let’s move on.

      3. 2gruesome2b says:

        i believe lucifer said it most succinctly, “i will not serve”.

  16. jaypee says:

    I have completely lost all respect for Cuomo

  17. FireIce says:

    Since the turn of the century, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and recently Nepal allow gay marriage. These countries haven’t imploded or gone to hell in a hand basket. Its a shame that the United States is so far behind on the basic human right to love freely but we’re on the path to EQUALITY! Its here to stay and no longer can be silenced by religious rhetoric.

    I can only hope that those who are so adamantly against Gay Marriage will open their hearts to acceptance… especially should one day their child comes to them and says “Mom, Dad… I’m Gay…”

    1. SP says:

      Ther has been a steady decline in marriages since the 1970’s I think ther is a coincidence.

    2. JustSaying says:

      I am NOT adamantly against gay marriage, I AM adamantly against the gay lifestyle! Being gay is nothing short of an aberation of nature. Mistakes happen, even in nature and I have to believe that is the explanation when someone claims to have been ‘born that way’.

      1. ejones says:

        If you are so against the “gay lifestyle,” THEN STOP LIVING IT.

        Otherwise, live your life and let others live theirs.

  18. 4i2 says:


    1. nathan says:

      We all hope you are in your last days. So does your family.

  19. Barre Flynnb says:

    It will be about 75 to 100 years before we can see the outcome of this law. I won’t be around but my grandchild will be. All people should have rights but morality should prevail. No one can figure out what morality is. The Governor is flouting a woman that is not his wife and expects all of us to like that idea or turn our heads. Gays have rights and the government should be fair and just to gay couples, but the intent of marriage as most religious group express exclude same sex unions. It is a very difficult subject especially if you are the one being discriminated against.

    1. ejones says:

      Marriage was a legal construct long before religion got involved. Religion stepped in when it saw a chance to exert control over people and there was a buck to be made.

      1. BF says:

        I was under the impression that the state not churches charges for the marriage license and it also discriminates against single people by charging them more taxes. I am not sure how the church is guilty of controlling people. They have given guidelines of how people should treat each other in a loving relationship which until the state stepped in worked pretty well.

  20. RS says:

    When it is said that this country is on the wrong path, that is so true on sooo many levels. Yesterday proved that once again!!

  21. pugphan says:

    This is indeed a sad day, the Nation is no longer reverent, it has sanctified sodomy,
    and we’re all going to pay the consequences for this folly. May God help us all! Not everyone is God’s child, only those whom do his will are HIS children, and at this
    moment we are not. Gays say it isn’t fair that they can’t marry, well y’all…”Life has
    never been fair!” smokersodysseycom

    1. jaypee says:

      Well said!.

      Gov Cuomo is a disgrace to Catholics. He’ll do anything to get a vote. He’s prepping himself for President. When he was the AG he wasn’t focused on his job he was always looking towards the next gig.

      How’s Sandra your mistress?

      1. Rodin says:

        Catholics don’t need Andrew Cuomo to disgrace them. They disgrace themselves and have Timothy Dolan to lead the way.

        Rescued from Catholicism, good without gods.

  22. Rodin says:

    A triumph for Equal Rights, a vicory for SECULARISM!

    Straight, married and good without gods.

  23. nyc says:

    Party, Party, Party Vasiline sales must have gone up yesterday ! I am sooo sick of polititions pandering for votes and money from special interests groups ! Must be a organization that represents Gay, Illegal Mexicans for our polititions to hop on next ?

    1. arn says:

      There has long been a Gay Political agenda here. You should read:
      “Defending A Higher Law.” check out: Gays are only 2.4 % of the pop, and for that Dems have sold their soul. We need to vote out all of those arse holes up in Albany starting with Cuomo. That issue should have been decided by
      a public referendum.

      1. Hereandnow says:

        It was decided by public referendum — the public elected representatives to the state legislature, and those representatives voted to pass this legislation.

        Just because you are in a twist over the outcome, doesn’t mean the process was not legitimate.

  24. Bloombergg says:

    HAHAHA the hypocrites and haters are spewing their personal views and hate…….again. LOL!

    Congratulations to all gay and lesbian and friends on your victory. This is a key victory against religious hypocrites and hateful bigots. Now gays and lesbians will have more respect and equality like everyone else, as you all deserve!


    1. Sarah says:

      You’re an idiot. More respect and equality…they are never going to have respect because they don’t respect anyone but themselves…a bunch of selfish disgusting and vile group of people who will trample the rights of others to cry and get their own way. Just because people don’t agree with their issue, it doesn’t ean they are religious hypocrites or hateful bigots…why can’t they be good genuine people who simply disagree…this is the problem with these people. You are either for or against them and if you are against, you are lesser than them and every name in the book…yeah, that’s equality…they don’t want equal, they want better and will stop at nothing to keep pushing for more.

      1. Rodin says:

        You confirm, “…the hypocrites and haters are spewing their personal views and hate.”

        To respect anyone, you must first respect yourself; to love anyone you must first love yourself. You do neither.

      2. Brucie says:

        Sarah, You’re just another bigot. This is not a religious issue. It’s a civil rights issue. I find most religious zealots to be vile and disgusting, and obviously, so are you.



      4. littlestar says:

        Thank God Sara !

  25. Jae says:

    May God have mercy on us all!

  26. danny says:

    Keep your faith in your heart home and place of worship. Keep it out of the government. Thats why our forefathers started this country in the first place. Whenever a politician speaks about religion, he should be impeached. And stop with the boring rhetoric.

    1. Rodin says:

      The Dutch of the Golden Age (XVII c,) who gave us oil paint, the art gallery, genre painting and still life, letter writing, the postal service, international trade, the stock market, the tulip and gin, also embraced religious tolerance, “freedom of religion” … and FROM it. While the they were free to believe or not in whatever got them through the night, it was to be done so privately. Banned were all outward manifestations and religious symbols, ergo, no proselytizing, no problem.

    2. Rodin says:

      It produced one of the greatest cultural watersheds in history packed with eminent scientists, philosophers, artists, writers, composers and became a refuge for ALL at a time ripe with religious persecution.

    3. Rodin says:

      Baruch Spinoza, the Portuguese Jewish philosopher, flourished there while working placidly as a lens grinder; Isaac Newton published his treatises there.

    4. Rodin says:

      Rembrandt and Vermeer came out of that time free from religious obstruction and intolerance. Way to go!

      1. Rodin says:

        AMAZING, the number of attempts and the time it took to post the preceding simple comment! Until it hit me:

        The CBS censor was rejecting Anthony Van Dyck’s name, which I had unfortunately misspelled. Foolish, silly me.

        What if I wanted to refer to those big walls that keep the ocean back in Holland? Ah, Mr Censor? What about it???

      2. Rodin says:


  27. spe says:

    This is for our doom. Now people can stop judging the democrates as non religious, thinking only the republicans are super-holy people. “All have sined and fall short of the glory of God.” The gay lifestyle is a sin as lying, stealing, fornication, adultery, bribing…. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST. We all deserve God’s wrath! America! This is sin, same as murdering babies. Please let us repent of our sing, seek God’s forgiveness;.. You are so Merciful, Father!

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