Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage Dividing Governors, Clergy In Tri-State

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — As New York’s Pride Parade marchers savor a same-sex marriage victory, they vow to keep the campaign going state by state, Dave Carlin reports.

“Hopefully it will go more across country,” said Ethan Bedell of Prospect Heights.

“Happy pride, oh my God,” gushed Angie Glenn of East Flatbush.

The applause was deafening for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who signed the bill into law.

“I believe New York has sent a message to this nation loud and clear. It is time for marriage equality all across this country,” he said.

Across the Hudson, however, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie maintains his opposition to gay marriage.

“I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. That’s my view, and that’ll be the view of our state because I wouldn’t sign a bill like the one that was in New York,” he said.

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who repeatedly spoke out against Same Sex Marriage before, did so again after Sunday Mass.

“We don’t believe that marriage can be changed and radically altered to accommodate a particular lifestyle,” he said.

Not all churches oppose the legislation. Rev. Jacqueline Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church expressed her joy after the signing.

“Woot! We feel very happy,” she said.

“Ooh there ain’t no other way baby, I was born this way,” the Church’s choir sang in support.

Performing the legal same sex marriages could help Middle Church grow, as more people to say “I do” is expected to boost the city’s wedding industry and economy, when couples go from marching down Fifth Avenue to marching down an aisle.

Should other states move to legalize same-sex marriage? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. Vince says:


    Oh I see one state which is still doing the above anyway.
    Katrina was because they voted for GWB get your facts right and then Bush’s
    people mucked it up making it worst.
    Nothing about legal gay weddings in LA.

    1. pugphan says:

      Yea you can rationalize all you want and you still don’t get it. I NEVER said anything about gay nuptials in the Big Easy, read my post again. Insulting God
      always has consequences. When ever an act of God takes places all the egg heads come out and explain all the scientific techniques of how it happened,
      then conclude it’s why it happen. We’ve been murdering babies for a long time now, ergo divine justice has had its fill, and all of a sudden the country is in a most debilitating economy, fatal storms, flooding, a dismal RE market, humbling joblessness, two freaking wars, and were in an undeclared DEPRESSI9ON. Lets not forget 9/11. All of it is indeed an act of God, and you arseholes keep spitting in his face. Matters can only get worse. WAKE UP! Stop your abominations, Jesus says they are born that way, and “Not meant to marry!” Wake up!

  2. arn says:

    It’s not cool to be messing with mother nature, civil laws are supposed to be parallel to the natural law. Every time anybody angers God doom follows. I hope we all get ready for what is coming. No doubt y’all best get ready because it is coming. smokersodysseycom

    1. DWR says:

      So being gay is not part of nature? I thought human beings including gay people are a part of nature.

      1. arn says:

        No gays are born that way, but marriage is meant for procreation, and gays do not do that. Marriage is a holy sacrament, and whether some peeps do not procreate
        or sully their sacrament does not change that fact that marriage is a Holy Sacrament meant for men and women. That is holy and immutable and government
        has no business putting its nose into it. Doom is coming so get ready for it. smokersodysseycom

    2. Vince says:

      Says who?
      If what you say is true:
      Where all the doom in the other states and Nations that have passed this law?

      1. arn says:

        Katrina…Big Easy gays there used to desecrate the Holy Mother and Sacred Heart of Jesus with their Mardi Gras floats every year, for a long time. The church constantly asked the mayor to put a stop to it. Well finally divine patience had enough, and brought down divine justice. It’s only a matter of time before this new
        abomination brings down divine justice on all of us, because the innocent suffer along with the guilty. You may not want to believe it but Aids is divine justice for your abomination of mixing life giving fluids with feces. Wake up!

  3. Dale Auburn says:

    To all gays in New Jersey:

    Your own governor clearly doesn’t think much of you. Stop paying taxes to an administration that hates you. Stop supporting an economy that doesn’t want your participation.

    Move across the Hudson to New York, where both you and your tax dollars will be welcomed. We WANT you to spend your money here. Keep OUR merchants in business. Keep OUR essential municipal services in full gear. We need your money!!

  4. COCSUKA says:




    1. John Gulbunnie says:

      And since we’re letting women and blacks vote, it’s only a matter of time before we’re forced to let frogs and horses vote too. And when you dog learns to give his consent and say “I do,” you can marry him.

      1. rojo says:

        you know, i did hear of a dog with a bark, that sounds like he’s saying “Batman”. we can probably work on him to say “I do”.

    2. Adeyinka O says:

      Who is going to stand up in defence of poligamy?What is wrong with a man having more than one wife?or a woman having more than one husband?It is easy to see where it will all end.The gays are happy with it,because they are like the terrorists,they know what they are doing is wrong,but they are happy with it.They want to bring evrerybody down.Do you know that Adolf Hitler too is gay.He used the secret org called SS to assasinate those who opposed him, by poisoning them.I look forward to the day,when the mormon church will sue the US govt for denying them the right of not marrying mulitple wives..

  5. jolie says:

    this gay marriage has been shoved down the throat of the voters

    why was it not on a referendum?

    1. John Gulbunnie says:

      Because civil rights of a minority should never be subjected to the whims of a bigoted majority.

    2. littlestar says:

      Because Big brother, our Mayor, was runing the show. How many billions ? I don’t know ? The opinion polls were fixed, as fsr as I’m concerned. Just can’t prove it. They say it will be good for the local economy thats one reason, these are bad times. Too late now jolie ! This site has been supressive of anti gay pinion all week. Only after that the bill became law, were they letting alternate views in.

  6. John says:

    Without question gays deserve equal protection under the law. Opposition to gay marriage is not about that. But – correct me if I’m wrong – I’m pretty sure that by definition gay marriage says that one man can be another man’s wife. Which is like saying that the first violinist can play the clarinet solo at the beginning of Rhapsody in Blue. Some people would say there’s nothing wrong with that I suppose, but my guess is that Gershwin probably wouldn’t be too keen on it. I’m sure I’ll get angry replies to this, but in your heart of hearts you know that I’m right. As far as equal protection under the law: Go, Gays! Just don’t call it marriage, please.

    1. John Gulbunnie says:

      Sure…and don’t call your adopted child “son” or “daughter”. It’s not natural!

      1. DWR says:

        This will be very natural soon once the whole world accepts gay marriage, just like accepting women to be successful in career, and black people having equal rights.

    2. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

      What the gays got is called special right.It is not equal right.If is equal right,then,we should all be able to distinguish the diffence..How can you say it is equal when it is not.Two men with same sexual organs one playing the role of a man,and another playing the role of a woman,and you are trying to equate that,as if one is a man,and the other is a woman.Equating anus to a woman’s sex organ?This is nonsense,that only make sense to fools and idiots!.Both sexes have the body part that have a well defined function.This gay marriage is not confusing,New-York state too,just got itself confused.

  7. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

    The state os New york too will experience the gabage that comes with same sex marriage too,its just a matter of time.To those of us who knew when the dias epidemic got started.It was once considered a gay man disease.But after awhile it stared infesting anybody.If the whole country is infested with gay lifestyle,it is not what is new under this sun.The bible have already told us about Sodom and Gommorrah.

    1. Vince says:

      If you’re talking about AIDS, blame Ronny Reagan’s bunch who cooked it up in their Secret labs to go after the gays and the drug junkies

  8. Well of course. Anything that creats freedom and equality for all, Republicnas are against.

  9. Wolf says:

    The Catholic church says NO WAY to gay marriage. Who are they? What right do they have? That’s one religion out of how many? It is one interpreatation out of how many? Gay people PAY taxes, just like everyone else. Love is what should determine who marrys. That’s it.

    1. TomNJ says:

      What if someone “loves” a 10 year old? What if someone “loves” a dog or cat? No, love is not the only thing to base a sexual relationship on.

      1. Michael H. says:

        10 years olds and animals cannot give legal consent for a marriage. Simple as that. Stop with the slippery slope bull puckey. It’s a logical fallacy of the worst kind and the only thing it draws into question is your intelligence.

      2. John Gulbunnie says:

        To Jack: If that’s what you like from your wife, then sure!

      3. Norma Stitz says:

        Better a fudge packer than an ignorant bigot, but we’ve got no shortage of them obviously!

  10. Dale Auburn says:

    If Chris Christie wants to be hostile to gays, that’s actually okay. All those gays are welcome to move here and pay NY taxes and help out the NY economy.

    Come on over, we need your money!!

  11. CandidCamera says:

    What did the left say about a conservative pol, something about putting lipstick on a pig … it’s still a pig. This move by NY legislators is just wrong. But, know this, God will not be mocked! The gays may have this gem (for now), but they will NEVER know equality because their “marriage” will NEVER “equal” what is given by God between ONE MAN ONE WOMAN. They still didn’t get it and they NEVER WILL!
    Cuomo just isn’t big enough to provide that. Remember, equal rights are never enough for these people, they have to get this thru special rights.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      For those of us who missed it, please repeat your SPECIFIC objection to gay marriage. How does it impact you PERSONALLY? How has your SPECIFIC marriage suffered SPECIFIC damage caused by a SPECIFIC gay couple?

      Oh, and please be SPECIFIC – names, dates, locations, court filings, media coverage, etc.

      1. I_Love_Weiner says:

        Dale, are you, personally, a Peter-Puffer or a Bendover-Bozo?
        Be specific.

      2. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

        It is called free for all.That means if a man wants to marry another wife,what is wrong with that?if two siblings want to get marry,why should anybody deny tham that right?if a grown up daughter wanted to marry her dad,and have a household like the biblical story of Lot,what is the specific reason why you should object to that?Or a polygamous relationship.You see,when you say yes to one,you only open the door wider for other forms of sexual immorality.Get the point?There should be a boundary to this thing called LOVE.Without it,the next thing is for those who have sex with animals too to come out,and expect the state to recognise that relationship.Do you have any sense of shame?

    2. RichieT says:

      Religion has absolutely NOTHING to do with the laws of this \country.
      Technically, it’s not separation of church and state. 1st amendment; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” The Government cannot support any particular religion, or deny any religion. IE; they can’t have any laws based on, or influenced by, any religious belief. If that’s NOT separation of church and state I don’t know what is.

      1. Dale Auburn says:

        Reread the First Amendment. It says only that CONGRESS can’t . By definition, the other branches of Government CAN.

    3. RichieT says:

      Equal right’s. Special law?
      The 19th Amendment;
      “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation”.
      It took 42 YEARS to finally get ratified.
      If “equal rights” are enough, Why did it take an amendment.?

  12. Snipehunter says:

    What did the left say about a conservative pol, something about putting lipstick on a pig … it’s still a pig. This move by NY legislators is just wrong. But, know this, God will not be mocked! The gays may have this gem (for now), but they will NEVER know equality because their “marriage” will NEVER “equal” what is given by God between ONE MAN ONE WOMAN. They still didn’t get it and they NEVER WILL!
    Cuomo just isn’t big enough to provide that. Remember, equal rights are never enough for these people, they have to get this thru special rights.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      “Remember, equal rights are never enough for these people, they have to get this thru special rights.”

      No. The problem is when people like you suggest that equal rights ARE “special” rights.

      1. RichieT says:

        Equal rights.
        Why did it take 42 YEARS to get the 19th Amendment ratified?
        “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”
        Try and explain that one.

  13. MastersinTheology says:

    Prop. 8 from California is headed to the Supreme Court.
    They must decide on the separate but equal status between civil union or marriage for gays.

    Brown vs. Board of Education

    They have a unanimous decision by a very conservative court in 1954 striking down national segregation in the public school systems of this nation. Their decision was based on the U.S. Constitution. They will have no choice but to affirm that gay marriage is required as a constitutional right.

    Only an amendment can stop that and that is very hard to make happen.

    Folks need to get over it; gay marriage nationwide is going to happen.
    It already exists in many countries without any problems at all.
    Gays are only at most 4% of the society, and a fraction of them will marry.
    It isn’t worth all this drama over it.

    1. I_Love_Weiner says:

      Hey Cuomo, I want to marry my Waffle Iron: quick, sign a bill. And Andy, the sex is Hot, and oh, those Grill Marks!

      1. RichieT says:

        You really need to see a psychiatrist. Or be committed to a mental institution. .

      2. Michael says:

        Cuomo i am a democrat registered you will not get my vote for next NY Governor election and don’t even imagine for 2016 President election.

    2. Civil union yes, marriage no says:

      In other countries exists as a civil union, not a marriage. And you are right it is not worth the drama over it.

      1. RichieT says:

        Do some research before you post comments.
        Countries where gay “MARRIAGE” is legal
        Canada, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, South Africa.

      2. RichieT says:

        I just did a little more research. Argentina legalized it July 2010

    3. I_Love_Weiner says:

      50,000 Battered Women, and I’m still eating mine plain?!

  14. Slugo says:

    Most people don’t care if their baby is a boy or a girl… as long as it’s not Gay. If they ever find the fabled “gay gene,” most parents will abort their defective babies. When that time comes, “gay marriage” will become a moot point. I realize that this comment will upset a lot of liberals… but the liberal argument has always been… a woman has a right to an abortion “for any reason!”

    Just sayin’…

  15. Kenny says:

    New York is a LOOSER. 2010 Census showed NY State had 2 million net population loss. Sure the liberal politics has failed this State miserably. Next decade we’ll suffer even more population loss with gay marriage. This is anti family. Family guys usually most likely to leave here. (I have so many friends gone.) This State is just unattractive to many people, except, of course gay people.

    Marriage is a God made. Not a man made. So we don’t even reserve a right to define the word marriage. We are just human beings.

    I’m a Christian and lived in this State for the last 15 years. Another year or so and will be it. I wanna be leaving here, too. I’ve had enough.

    As for “Catholic” Gov. Cuomo, you are just like some other politicians. This is what happen when you love gay lobby $ more than you love Jesus Christ. You should be ashame of yourself. I’ll be out here so I pay my hard earned tax somewhere else, just not the State where you are.

    1. Vince says:

      “Marriage is a God made. Not a man made”

      Oh bull saids who?
      Before people even started thinking about a so called “GOD” they had civil unions a couple would say to their Tribe they were going to setup house and live together.
      The church picked it up and made their own and took credit for it.

      1. I_Love_Weiner says:

        Vince, you loveable slob. Is that semen on your breath?

      2. I_Love_Weiner says:

        By the way Vince, it’s not “Oh bull saids who” It’s “Oh, bull! Says who?”

    2. I_Love_Weiner says:

      I believe that Lesbians should be free to do all those things I see in those videos on the internet.

    1. DWR says:

      Are you sure that all religions are controlled by divine and righteous people, but not greedy and profit-oriented people? How do you define religion? Is atheism considered as a religion?

      1. I_Love_Weiner says:

        Dear DWR (Driving While Rectally-Excited)

        You stink.

  16. Cesar Torres says:

    God and the Devil, are living in a constant struggle to prove who has more power over human beings. According to our behavior, we know who would obey and which of the two, is on our side. This time, won the Devil and his followers.

  17. J says:

    Soon Jehovah G OD is going to put an end to all this filth

    1. Vince says:

      “Soon Jehovah GOD is going to put an end to all this filth”

      Gee I just turned 64 and I’ve been hearing that nonsense since the 1960s

  18. Robert says:

    Everyone should have the right to as much misery as they can handle….why should hetrosexuals corner the market on the misery of marriage?

    Be careful what you wish for…it may come true.

  19. Linda says:

    Thank you Gov Christy for standing firm in your state, to bad our Gov sold his soul so cheap, but then maybe it makes him feel better about his own lifestyle. Sad what our Country has come too.

    1. Vince says:

      “Thank you Gov Christy for standing firm in your state, to bad our Gov sold his soul so cheap, but then maybe it makes him feel better about his own lifestyle. Sad what our Country has come too.”

      AND thanks too fat boy how you mucked up the state for my family and friends who live there

      1. Vik says:

        Yes, you’re a good man standing your ground. Wish you were NY’s governor. And not let this state go down the toilet. What a disgrace! And for those of you who don’t like our posts — deal with it! Because as I was watching the eve of the vote and a reporter was covering a rally in the Village two lesbian women proceeded to give the finger to the camera and mouth off F’you to the camera before a vote was even decided. Very nice — this is who we changed the law for. Cuomo and the legislature are all A$$ES!!!!!

  20. DWR says:

    Can anyone give proof that the Bible is 100% reflected by God’s words? If not, the Bible cannot be the solely legitimate source to determine the right and wrong of society.

    1. ProFromDover says:

      Can anyone offer undisputed truth it’s not? Perhaps from a personal experience as an extra-terrestrial abductee??

      1. ejones says:

        You’re trying to enforce it’s precepts upon free-thinking, rational people.

        The onus is on you to prove the veracity of your claims.

    2. Vik says:

      Marriage will always be a man and a woman. No matter how the Governor Wuss and Senator Sheetheads vote. And will never be fully recognized as any other!

  21. Helper says:

    God loves everyone including gay people. Everybody needs to read the Bible to determine whether they are in sin or not. And sin exacts a very high price.

    1. J says:

      We are living in a modern day So-dom and Go-morrah. What is next equal rights for bi-sex-uals and equal rights for those who practice best-iality, because if you really wanna talk about equal protection and marriage rights, these groups have to be included in this to. America is full of moral decay.

  22. SS says:

    Same sex marriage now, the pologamy, then any weired thing goes on. God will punish oneday.

    1. RichieT says:

      Look up polygamy in the old testament. The Mormons practiced it until 1890.

  23. pugphan says:

    The peeps of NY have been shafted by those immoral bozos up in Albany, come next election all those who voted for this sacrilegious law need to be kicked out; and once it’s done this POS legislation needs to be repealed. Cuomo is a one term gov! As for being Christian and hating gays, well Christ told us to luv our enemies, gays are our spiritual enemies. HE also told that they aren’t meant to marry, for some are born that way, check out Mat: 19:3-12. smokersodysseycom

    1. MastersinTheology says:

      True that born eunuchs were gay men in the time of Christ and Christ excluded them from marriage; however, he’s referring to the Marriage Covenant of Adam and Eve. He is not referring to two gays marrying each other.

      The age of consent in the time of Christ in Israel was 14 by Roman Law, and girls were sold into marriage bonds. Also, if a boy preferred a man he too was sold into marriage. That’s how it was back then. They were called a pais, or younger male mate to an older man.

  24. J says:

    This is dis-gusting and a perversion of marriage. Eventually Cuomo will have to answer to God, However, for a nation that has in god we trust on the money we print, we sure are forgetting our religious roots and why we broke away from the English.

    1. ejones says:

      Some of us remove that offensive phrase from our money.

    2. Vince says:

      “we sure are forgetting our religious roots and why we broke away from the English.”

      Oh yeah some bunch the Puritans marking women with an “A” for Adultery, beating
      people. putting them on display in stocks, dunking them in water and lets not forget
      The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692.
      Not the kind of “religious roots” to boast about

    3. RichieT says:

      Roosevelt 1907″My own feeling in the matter is due to my very firm conviction that to put such a motto on coins, or to use it in any kindred manner, not only does no good but does positive harm, and is in effect irreverence, which comes dangerously close to sacrilege…It is a motto which it is indeed well to have inscribed on our great national monuments, in our temples of justice, in our legislative halls, and in building such as those at West Point and Annapolis — in short, wherever it will tend to arouse and inspire a lofty emotion in those who look thereon. But it seems to me eminently unwise to cheapen such a motto by use on coins, just as it would be to cheapen it by use on postage stamps, or in advertisements.”

    4. RichieT says:

      The Treaty of Tripoli Art. 11.
      June 7 1796;
      “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries”. “Mussulmen” is an archaic form of Muslim.

  25. Reverend says:

    Repeal this cursed law Asap. Let’s vote on it.!!!!!!!

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      What is your specific GOVERNMENTAL objection?

  26. DWR says:

    People say that marriage should be between man and woman because of God’s words on the Bible. Why our society’s laws have to be dependent on the Bible? Why can’t they be dependent on other religions or belief? I thought the Bible says we human should love and accept one another. Their opposition of gay marriage is against this principle. I thought love should not be defined by genders. Love should be divine and at higher conscious level. I think the opposition of gay marriage is against the principle of the Bible- love one and other and create harmony of human race. I think people have misinterpreted the meaning of the Bible. I do not see gay people loving each other makes more crime in society. Marriage should not be defined by sexual orientation but should be defined by pure love. Without the constraint and limitation by religion, there is indeed no legitimate reason to support that marriage has to be between man and woman.

    1. J says:

      My friend you are totally wrong. Love and marriage are two different things.

      1. DWR says:

        Love and marriage are not two different things. They are interwined. Most marriage is because of love.

      2. John Gulbunnie says:

        Yeah…just ask J’s spouse.

    2. Slugo says:

      The problem with your view is that you need to read your Bible. You don’t set the standards God does.

      1. DWR says:

        How do you know everything in the Bible is correct and is truly reflected by God’s words? Do you remember the “stoning woman” story? Do you want to have this practice in the US because of committing adultery?

    3. Slugo says:

      Your biggest problem is you don’t know the difference between Sex, Love and Marriage…

    4. Rojo says:

      I love my brother too, so why can’t i marry him??

      1. John Gulbunnie says:

        Because your brother doesn’t want to marry a hateful bigot.

      2. rojo says:

        Amazing john gulbunnie, didn’t know u knew my brother. He’s cute, isn’t he.

      3. rojo says:

        and btw, john gulbunnie, i’m a girl, You sure like throw around the word bigot in your posts. . takes one to know one, ya know that, right??

  27. ProFromDover says:

    Finally something on which to agree with Guv Christie!

  28. Tim says:

    In an ideal world, people should be able to be happy regardless of their sexual orientation. For legitimizing same sex relationships, the Pride folks should have invented their own institution though, coming up with a better alternative if Civil Union was not good enough.

    The problem is that by changing its definition, they are distorting marriage, thus attacking the family unit and heterosexuality itself. They desperately want to be different AND the same as heterosexuals at the same time. Why not include minors, multiple spouses, animals or machines in the definition? Not doing so would be marriage discrimination…

    If normal folks don’t want to be oppressed by a hyperactive-aggressive minority, they’d better start their own Straight Parades soon!

    1. Michael H. says:

      minors, animals and machines cannot enter into legally binding contracts. it’s something called consent, and none of those three groups can give it. multiple spouses are another issue altogether and i don’t see why consenting adults should be prevented from maintaining such a contract if the tax code and divorce laws could be altered to accommodate such unions.

      As for separate but equal, that was attempted in the 20th century and failed miserably, or are you so quick to forget the Civil Rights era?

  29. Kandy says:

    New York is gonna pay for that. Sodomand Gomorrah. Preachers will have to answer to GOD.

    1. michael says:

      i am sure higher rate of STD and AIDS in NEW YORK by legalizing same sex marriage in NEW YORK. hope other state dont follow NEW YORK. It’s a shame to feel its cool to being gay. let stop it from circulating to our new upcoming generation. i thing its going to far.

      1. alex says:

        I just wish all you people who are against gay marriage would just admit that you hate gay people. There is no way you can be against something like this and not have hatred for gay people. Instead of admitting that you have hatred in you, you just fall back on religion and say you are only against it because god says so. I hope all you good christians are going out every sunday and killing anyone you see working because that’s what good christians do. If you are going to follow god’s laws then follow them all, you hypocrites.

      2. Nancy says:

        we e don’t hate gays, we just hate the actions they are doing. It does says in the bible that g-d says its a disgusting when a man lies with a man and a woman lies with a woman. It also says don’t kill in the bible or steal in the bilble too, Just there are some who can control themselves. g-d gives a person the choice to do what is right and what is wrong. I choose not to steal and not to kill, because it is wrong and the bible tells me so. . G-d did not create Adam and Adam. Read Genesis.

    2. SS says:

      I agree, NY would have to pay for it by God

    3. Vince says:

      Prove it

    4. Vince says:

      Are we now then how about the other states and nations?

  30. Ken says:

    If put to a public vote this law would be repealed. Like in Maine and California. Be gay be happy adopt kids but marriage is between man and woman

    1. ed says:

      if it was put to a vote in the 1860’s, slaves wouldn’t have been freed.

      1. Ken says:

        It’s not 1860 and gays are free to have a civil union.

    2. ed says:

      and free to get married in ny.

    3. Michael H. says:

      Funny that you mention adoption. With same sex marriage, adoption becomes much easier for gay couples.

  31. pat says:

    why should anyone be allowed to get married? a contract saying ‘i love you and you love me’. insecurity, possessiveness, just two jerks making a pledge of love. the whole thing should be banned outright. a bond between two people who care deeply for one another… seriously?

    1. ejones says:

      There are a lot of rights automatically conferred by marriage, such as the right to be with your spouse in the hospital, the right to make medical decisions should thay become incapacitated, the right to raise your children as you see fit without interference by the grandparents (if there is disagreement), the right to file joint tax returns, the right to apply for government programs as a family instead of as individuals, etc.

  32. ProFromDover says:

    USA now means Uninhibited Sodomites of America. We as a nation are now doomed to fall as did anal-erotic ancient Greece, orgy indulgent ancient Rome, and originators of this “lifestyle” Sodom and Gomorrah.

    1. NYSmike says:

      Time to grow up Peter Pan. Come up out of of your parent’s basement. There’s a whole real world out there. C’mon, I know you can do it!

      1. ProFromDover says:

        Yes! Right: Parents! A MAN and a WOMEN who can NATURALLY procreate! No Turkey basters here!

      2. Michael H. says:

        So, Pro…should infertile or elderly couples be excluded from marriage? After all, they cannot procreate.

    2. NYSmart says:

      Exactly how is same sex marriage affecting your life? Everyone who is opposed to it, tell me how someone’s else getting married affects their lives?

  33. Leo G says:

    The AIDS rates will skyrocket because of Sodomite Marriage! Over 75% of sodomites has some sort of STD

    1. NYSmike says:

      What an a..hole you are!

      1. ProFromDover says:

        You liike those @’s don’t you!

      2. NYSmike says:

        Oh Pro, you feel better? The 21st century is calling you. Stay out of of other’s bedrooms now, ya hear?

    2. ed says:

      think they’re waiting for marriage to have sex? did you?

  34. MK says:

    More Same Sex marriages, more gays coming to NY State, hence more votes. Politicians will do anything these days to get the votes. No surprises there!!!

    1. ejones says:

      NY does not have a residency requirement, so people can come to NY state to get married, then go home.

      It is, however, expected to inject 100s of millions of dollars into the state economy.

  35. Efrain Gonzalez III says:

    Marriage is between a man and a woman!

    1. NYSmike says:

      And they’ve done so well with it, right? What is the divorce rate?

      1. ProFromDover says:

        The “Rainbow” rate will be comparable or higher. There will be no higher commitment rate. It’s all lust.

      2. NYSmike says:

        They they will fit right in so well, huh?

  36. Mike says:

    marriage should be between one man and one woman and thats it

    1. NYSmike says:

      Actually, marriage should be between two consenting adults who love each other.

      1. Barbara says:

        No it’s between one man and one woman

      2. Michael H. says:

        Why just one, Barbara? Your bible has men with multiple wives. Why are we just stopping at one?

  37. mak says:

    I want to know the payoffs our elected officials received for their votes.. Go to the NY Times and read about how the dollars were flowing. This legislation was passed via rich men’s monies and we, the poor saps in NYS didn’t stand a chance.

    If this doesn’t make anybody hate Albany, I don’t know what will. What a freakin’ cesspool.

    1. NYSmike says:

      Actually, I hope you are up in arms about the SCOTUS saying corporations are people too and can donate to candidates and politicians. Perhaps these churches that got involved in politics should be forced to give up their tax free status? Whattayasay?

      1. mak says:

        Believe me, I was already up in arms about that. Now, progressives can’t claim the high ground because their hands are just as dirty as everybody elses.

        And don’t think that those hedge fund guys aren’t going to look for payback.
        They will, in spades.

Comments are closed.

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