NYC Gay Pride Parade Celebrates Passage of Same-Sex Marriage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — One of the world’s oldest and largest gay pride parades turned into a carnival-like celebration of same-sex marriage Sunday as hundreds of thousands of revelers rejoiced at New York’s new law giving gay couples the same marital rights as everyone else.

Throngs of cheering supporters greeted Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he led off the parade two days after signing the historic bill that made New York the sixth state to extend full marriage rights to gay couples.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports: Cheers For Cuomo As He Marches Down The Parade Route

“I believe New York has sent a message to this nation loud and clear,” Cuomo said before the march down Fifth Avenue. “It is time for marriage equality all across this country.”

Revelers held signs that said “Thank you Gov. Cuomo” and “Promise kept.”

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs reports: For Many, Parade An Expression Of Freedom and Equality

State Sen. Tom Duane, a Manhattan Democrat who is gay, said he also planned to join in the festivities.

“I always love the parade,” Duane said in an interview Saturday. “It’s like Christmas and New Year’s all wrapped into one, but I think it’ll be particularly joyous, so I’m really looking forward to that.”

For many participants of the parade, the event this year is more of an American rights celebration then a gay one.

Samantha and her wife are marching in the parade. Feeling proud about New York legalizing same-sex marriage and hoping one day the right will be nationwide.

“It’s just about freedom and your right to be who you are,” she said.

There may even be a few surprise engagements during the parade, which stepped off at 36th Street and Fifth Avenue. It passes by the Stonewall Inn, the site where the gay rights movement began, before ending at Greenwich and Christopher streets.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Massive Security In Place For Parade

This year’s grand marshals include author and sex columnist Dan Savage and Terry Miller, who married in Canada; the Rev. Pat Bumgardner, the senior pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of New York and a proponent of gay rights; and the Imperial Court of New York, which raises money for gay health and social services.

The theme of this year’s march is proud and powerful.

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One Comment

  1. Rodin says:

    Same-sex Marriage, a triumph for Equal Rights, a vicory for SECULARISM!

    Good without gods.

  2. pay wahun says:

    He, he now women have competition for the few good men in NY. And the divorce lawyer’s costumer base has been expended.

  3. Robert Senn says:

    i hope that my truck and myself will be the first married dy the govenor of ny cuomo

    1. Michael H. says:

      How are you going to get your truck to sign the marriage license?

  4. Jim Flood says:

    You just broadcast Face the Nation clip of Michelle Bachman, but credit on screen was for CNN State of the Union. Are your graphics people tired today? Embarassing

  5. nathan says:

    Its Fort KNOX you idiot. If you cant be funny at least learn to spell.

  6. StriaghtClub2011 says:

    my Gaydar is off the charts…time for an upgrade

  7. Slugo says:

    Most people don’t care if their baby is a boy or a girl… just as long as it’s not gay. But you know… if they ever identify the fabled “gay gene” it wont be an issue because then most parents will abort the defective baby… This comment will probably upset liberals… but their argument has always been… “you have a right to have an abortion for any reason…!”

    At that point, gay marriage will be a moot point…

    1. hereandnow says:

      I really pity you and your sad, hate-filled life.

      1. Slugo says:

        No need to pity me… I wont be amoung the aborted…

      2. Ashamed of NY says:

        I pity the kids who are forced to live with gay parents

    2. Marc Hampton says:

      Swing….and….a miss.

      Lame. You arent even one of the clever bigots.

    3. nathan says:

      If your half-wit parents had an ounce of common sense you would have been among the aborted.

    4. Rich says:

      It’s funny how bigots have a hard time with spelling and grammar. They really need to stop hating and finally get their high school diploma.

  8. PackMyFudge says:

    I am having a fudge packing party at my house! come on over to celebrate

    1. Taino Latino says:

      It it going to be an all out all u can get Gay Fisting Party?? 😉

  9. happyguy says:

    Hey, gombody, you are not 5 years old yet, right? For that age you know how to write fairly well!! But being as religious as you are, don’t forget to write “God” with a capital “G” all the times! And keep reading fairy tales, they are good for your imagination!!

  10. rodin says:

    I am a flaming gay cross-dresser and ill do you for a fin.

  11. LulzSec says:

    Your constant use of upper case letters is very irritating to us. You have been warned

    1. LulzSec says:

      Last warning – I have your IP address now.

  12. Dave says:

    Another nail in Americas coffin.

    1. HUGO says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better.

  13. Lack of Gray Matter says:

    So they condone Fist-Fcking everynight and day, to be an act of Love?

  14. abaraham says:

    gay rights to me equal rights for all do you think that nys lawmakers has the right to wote yes for the bill to pass ? what about the taxpayers there equal rights we sould have the right to vote on bill before they are passed .all major bills .this is not about gays this is about equal rights for all .voting rights .i would like to vote for a bill i dont need them to vote for me its my equal right gone

  15. HEGEL says:

    Then stop looking in the mirror.

  16. Michael H. says:

    So stay inside today. Your precious eyes wont have to see a thing.

  17. Harry says:

    Marriage or not, one of the main reasons society has created this thing called marriage is not just for a man and a woman to enter into a union, but to provide children(men and women) to the society and during their growing up years to provide a secure, healthy environment to become good citizens.

    Though gay couples may argue they too can provide the secure environment(its questionable, as mother or father maybe missing in the childs life), they fail in the other. Imagine if the whole world is gay/lesbian, society itself would vanish!

    For them to adopt a child they always have to go to a straight couple or go to a child foster care home.

    1. Harry says:

      Hence in the scheme of things(law/legislation being passed or not), GOD has made it clear that you’ll are at the mercy of straight ppl, if you ever want to live a true married life with kids.

    2. Michael H. says:

      What about infertile couples? Should they not be allowed to marry because they can’t have kids?

      1. Harry says:

        See u missed my point, when a straight couple get married and have kid/s they “BOTH” participate in producing childern to the society. A gay couple as a “couple” can never do this(0%, whereas for a straight couple its 80-90% taking infertility into account).

        Hence in the larger scheme of things(law/legislation or not) for the society to evolve, its clear how things have been come to be(call it mother nature, call it god or whatever you like)

      2. hereandnow says:

        Michael — they’ll always have a talk-around for that, because they know that their argument has no merit. They are just flailing, desperately seeking justification for their prejudices.

        In the mind of a bigot, there is always a reason for their prejudice, even when it’s transparently nonsensical to rational people.

  18. NYSmike says:

    Oooo you just make up that name? How cool are you? Ok, time to get out from behind your computer in your parent’s basement and join us in the real world. C’mon, reality awaits you! I know you can do it!

  19. NYSmike says:

    Oh nice story. Fiction, fiction, fiction! How many times has the Bible been written and rewritten and rewritten again? How long after Christ died was the Bible written? Wow, guess you also believe Obama’s two autobiographies, huh?

  20. jon says:

    yeah because straight marriages give such good principles to children. there are no divorces, no broken homes, no adultree in straight relationships. that will all suddenly happen with gay relationships right??

  21. ant928 says:


    Before you post please learn to spell and use proper grammar. If you do we might even take you seriously. Thank you…dumba**.

  22. KH says:

    For those of us who’ve been waiting for decades to have the same rights as all other Americans, this is going to be a huge celebration. It thrills my heart that the governor and those four Republican senators did the right thing here (with only one democrat clinging to his bigotry). NY has changed the game. It’s only a matter of time before we will have federal recognition of our equality and hateful people will have to hide their hatred the same way racists have to hide their bigotry. No one will respect or listen to them anymore.

  23. Delores Moran says:

    @Natalie…..where do you think “gay people” come from?..Straight people..duh! Now on a serious note…honestly if you have a child that is gay and is with his or her partner for X amount of years and you see they are really in a commited relationship and they wanted to marry but because it was against the law and all those people with views like yours kept them down how would you feel? Wouldnt you want your child to be happy and to be able to get married.Please dont say oh my child will never be gay cause truth be told you dont know but someone somewhere in the lineage there will be gays and lesbians. Accept us or not we are around you everywhere you go. You would be surprised to find out how many of us in the world there really are.God Bless you and yours and have a beautiful day!

  24. DanTe says:

    So now they will have an official list of who is gay. (License/Registration required for “marriage”.) Don’t worry, dictators like Bloomberg never ever use official lists for anything ‘improper”.

    1. ejones says:


      It’s the right-wingnuts who rant about rounding up the gays (and liberals, and muslims, and the educated, and environmentalists, etc) and doing violence to them.

  25. Delores Moran says:

    I am so honored and proud that this decision was made during my lifetime.It is an amazing feeling knowing that I was here when that was written into law….words cannot express the joy and freedom that this decision has made in so many of our lives…Now it is time other states follow suit..I want my honey to know how very much I love her and now we dont have to settle for a “Domestic Partnership”…..still shedding tears of joy.

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