Mets’ Carlos Beltran: I’d Be Willing To Waive No-Trade Clause For A Contender

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Carlos Beltran is having the type of season that could net him a nice payday in free agency. The cash-strapped Mets are unlikely to sign him after this season, and it sounds like Beltran knows a trade is probably in the cards.

The problem? Beltran holds a full no-trade clause.

“The team is always going to do what is best for the team,” he told the New York Post on Tuesday, “and as a player you have to make a decision if the trade makes sense or not.”

When asked if he’d consider playing for a contender, Beltran answered: “That’s correct. If it happens.”

Beltran, who hit his ninth career grand slam Tuesday in a 14-3 rout of the Tigers, is batting .281 with 53 RBI.

Mets manager Terry Collins knows what Beltran’s bat means to his scrappy club. New York is 40-39 and in the thick of things in the National League wild card race.

If Beltran is shopped around the league, Collins wants to be assured the Mets can stay in the playoff hunt. David Wright is on the mend from a lower back stress fracture and may be close to returning, but first baseman Ike Davis is in danger of being lost for the season.

“You take a piece like (Carlos) out of the lineup,” Collins said, “and you better have something to replace it with.”

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  1. hec says:

    Hasn’t Beltran been injured like 75% of his time with the mets? Get over it people…he needs to go.

  2. Kurt Spitzner says:


    1. Charles says:

      P.S to Spitzner, GROW THE F..K UP, you’re acting like a child. It’s irrelevant on who roots for whom because Mets fans are not the brightest fans out there and that includes you.

      Whether you’re a Mets fan or not, the truth is there, the problem is Mets are so f..king stupid they don’t see it or they wish to ignored it.

      Mets fans wanted Beltran gone since he struck out in the NL Championship. They’ve posted their dislike for him since then.

      Stop you’re crying, you’re acting like a little girl.

  3. Kurt Spitzner says:

    Who do YOU root for Charles,because I doubt its the Mets and if not then what are you doing slumming here?

  4. Kurt Spitzner says:

    How about Bud Selig allowing Mark Cuban to buy the Dodgers,yeah right fat chance of that,and then he moves them to BROOKLYN.Then all of us disgruntled Mets fans can go back to our roots and those of our fathers!

    1. Lou says:

      It would be hard for me not to switch teams if the Dodgers ever moved back…

      1. Kurt Spitzner says:

        Even with present ownership still in place?That’s my main issue as I am a fan of the Mets from day one but my Dad was always a Brooklyn Dodgers fan and became a Mets fan after they left town for the left coast.I am just fed up is all but can understand your feelings as well!

    2. BoSox WS Champs 2011 says:

      What makes you think Cuban will be let into the MLB club? Selig hates owners like Cuban and Im pretty sure the rest of the league wouldnt want him around either.

      1. Kurt Spitzner says:

        Exactly,and I am glad someone else said it because every time I do my words never get posted!it would be a great idea though if not for the “private society”,don’t you agree?

    3. BoSox WS Champs 2011 says:

      I would agree that Cuban would be an excellent fit for the Mets and is the type of owner the Mets need, Einhorn is still an unknown. However with Selig and Wilpon’s relationship the way it is, it’s very unlikely. In addition the rest of the NL East and the Yankees would never want an owner who will actually improve the Mets.

  5. Kurt Spitzner says:

    The Mets should hold onto everyone unless they fall way out of things and then do whatever the ownership fiasci dictates at the time,but lets give this squad one last hurrah before we head off into oblivion!

  6. dabooch says:

    Carlos, this is why the Mets are a secondary market in New York. If a Yankee aired his want/need for a personal gain, he would be discarded like last weeks newspaper. The Mets have been playing great, and that undermines your marketability, because of your success, it’s a Catch 22 in your situation. Sandy Alderson, who has been known to purchase pants featuring holes in the pockets, wants desperately to dump you, Mr. K Rod, Jose’-Jose’, and the rising tide Jason Bay, what a conundrum. Carlos you have banked a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS in your tour with the Mets, there is no dire need for you to air your underwear at this point.

  7. Jim says:

    I would hate to see him in another uniform. I love to watch him play. I like is personality, how he carries himself and simply everything about him as an athlete and person. I hope they do not deal him.

  8. Hooney H says:

    While I think it’d be nice to have him at a deep discount in RF for next season, Carlos is obviously going to be wearing a different uniform. Unless we really are out of the hunt for a playoff spot, Carlos should be our everyday RF.

    1. Anthony says:

      I agree. I never understood why Beltran gets such a bad rap from Mets fans. He’s still a really good player and has certainly lived up to his contract with the Mets. All in all he’s been a good Met but it looks like it time to part. Thanks Carlos

      1. Charles says:

        simply Mets fans are morons. because Beltran is not, and I love this part, not homegrown like the two little darlings Wright & Reyes, yet it’s Beltran who carries this team hitting in the middle of the order.

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