Large-Scale Searches For Missing College Student Lauren Spierer Called Off

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (CBSNewYork) – The last official public search for a missing college student from Westchester wrapped up Wednesday, and after four weeks of intense searching in Indiana, there’s still no sign of Lauren Spierer.

It’s been almost a month since the Indiana University student disappeared. Large-scale searches have been called off and Spierer’s parents have scheduled a news conference for Friday in Bloomington.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports: Almost Four Weeks And Still No Sign Of Lauren Spierer

Spierer was last seen on June 3 walking back to her apartment after a night out with friends.

The two major leads that police had in the case have turned out to be nothing.

A white truck that police thought might have been connected to the case turned out to be a contractor looking for an employee and a bag of clothes found in Spierer’s apartment complex also was found to have no connection to the case.

Police say at this point, they haven’t found a trace of the missing 20-year-old but say they will continue to focus on investigative leads.

  • Skk

    Bloomington may not have the best Police Dept. In the USA but it is far from a “hick” town. The university makes a very diverse population. The town is very liberal. There may be a few local hicks but overall that is not the culture!

    I really hope they find Lauren soon!!!!

  • doc in NJ

    lydia, as a physician I would think you’d be capable of observing more discretion than posting a “woman seeks men” ad on a news comment blog. We are professionals at all times, not just during rounds…

  • Lakeysha

    If she was a color minority no one would care but she is jewish and from a wealthy family.

    • lizzie

      a DISGUSTING remark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      you mean to tell me when Rev. Al gets involved, there is no media attention – even when it proves to be ALL lies like the T. Brawly nonsense!

      • sk

        good point! what Lakesha said was the stupidenst comment I have ever seen! it sounds to me like she is the racist one who would only care if it was soemoen who is black who is in trouble! but I hope your remark made her think more clearly!

    • LLL

      That is why no one would look for you, see how dumb you sound. Someone is missing if you don’t like it too bad. Her family cares, i guess yours wouldn’t. They have a lot of news coverage of all kinds of people missing, but you don’t watch that I suppose.

    • GratefulD

      Good God, really?! It’s 2011, get over yourself. It’s comments like this that keep the prejudice alive.

    • Arthur Lindley

      In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Lakeysha, it’s the antisemitism of your remrk that really offends, especially your assumption that the 5-10 million Jews in this country of 310 million people don’t constitute a “minority”.

      • Tomas Ratkus

        Dear Arthur,

        Being a minority has nothing to do with the amount of people that constitute your group. It is, rather, based on socioeconomic status.


      • Tomas Ratkus


  • cat

    As soon as they showed that picture, I thought that was her in the back of the truck.

    My prayers go out to Lauren and her family. I’m sure Lauren suffered enough in her life before suffering from this awful attack. I know because I too have a heart condition which I have been taking medication for since I am young like her. It is not easy to live with and this is the last thing that she deserved in her life.

    Beautiful Lauren, if you are still with us, I pray that your heart feels comfortable, peaceful and strong with all the stress you are experiencing now. God bless you.

    • Hawk Eye

      Thanks cat, it seems that cats and hawks can see a lot better than people.

  • Preeti

    This is really bad, Something should be done because more and more people are being disappeared, how come no one saw anything? God bless her family, and her. :(

  • Judy

    These are exactly the places abductors go to find their victims….small college town USA….Lauren was the epitome of what they want in a victim…beautiful, blonde and blue eyed. Most missing college girls go “without a trace” these perpetrators are professionals…good at what they do….they observe, study their victims movements and plan the best time for abduction. I do believe that she was being observed for a while by someone in the town, not a local.
    .I believe she walked back to the bar at 4:30 a.m. to try and find her cellphone
    & shoes.
    I do hope her parents can get some kind of closure and soon. They are living a parent’s worst nightmare. I know many parents of the missing….it is a living hell for them.

  • Hawk Eye

    Lauren Spierer and Her Assailant are in Picture.

    The Bloomington IN police released to the general public a photo of a truck in regard to the missing IU student Lauren Spierer. Although it is difficult to see, this photo shows Lauren Spierer and her assailant in the back of the truck.

    The police located the truck and have ruled out the driver as a suspect. With Lauren Spierer and her assailant pictured in the back of the truck, how can this be? This is weird!

    I have set up a website showing the picture with outlines to help visualize it:

    If when you look at the picture you do not see what I see, spend some time working at it. I see this as a fairly clear photograph. I think your brain needs to figure the picture out before you can see it. After your brain has figured out the picture you cannot help but see it when you look at it.

    If when you look at the picture you do not see what I see, show it to a number of other people. It seems that some people cannot see it when they first look at it. There must be some people that can clearly see Lauren Spierer and her assailant in the picture when they look at it.

    • Judy

      Yes, I thought so myself….I can see what you are talking about…..but the police said they found that truck and cleared it..unless they had the wrong truck.

      • Hawk Eye

        You can see it with your own eyes. Why is that contradicted by “the police said they found that truck and cleared”? How do you think the police cleared it? Do you think the police gave the truck a lie detector test? Maybe they gave the truck the third degree.

  • jtorres

    I don’t understand. Why call off the search? Didn’t the parents say they would not give up until they found her, like most parents do? It is tragic that this poor girl is gone. Whether she is found alive or not, at least the family and friends would have closure and can put her to rest. I hope they eventually find her

  • Onslow

    Heartbreaking :(

    Prayers go out to the family.

  • Gregg

    Good God , no young adult ,out with friends can just completely disappear with no trace or with anyone knowing anything even in a hick town ! This makes no sense ! So sad for family.

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