NYPD Commissioner: Suspect Panicked, Killed 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky

Says Boy's Remains Found In 2 Locations, Including Levi Aron's Refrigerator

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was utter shock and disbelief in Brooklyn on Wednesday following the horrific killing of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, who was lost and looking for help.

An intense two-day search for the missing Borough Park boy ended with the arrest of 35-year-old Levi Aron after Kletzky’s dismembered body was found in two different locations by police. Wednesday evening, Aron was charged with murder.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Ray Kelly: It Was The Child’s First Time Walking Home From Day Camp Alone

Aron’s attorney spoke briefly with attorneys after meeting with his client Wednesday night.  He said that Aron was “holding up well.”

“Our condolences to the family of the victim and at this time were going to let the judicial process take its course — no further comment,” attorney Pierre Brazile said.

Records from a dentist’s office led police to Aron, who was taken into custody early Wednesday after Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he implicated himself in Kletzky’s death.

CBS 2 has also learned that Aron told police that while volunteers were looking for the boy, he drove Kletzky upstate to Monsey — claiming they went to a wedding.  He also allegedly told police that the boy slept in his apartment.

Kelly said Aron panicked after seeing flyers of Kletzky around the neighborhood and killed the boy.  Police said according to statements Aron made, he brought the boy to his apartment, killed him there and dismembered the body.  However, authorities indicated that the boy was still alive Monday night, when he went missing.

Aron worked at Empire State Supply Company on McDonald Avenue. His boss, Michael Panzer, said he was there for at least 12 years, except for two years when he lived in Memphis, Tenn.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Speaks With Aron’s Former Boss

Panzer described Aron as very polite, a little disorganized and someone who stayed to himself.

“He must have snapped — that’s all I can say. There was no indication of anything. He was very quiet,” Panzer told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

Around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday, detectives went to Aron’s home at 466 East Second St., where they found part of Kletzky’s body inside a refrigerator.  Aron lives alone in the third-floor apartment in a building shared with his parents. Kelly said he has lived there for two years.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

When investigators arrived at the home, they found the door slightly ajar and asked where the boy was; Aron nodded to the kitchen. There, they found blood on the refrigerator handle.

PHOTOS: Borough Park Boy Murdered, Dismembered

“Inside the refrigerator was a cutting board with three carving knives with blood on them,” said Kelly. “Some of the remains were in the freezer.”

levi aron1 NYPD Commissioner: Suspect Panicked, Killed 8 Year Old Leiby Kletzky

Levi Aron (credit: Facebook)

Detectives found the other half of Kletzky’s remains wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag inside a red suitcase in a dumpster in Sunset Park, about two miles from Aron’s home.

The medical examiner’s office will determine a cause of death. Kelly said there was no indication that the boy had been sexually molested or that Kletzky knew the suspect.

Police also used two surveillance videos to search for clues in Kletzky’s disappearance.

Raw Video: NYPD News Conference On Leiby Kletzky Death

One video showed the young boy leaving his day camp, located at 12th Avenue and 44th Street, at 5:05 p.m. He was supposed to meet his mother at 5 p.m. Monday at the corner of 13th Avenue and 50th Street.

Kelly said police believe Kletzky got lost on his way home and stopped at 18th Avenue and 44th Street, where he is seen on video talking to Aron and asking for directions. Later, Kletzky is seen getting into Aron’s gold-colored sedan.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane With Reaction From Aron’s Kensington Neighborhood

Aron was tracked down after investigators, looking for Kletzky, noticed a man on the video going into a nearby dentist’s office around 5:30 p.m. Monday, while Kletzky waited across the street.

The dentist, who was later found in New Jersey, said Aron wasn’t a patient but was paying a bill for a patient there and police were able to find him using those records.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the boy was the only son of the Kletzky’s five children and said the husband works as a driver for a private car service.

“It’s just a horror for every parent,” Hikind said. “I mean it’s just a tragedy today for everyone in New York.”

Kletzky had begged his parents to let him walk home. They had given him a note, saying he would not be taking the bus.

Kelly said that his parents had gone over the route Kletzky was supposed to take home with him before letting him walk it alone.  His mother was waiting for him at a halfway point, which the young boy never made it to.

“Parents know their children better than anyone else, they have to make certain judgments,” Kelly said. “There comes a time when everyone has to go forward on their own and it’s up to the parents to make those determinations.”

“They were horrible yesterday when the child was not there, hoping that they’ll find him, but now forget it,” Hikind said. “How does a parent live with their little child brutally assaulted, murdered, dismembered?”

A funeral will be held for Kletzky later Wednesday.

What are your thoughts on this horrific tragedy? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. M.A.D says:


  2. LibelFreeZone says:

    Another potential ratings bonanza for Nancy Grace! Get her on the case to declare the suspect GUILTY! No need for an annoying trial.

    1. Tom says:

      You don’t think this nutbag is guilty?

      1. Leorsiy says:

        Couldn’t say it better

    2. Diablo says:

      unfortunatly i haven’t seen her talk about it so…

  3. L.SIMON says:


    1. Finbar says:

      True. And most of them cannot control their Caps Lock key.

  4. Miss D says:

    Poor, poor child and family. I am speechless. What kind of human (f they can be called that) would do this? Certainly not one that should be allowed to live. I think the death penalty is far too easy for this monsterr. Disgusting. Poor mother who must be racked with guilt. Let yoir child spread their wings a bit and in one horrific moment, they are gone. Every parents worst nightmare.

    1. Marie says:

      Miss D, you could not have said any better!!!

    2. Janet says:

      Agre, Miss D. The mother probably said something like, OK, since you want it so much, I guess you are big enough; we’ll try it once. They have to grow up sometime.”….just horrible that it turned out this way.

    3. Nykbigs says:

      Very well put….. I shudder at the thought with my own 2….. I pray for the parents and hope they can regain some semblance of normalcy again soon. As for crazy man, they love guys like this in the joint, death sentence is over very quickly

  5. nikki says:

    sad sad sad>>>>>>>>>>> hoWcan anyone blame the parents? Anyone who has kids understand they need a little freedom and responsibiliy! he was in his known surroundings why should they have imagined anything would happen?
    may the family be comforted in this hard and tragic time.
    As for the cold blooded murderer…………. may he never see daylight again!
    Just one more thing, its devastating for the parents without ppl putting the blame on them so STOP!

  6. Johnny Tremain says:

    God took him Home.

    When someone experiences horrible evil it doesn’t mean God forsake them.

    Because you don’t believe or understand doesn’t change that.

  7. Sick to my stomach says:

    This is not about the parents or Leiby (A”H). It’s about the _________ (fill in the blank – obviously not human nor animal because animals don’t kill for sport) who did this.

    1. jaleson says:

      actually animals do kill for sport. look at the pack of dogs that terrorize a town at night, killing other animals not for survival but for sport and go back to their owners for the day.

      1. Sick to my stomach says:

        have not heard about that story, but if it’s true, you can fill in the blank with “dogs.”

    2. AvengeLeiby says:

      seriously?!?!?! thats your solution to evil in the world? Obviously they watch their kids and thats why the last time this happened was almost 40 years ago. Your antenna on your trailer might be crooked….your showing your education.

  8. Mike says:

    Following this story from England, we are all so shocked and saddened at the latest horrific news. How can anybody blame the parents at their time of immeasurable grief??? Please be compassionate.
    Yes we all have to try and be more safe on the streets and that includes driving safely, crossing safely and being certain that our kids are safe. Nobody can call this negligent. We gotta pray every day for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

  9. Aine says:

    The man in custody at a Brooklyn precinct was Jewish but it’s not clear if he’s Hasidic. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2011-07-13-slain-ny-boy_n.htm

  10. AvengeLeiby says:

    I can’t believe this horrible tragedy, Im a mother of two (3,5) I cant comprehend this tragedy. At this moment its irrelivent what religion or nationality the murderer was, it was a atrocious crime. I would like to take a moment and express my absolute awe and admiration for members of the NYPD and the jewish community. Thousands of people were there to assist with the search. Buses full of concerned people flocked in from all over the tri_state area. Money was gathered to tempt the criminal to bring young lieby forward. Water and food was donated for the search party. Its absolutely incredible to see a community come together all for the sake of one family, one child. This morning I woke up and feel the anguish of every other, parent and new yorker, but I wouldnt want to live in any other place.

    1. Terry Krause says:

      @ AvendeLeiby What a beautiful tribute to the community. May God’s mercy be awakened by this amazing showing of the goodness that is possible in this world.

    2. JMS says:

      I’m usually not a big fan of the hassidic community as I find them to be too insular/elitest and they don’t seem to embrace the american way of life. That aside, I must say that i was particularly moved by how this community came together in a time of crisis to help find this boy. In the end it wasn’t enough but we can all take a lesson from how they supported and helped this family and the effort to find one of their own.

  11. A Jew says:

    why not? a each case that 100’s or 1000’s volunteer’s are involved in the search, its attracting media attention . it has nothing to with Jews, accept that they help each other

  12. Ron says:

    Why did the media feel it necessary to tell us it was a “man” seen with the boy? How is this information relevant to the story? Is this not the excuse that the media uses when they omit the race of suspects in their stories? That race is supposedly irrelevant? How is gender any different? Or that he was bearded? Or that he was driving a gold-colored car? Why are these tidbits of information important, yet the race of suspects not so?

    1. Artemis says:

      It was a white man in the surveillance videos. If you do a whois.net lookup on wesaveem.com (a website that belongs to someone living at the address listed in the story) you see that it belongs to a “Chuck Schwartz”. I don’t know if that is the suspect, but that’s the closest information available here.

      1. Ron says:

        Artemis, I don’t care if it was a green man. The media should not be omitting race when giving details of a crime, whether a robbery suspect, murder suspect, assault suspect, or kidnapper. The media consistently claims that they omit the race of suspects because the information is irrelevant. But if the race is irrelevant, isn’t the gender of suspects equally irrelevant? How about the color of their cars, clothing, etc? Based upon the logic of criminal race irrelevancy used by the media, even the location of crimes is pointless. They should just keep their articles to something along the lines of, “Someone committed a crime against someone else…somewhere.” No point in providing irrelevant information.

    2. SFM says:

      All information is important when dealing with a missing person. Any information withheld for politically reasons make those withholding the information accessories to the crime.

  13. Dave says:

    “Where was God for this boy?”

    God was in the same place as he was for the last lottery winner.

    Why is it that God is only acceptable when He does things we agree with?

    1. Katie says:


  14. a pained mother says:

    My instinct as a mother and teacher is to just cage our children and never let them leave the protection of our arms. There is no one to blame for this tragedy, but the perp himself. May God eradicate all evil from our world and give us and our children the peace, safety and joy that we all deserve.

  15. Moon Them says:

    Send them to SPACE CAMP immediately, for life, in the Gulags. Then exile them to the Moon to perform physical labor for life. Prisons are no longer deterrents to criminals, wife bashers, etc. Space will set them free.

    1. William says:

      Another pointless, stupid ,comment, from you…..

  16. steffi says:

    Poor child. May he rest in peace. He is in God”s hands. It is the people who are left behind suffering. They say that they have a video of him getting into a car with a man, Does it show him going by own free will or is he being forced. Could be someone he knew or someone dressing up as an Hassidic.

  17. Get a Clue Jessica says:

    Way to turn something about a dead child into an opportunity to perpetuate needless hate. I read in other articles that the suspect is actually Jewish. So what do you say should be done about his remains now?

  18. nathan says:

    from your 2 posts i think you might be a muslim. maybe not. but you defended bin laden before and now you make sure to put the word jewish in caps and whine about only jews getting to be newsworthy.and if you are not a muslim, why your hatred towards jews?? just one of those antisemites who believe the jews run everything and rule the world??

  19. Terri says:

    466 East 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11218 is owned by a Mr. Jack Aron. It’s unclear as to who was arrested… however, they have 3 people in custody. Not sure if the house was renter-occupied, but I just read a news article that states, “A man who is seen walking near the boy in the video is one of those in custody, chief police spokesman Paul J. Browne said. The man, described as a 35 year old male, is a member of the Jewish community, and lives and works in the community.” The news article can be found here: http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?id=15415&alias=leibby-kletzky-9-obm

    1. Artemis says:

      According to this whois information which also traces to the same address, the name is Chuck Schwartz

  20. Sam says:

    This is horrible. How can anyone kill and dismember a child? Let this be a lesson to parents who let their much too young children walk alone

    1. Trish says:

      Not true. My family are Brooklynites born and raised. No one who I know would let their 8,9 yr old walk alone. Ive even lived in Kensington as an adult and feel a little uneasy walking alone at night.A true new yorker knows it can be rough out there. I wasn’t allowed until I was a teen. Too many sick people out there

    2. emesornt says:

      when should they walk alone? you gotta give kids independence at some point or they’ll never be able to survive in the real world! besdes, i live there and my kids ride their bike on the corner all the time.should i lock them up and not let them play outside anymore??? what more can we do as parents??

      1. Sam says:

        One or 2 blocks at his age alone is fine with a parent waiting. However, 7 blocks by himself. A buddy system might be a good idea. There is always more safety in numbers.

    3. al hanan says:

      i hate when people think that all of a sudden the parents are to blame for letting their son walk home.thats bull .nobody should feel that you cant let your child walk a few blocks from home .now bcoz of this parents are goin to want to put their kids in a bubble

  21. bloombergisafascist says:

    thousands every day??? thousands?? dontcha think your biases are over exaggerating just a little bit?
    plus this is nyc news, it was a nyc kid missing. so if some kid in wyoming is missing, why would it be on a nyc news webpage???
    if thousands of kids went missing every single day, there would be no kids left after a year

  22. crown heights res says:

    I pray for the child and his parents. At the same time, I think the parents should not have allowed him to walk alone. It was 7 blocks to his home, and too many times in my neighborhood (Crown Heights), I see Orthodox Jews allow their children (tiny little girls!!) to walk alone.I could feel the day coming, but I never could have imagined this.

    1. Morah says:

      Please do not make this about the parents. They probably are questioning themselves at the moment but a 9-year-old boy can start having a little independence and this was a short walk home. My heart breaks for their loss.

      1. crown heights res says:

        In my mind, this is about the parents.

      2. Tim says:

        Several blocks alone through New York City is “a little independence”? I bet the parents would not have left an envelope full of money on the same streets – and with good reason. There is a massive gray area between caging a child and instructing a 9 yr old little boy to walk any number of blocks unsupervised in NY. Nine years old. He was probably terrified and too afraid to say so or remember where to turn.

      3. Russ says:

        “It’s about the parents”?? Yes, perhaps they should have exercised caution. But this kid did not get killed walking a mile through the jungle, he was abducted and whatever else by a pervert and a killer.

        Let’s not make it about the parents. Let’s make it about the sick b*st*rd who killed their son.

    2. rach says:

      in your (tiny, unbalanced …) mind, it’s about the parents.

      did you ever consider that it’s actually about the kidnapper/murderer?

      the parents didn’t do nything wrong… the kidnapper/murderer didn’t do anything right.

      playing “blame the victim” is SOOO much fun!!! tell me, would you like to be kicked while you were down? did you have fun while you did just that to the grieving parents? did it make you feel big for once in your tiny little life? goody for you!!! you got to feel big by knocking someone who was already down, ever lower, so that you could climb onto their shoulders….
      and, crown heights isn’t boro park, the neighborhoods are completely different….so assuming that what MIGHT be prudent in one area isn’t automatically necessary in the other one.

      1. EB says:

        In Borough Park as well as in Williamsburg and Crown Heights, it is common that children, even relatively young children, walk around their neighborhood unaccompanied. There are people all around and everyone watches out for everyone else. If the parents made arrangements with their son to walk 1/2 block to 13 avenue and then turn toward 50th street, this is not an irresponsible decision. 13th Avenue is filled with people,. even at that hour. Kids walk around all the time in that neighborhood and are safe and feel protected. Boro Park is like one big family. The tragedy is that, unfortunately, he became lost and asked help from someone he assumed and trusted was one of his own./ It is wrong to blame the family for this unspeakable tragedy. I’m sure they had qualms but were proud that their son was attempting to be independent and, think of how wonderful and empowered Leiby would have felt if he had met his mother.

        This was a devastating, horrific, beyond words turn of events.

        Like Etan Patz, who was 5 or 6.

        I only pray that the family can eventually have some peace and make some sense out of what heppened, although I truly don’t know how anyone can.

      2. should have done things differently says:

        The parents and the day camp should have definetely NOT allowed the boy at age eight to walk home alone…. is so naive to think in this day and age that evil people don’t live in your communities, it is just plain stupid.

        Having said that, I feel terrible for the parents, for how they must be filled with guilt.

  23. Nick says:

    How can anyone hurt a child. I feel for his family and a pray for them. What goes through a persons mind that would cause them to hurt a child? How could anyone kill a child ? There is nothing anyone can say and offer to this childs famliy. I hope and pray that God helps them.

  24. Terry Krause says:

    My heart goes out to the family and to all of us parents who spend a lifetime raising our kids to be exemplary human beings, only to have our efforts dashed–in the blink of an eye–by the animals who prey on defenseless children. We should all take a moment to weep for the tragic, senseless murder of this innocent boy. May God watch over his pure soul.

  25. Michael Stone, MD says:

    I am old enough to remember when kidnap-murder (as in the Greenlease case in the 1950s) quickly led to the death penalty and execution within months. If this case is not deserving of the death penalty – and soon after arrest and conviction, than no case is. Meantime, I am reminded once again that there is no bottom-spot to human depravity. The Kletzky murder is reminiscent of Jeffrey Dahmer – but even worse: Leiby was only eight!! When I hosted the Discovery Channel show “Most Evil”, I interviewed a man who sodomized, killed, and cannibalized 10 yr old Zack Ramsay in Montana. The killer here is every bit as depraved and sickening. This is as bad as it gets. I hope all our heartfelt sympathy for the parents is of some consolation to them – and maybe an indication that there are more good people in the world than bad — but it’s the bad who shock and demotralize us

  26. Bombmaniac says:

    Does anybody know which resident of 466 East Second st. was arrested? It’s a 3 family house. Please update.

    1. An Angry Dad says:

      If I knew, I’d tell you. We’ll probably have to wait for arraignment to find out exactly who was arrested for it. The Post says it was just his feet in a fridge in the attic of this house, so I’m personally guessing it was the 2nd Floor resident(That’s just a guess.)

    2. Terri says:

      Property Shark states it’s a 2-family residence.

      1. An Angry Dad says:

        Yeah, I live in one of those illegally-converted buildings too. Property Shark is no indication of the reality of the building.

    3. mind your business says:

      Do you really think you should be throwing names around until we find out who did it.Tempers are high you can get another innocent person hurt with your stupid postings.

    4. EB says:

      The point is that he confessed and the NYPD found body parts in his refrigerator and Levi Aron took them to the dumpster. What more truth could you ask for?

  27. TRACK says:

    You did good on these points, plus he could identify the man. There is no safe place on earth for anyone…adult or child

  28. KPMc says:

    “If he’s Arabic he should have his remains deported.”

    I assume you meant if he is a foreign-born non-US resident.

    Because if that is not what you mean then what do you propose we do if he is neither arab or muslim?

    1. nathan says:

      maybe it was the rabbi who raped you. maybe he came back to the usa

    2. coexist says:

      I can`t believe people still can think of religion, race, citizenship etc. This is a real tragedy! This horrible, brutal crime clearly shows us that there are mentally sick people in our city! We take subway with them, we work, we shop from them! This is a strong evidence that human being is getting worse and worse in the world! Open your eyes people! Before everything else we have to be human being! Living in a community and isolating your life from others is not enough anymore. This tragedy made me miserable today. Now, it gives me nausea to see comments about how victim and murderer both Jewish bla bla..! I am a Muslim woman. I lived for 32 years.I`d say it`s enough. If I knew I could give that little kid back to his family, I`d give up on my own life in a heart beat. Please try to see the big picture. Please stop looking forward to find someone to blame. Please keep your religion between God and you and no matter what don`t use it as a divider.. We might pick different roads but we all believe in same God end of the day. Let`s pray for his family together.

  29. Akbar says:

    why they did it? Who could do it it was a baby

  30. bullett says:

    Just a very sad ending to a young child’s life. May the person (s) responsible for his death burn in hell forever.

  31. UPSET_MOTHER says:

    As a mother of a child around the same age, I am so deeply hurt by reading this. I got chills when I heard it on the radio this morning. To the family, my heart and prayers go out to you. To the community, its time to watch over our future children and help them and guide them from these evil monsters!
    To the perps that did these horrific actions – MAY YOU ROT in HELL!!!!

    Upset & Sickened!!!

  32. Steve says:

    There are times when the human race truly makes me sick to my stomach.

    Are we any better than other animals? Certainly not all of us.

    Heaven help the victim’s family. Rest in peace, little guy.

    1. BARBARA says:

      animals are better than so-called humans

      1. Max says:

        So true! Animals NEVER kill other animals.

      2. Russ says:

        Max- animals never kill other animals just for fun or sexual kicks. They do it as part of their urge to have food or defend their territory.

    2. Aine says:

      God be with the family and may little Leiby rest in peace. What a terrible tragic thing to happen.

  33. An Angry Dad says:

    Calling Mr Aron to see whether he’s a. in jail or b. renting the place out.

  34. Ben says:

    May God give comfort to the family

    1. Artemis says:

      May God not have allowed this to happen in the first place.

  35. chaim says:

    how could they?!

  36. Ryan Angry Brooklyn Resident says:

    Its disgusting how this can happen so easily. However, its supreme parental neglect to allow your 9 year old to walk home alone. If the parents would have acted like parents that kid never woulda been able to walk alone. That said, its absolutely disgusting that someone would harm an innocent child. I do feel for the family and the community, but this needs to be an alert to the Orthodox that they aren’t as safe as they think. I hope he rests in peace

    1. Eli says:

      This is a horrible ending to a terribly sad story but we should not deduce from this that a 9 year old kid shouldn’t walk a few blocks in daylight. we must continue to live.

    2. cmcledford says:

      I agree with Mary Mac – he was allowed to walk two blocks. That is the same as leading your kid walk to the neighbors house.

    3. Denise says:

      To the fool (Ryan Angry Brooklyn Resident ) who sits in judgment of the parents — go far away. You must not be a parent and in fact, I wonder if you are even human? You obviously have no heart. When I was nine I would walk almost a mile to and from school alone. We all did. The parents are not in the wrong. They do not need idiots like you adding fuel to the fire of what these poor people will already suffer. Just go away Ryan. Go take your cruel remarks and shove them up your proverbial……….

      1. watch your kids says:

        WOW Denise it is true if mother was doing her job she would of picked him up at camp 9 years old way to young to walk home alone peroid ,People watch your damn kids this will never happen.

      2. Genevieve says:

        Hay jackas- “Watch your kids” You need to learn how to read she wasn’t against the parents she is for them she said nothing but it is ok to let your kid walk home at 9 everyone against the parents 1 most not live in brooklyn and most live in that fairy land us Brooklyn kids dream about! 2 Don’t even have kids, so back off!

      3. A parent says:

        Genevieve bottom line is if kid was properly watched this would of never happed .Parents need to take blame for bad choices they make and this was a very bad one.There are no safe areas in brooklyn or anywhere in this world .There are crazy people everywhere if you watch your kids the proper way we can avoid these horrors.

    4. destiny Dej says:

      Ryan so when and at what age was he supposed to walk those blocks alone ? Stop blaming his parents , God alone knows how much they are beating up themselves about their decision .Divert your outrage to the monster that could not see this child and resist the temptatio nto abduct and dismember him . This could have easily happened outside his own door or the school gates . Stop casting blame.

      1. parents please watch ur child says:

        Wow you are so wrong.Parents should of picked him up .Does not take a blind person to see this could of been avoided.7 blocks way txo long for 9 year old.

  37. mary mac says:

    Who are the freaks that did this to this little boy? Amazing that they pieced the story together so fast. My heart and prayers are with the Kletzky family and with his community. Much love.

  38. speculantobserver says:

    whole story is weird. also interesting how it happened just few days after casey anthony verdict

    1. san says:

      No, that doesn’t make it interesting or even related in any way.

  39. Frank says:

    One is supposed to wake up FROM a nightmare, not wake up INTO a nightmare. This is a nightmare for all residents of all faiths and backgrounds in NYC. I have major issues with death penalty (that is, I have always been against it)……but after hearing this, it sure is tempting to rethink the whole issue. Whoever did this is not a human being…..they are EVIL INCARNATE. Therefore, whoever is responsible for this should join Bin Ladin as they ROAST in HELL……

    1. Frank says:

      sorry……”Bin Ladin” typo….meant to say, Bin Laden

      1. Wake up people says:

        Or they could join Madoff in hell, or McVeigh, or Blankfein.
        Is Bin Laden the only evil guy in the world?
        Obviously not

  40. Angry Dad says:

    Let the guy out of the Precinct. I’ll take care of it from there…

    1. An Angry Dad says:

      If I get my hands on the guy who did this, I have no intentions of ending it quickly.

    2. Max says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I was a member of the search team. I couldn’t stay home. I feel such loss, such rage. I want to pull that animals nails from his fingers.

    3. badman says:

      he’s got (well-deserved) hell on earth waiting for him in prison

  41. CINDY GILSON says:

    I keep reading over and over the article about this poor child, trying to make some sense of it… I cant believe there are such horrific people in this world who would do this to an innocent child. Pray for the family, they will need it.

  42. JM says:

    So heartbreaking. It’s a shame at what this world is coming to. What could a little 9 y.o boy have done for someone to have done this to him. I only pray for God to give that family strength to get through this….and that he protect ALL our innocent children.

  43. susan says:

    How horrible. The world will mourn the loss of this young citizen of the Hasidic community. Our hearts go out to his family…

  44. lily black says:

    Life without parol? Let’s the momzer fry!!!

    1. debby says:

      i agree completly a monster like this should never be allowed to see the light of day again

  45. holy bananas says:

    something is not kosher here, no pun intended. the VERY first time the kid gets to walk home alone he gets murdered!?!?!?!? and in that community where there are hundreds of people in the streets.

    1. destiny Dej says:

      Holy bananas , things happen in a twinkle of an eye .it does not take a year for evil to show up . Things happen when you least expect .You might try to do something for the first time and things go wrong or you get caught . It is not impossible to get abducted or robbed when hundreds or thousands are nearby .There is s something called opportune time . Ever heard of hiding in plain sight ?

  46. Lilly says:

    I am heartsick for this little boy and his family. His mom must be devastated and wracked with guilt b/c of the one time she allowed him to walk home by himself. What a terrible and cruel death and then the added disrespect of dismembering him and throwing that little boy in the garbage. What kind of monsters are prowling the streets.. I hope he is given the death penalty!

  47. Lynn says:

    I cried when I heard that this poor boy was dismembered like that. I can’t imagine how the family feels right now. As a parent I would want the opportunity to dismember the bodies of the people responsible for this. They should really get life with no chance of parole.

    1. Nochum Mandel says:

      This is the saddest moment of my life!
      GOD HELP US! No little kid deserves this! GOD HELP US!

    2. angry NYer says:

      i would really want the DEATH PENALTY be reinstated in new york coz there’s a lot of monsters roaming around the city nowadays….

    3. Exile them says:

      Exile these killers to the Moon for life. Why should our children be afraid to play outside, to walk home in broad daylight, to live a happy, normal life on Earth? If prisons and the death penalty are no longer deterrents, then we must get radical, and boot these criminals off to Space…good riddance.

    4. Rex says:

      No, they deserve death. Such people do not deserve to inhabit the same earth as decent people.

    5. Al Sharpton says:

      Life with no chance of parole? They should executed…..

    6. MO GRAY says:


    7. melloyello says:

      My skin crawled and my whole body ached when I caught whim of this horrific news. I couldn’t stomach my breakfast. I do agree that the parents not an random individual, because you wouldn’t be any better than the monsters whom did this in the first place, get a change to avenge thier son’s death my dismemebering the inhumane individuals responsible. They should watch the beginning of the movie (I understand they cannot because of their beliefs but for this moment do) “Law Abiding Citizen” and do to the SICK individuals what they did to their son. May Leiby rest in peace and my condolences to the family.

    8. rr says:

      a deli meat slicer thin slices with salt at every cut wouldn’t even be enough of a punishment for this horrific sub animal.
      may he rot in eternal hell

    9. D'Joe says:

      I hope the police dept investigates to see if any other missing children are link to this monster.

    10. Laura Novo says:

      Such a horrible crime to a defenseless child. As a parent my heart goes out to these parents. It’s obvious that they will have a hard time coping and wishing that they should have let him get on the bus. Undoubtedly, the individual has serious mental health problems and it’s so unbelievable that such a tragedy occurred in such a close-knit community. I hope that this person gets what he deserves and does not have the opportunity to plead insanity, because if he does, he will either fry here or in hell! He is a sick SOB!

  48. Artemis says:

    i would say my prayers go out to the family but I refuse to pray to any god that wouldn’t protect an innocent 9-year-old boy from such a cruel and callous death. my heart and sympathies go out to the family though.

    at least there is little doubt about the murderer’s identity and they are now off the streets.

    1. Andi says:

      Unfortunately God gives us free will. So we can’t blame him for things like this. As I’m sure the family isn’t blaming him either. All blame belongs on the sicko who committed the murder. Not on God. Not on the parents. Not on the child. This wouldn’t of happened had that man not CHOSEN to be just plain evil.

      1. Artemis says:

        Oh really? So God is only responsible for the good things that happen in our lives that we prayed for, but not the bad things that we didn’t?

        I thought he was all powerful and all knowing? If that’s the case then why would he allow this to happen? Surely he could have simply routed the boy safely home.

      2. destiny Dej says:

        Thank you Andi ,well said .we often want to blame God and disown him when things that are wrong happen .we have free will .We as humans choose evil . The parents ,, little Leiby or God is not at falt .This monster chose to follow the distructive path and forces of evil .

    2. Zariz says:

      The problem many people – both religious and non-religious – have is that they need everything to make sense to them and fit into a nice , neat package. Well – surprise! Life isn’t that convenient. We don’t need to understand everything. Those who wish to believe will believe despite cruel events such as this.

  49. sam says:

    Only a coward can do this

    1. DeeDee says:

      I agree, Sam. Why did he panic in the first place? What was he doing that caused him panic? Why did he take the child to his apartment in the first place? So, so tragic and horrible. I can’t imagine the fear this poor child felt and hope he did not suffer. RIP little angel.

  50. Randy says:

    I can’t imagine how anyone could hurt a child. I hope those responsible endure the same pain they inflicted on this poor boy. My prayers go out to the parents of this little boy. I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling at this moment. Really…who does this to another human, especially a child?

Comments are closed.

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