Rudy Giuliani Heads To NH To Explore Presidential Bid

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Is Rudy Giuliani running for president? Well, he says he’s not ruling anything out as he heads to New Hampshire this week for his fourth visit this year.

The former New York City mayor says he isn’t convinced that any of the declared Republican presidential contenders can defeat President Barack Obama.

“These are a lot of qualified people,” he told The Associated Press. “Do they have a good chance of winning? I don’t know the answer to that.”

Giuliani has five public appearances set for his two-day visit to New Hampshire starting on Thursday.

The stops include a luncheon with the Seacoast Federation of Republican Women in Portsmouth, a gathering at a private New Castle home with law enforcement officials and a gun-rights discussion at Manchester Harley Davidson.

While it may sound like a candidate’s schedule, Giuliani said he’s not making a decision any time soon, saying his timeline is likely to be late August or early September.

He says he has “a tremendous fire for more public service” but doesn’t seem eager to be considered a potential presidential candidate just yet.

“I certainly haven’t decided to get in. I don’t think I would even describe myself as testing the waters. I’d say that I keep it open as a possibility,” he said, adding he was going to New Hampshire at the invitation of local Republicans. “And it will give me a chance to gather more information and get a better feeling for it.”

He spoke at a GOP fundraiser in Manchester, New Hampshire back in March and said he should have spent more time in New Hampshire during his failed 2008 campaign.

In June, Giuliani was a keynote speaker at another state Republican party fundraiser in New Hampshire.

Do you think Giuliani should run in 2012? Sound off below in our comments section.

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One Comment

  1. Tom says:

    As I look through all the smoke and mirrors on the left and right, it is clear to me. If Rudy runs, he wins.

  2. Palermo Cretini says:

    This Rudy G. is really stupid as is Palin ,he makes up answers without
    knowing the questions to suit himself it’s in the public record, …forgettabout it.
    To the writer who is anti Italian American here, we have had great Italian-American
    politicians ,even bald and short. But you can have your standards of what will
    be elected such as Medicare McCain in the last Repug run ,you think he was
    fit as a non Italian-American better than Rudy Tooty & with my job is boring as
    Gov. so I will quit and go for the big bucks Palin?

    1. KPMc says:

      You also missed my point. I am not anti Italian-American as I am one. Just stating the facts… short, balding, lisping divorced catholics don’t get elected president in America.

      Short and balding hasn’t been elected in generations. Once TV came around the day’s of intelligent, qualified but less than photogenic “serious” presidential candidates went the way of the trolley car.

      May not be right but it’s the way things are and I don’t see our modern superficial world changing any time soon.

  3. Barry Levine says:

    Mr. Giuliani did wonders for the City of New York, number one is that he had Bratton then Kelly as police chiefs and made this city liveable. He is the guy who put an end to gangs of aggressive panhandlers and auto window windshield washers at every corner, something that the previous mayor blatently refused to do.

    I do not care about his personal life or his “religion” or anything about his cousin or kids, this man is for law and order and this is what counts. His lisp does not affect his manner of ruling and unfortunately the City of New York and the whole United States of America needs a dictatorial type of leader like The Honorable Mr. Giulani. We do not need Al Sharpton and we do not need Ron Kuby… Rudy run!!!

    1. KPMc says:

      You missed the point of my post. He is not electable in modern America. The American presidency is about superficial image and Rudy is not up to that. It’s not right but that is the way it is.

      While I agree he was a good mayor that does NOT translate to the most powerful office in the world.

      Lastly… the only two alternatives you could come up with are Sharpton and Ron Kuby? I think even I can beat them.

  4. KPMc says:

    In what world is a short, balding, Italian, non-practicing divorced Catholic with a noticeable lisp getting elected president in 21st century America?

    Obama may have blazed many never before seen trails but Rudy is not overcoming all his modern media world shortcomings.

    Since issues are secondary here are the modern requirements for any MAN to be elected, we have yet to see if these apply to women too but I get the feeling we are a long way off from that.

    At least 5’11″… but over 6 feet is preferable.

    Makes a show of practicing his religion. while it;s highly unlikely another Catholic will get a chance a non-practicing one has almosy no chance.

    A good head of hair is a must.

    Mr. Obama being the exception too “ethnic” is not desirable. Italian with vowels? I don’t think so.

    And finally since everything is sound bites no one wants to hear a Cindy Brady lisp from our Commander-In-Chief.

    Not saying I agree with it as it definitely excludes qualified people but these image-conscious qualities are what Americans care about whether we realize it or not!

    1. lydia says:

      No chance. His a loser no matter what. He got away with it in New York. Doesn’t care about the poor. Cares about the rich and himself. (LOSER)
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  5. Pat Johnson says:

    “America’s Mayor ” who made 40 Million dollars lecturing and giving “advice”
    after 9-11, Even his own kids hate him,an adulterer and a man who married his
    own cousin as his first wife ,Yes he has all the credentials to run as a
    Republican for President.Oh yes he took Holy Communion for a TV event
    when the Pope was here even though Cardinal Egan advised against it as
    he in the eyes of the church is living in sin .Cool!

  6. Jethro Dull says:

    A noun, a verb and 9/11.

  7. SueBee says:


    1. Clark A. says:

      Yes, I agree!

    2. danny says:

      Really Sue? I remember things being nice and rosy when Clinton was president. Gas was less than $1.00 per gallon. Everybody was working and the money was flowing. We had a SURPLUS, not a deficit caused by the previous administration. Just face it, the Rep’s only care about the rich and powerful. Corporations and Bankers!!

    3. danny says:

      Sue, I remember things being nice and rosy when Clinton was president. Fuel was less than $1.00 a gallon. People were working. Money was available. And we had a surplus instead of a deficit.
      8 years of a Rep, we are going up the river with no paddle.
      Also, as a side thought, how long does it take to spend $1,000.00? How long did it take to save it? Now add a whole bunch of zeros. That is what the current president is facing.

      1. danny says:

        sorry for the double post.

  8. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Rudy, give it up, PLEASE.

  9. sharon johnson says:

    rudy need to go somewhere and take a nap, NO HE SHOULD NOT RUN HE WILL NOT WIN ANYWAY.



    2. Clark A. says:

      Ahh, shut up!

    3. Clark A. says:

      Hey Sharon Johnson, if you remember, Rudy did one hell of a job for NYC back on Tuesday, 9/11/2001, if you can remember back that far!

      1. danny says:

        Hey Clark, that was his one and only shining moment. Other than that, he has been nothing but a fascist dictator. Even his son (the one that was at all the games with him when he was mayor) doesn’t want anything to do with him.

      2. SueBee says:

        we ALL know he had MANY more shining moments — what he did for and to NY was wonderful and this country NEEDS someone like him in charge enough of the garbage that has been in the White House since Reagan. RUN RUDY RUN!!!!!

      3. bloombergisafascist says:

        oh please. what did he do????? give me a break. he is a nazi fascist pigdog

  10. Art says:

    Let Rudy come to Florida. He’ll be hung out to dry.

  11. George says:

    No chance. His a loser no matter what. He got away with it in New York. Doesn’t care about the poor. Cares about the rich and himself. (LOSER)

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