Does President Obama Need To Be More Like Gov. Christie?

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Chris Christie, the tough talking governor of New Jersey, is yet again at the center of a presidential discussion.

Tom Moran of The Star-Ledger wrote in his column Tuesday that President Barack Obama should be more like Gov. Chris Christie.

“Christie, when he wanted to pass pension and health reform, held something like 25 town meetings across the state. He went out to the people and made the case,” Moran told WCBS 880’s Steve Scott. “In this case, Obama’s main thing he didn’t get is any kind of tax increase or shared sacrifice on the part of the wealthy. Now, most Americans agreed with him, but he didn’t pound that drum like Christie did.”

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Moran says Christie is a strong, natural leader who is clear about what he wants.

On the flip side he says the President is a “law professor who doesn’t like to make enemies.”

Despite his denials of any interest, rumors keep swirling about Christie making a run for the White House.

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One Comment

  1. AL says:

    Yes, I really want to see that Monstrosity – Obama putting extra 350 lb and start bulling US Congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mark says:

    Yeah right! Obama needs to put on 350 pounds and act like bully. That’s what we all want in a President??

  3. Michael Boyter says:

    Obama needs to be like Christie, but not only in the areas mentioned above. Obama, or any decent President, needs to be for lower taxes, less government and for more individual freedoms….just like Christie. This way businesses can start creating jobs. Obama is confused and thinks that government is suppose to do that. As we all are witnessing….it does a lousy job of it.

    1. Vienna Joe says:

      Christie supports tax loopholes & lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans as well as corporate welfare and subsidies for wealthy corporations … Paid for by the middle class, the elderly & the disabled. Americans have clearly indicated that they support raising taxes for millionaires & billionaires, ending tax loopholes for the rich, stopping corporate welfare & subsidies for wealthy corporations … I don’t think Obama is doing a good job but putting a middle class killer like Christie in the W.H. would be a disaster.

  4. Uncle Sham says:

    Obama is in over his head while the middle class is under water.

  5. Norman says:

    Why would Obama want that? In the most recent poll Christie’s approval rating is tanking and has dropped to 43% and he’s certainly not going to be reelected.

    1. Uncle Sham says:

      Well that’s 3 points higher then Obama right now and things aren’t looking too good for Obama for ’12

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