Want Booze With Your Movie? Head To Williamsburg’s Nitehawk Cinema

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Matthew Viragh always loved going to movie theaters that served food and alcoholic drinks in other states.

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“I noticed that there wasn’t anything like that here. I wondered why, did a little digging, and found the law,” he told WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman.

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A law had been around since prohibition in New York that allowed theaters to serve alcohol, but not movie theaters.

“It was an old law,” he told Silverman. So Viragh called a lawyer friend of his who knew a lobbyist.

“I think it was the right time in a lot of respects, economically,” Viragh said.

The Legislature must have also thought a change would be good for businesses, because last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation repealing the law.

“It’s a response, I think, to how easy it is that consumers access movies now, movie theaters need to do something different,” Viragh said.

“I’m really just happy as a fan of the movie going experience, that we’re actually going to be able to enjoy an adult beverage and great food,” he added.

Now you can order alcohol at Viragh’s Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg and perhaps soon at your local theater.

The Nitehawk is at 136 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn. CLICK HERE for more information.

By the way, it was already legal to serve alcohol in movie theaters in both New Jersey and Connecticut.

Do you like the idea of booze with your flicks? Sound off below!

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  1. Amber says:

    and now you know why people get killed by people who drink and drive wow can people come up with anymore bad ideas to make money and not worry about people who have to get in there cars and drive let alone drive after drinking get real people ur just helping people out by selling it at a place like that knowing they have to get in there cars and drive home USE YOUR HEADS think about it for one minute what if ur wife or husband or children were in a car that a drunk driver hit or a driver hit that had been drinking take 24 hours and think about it GOD BLESS YOU ALL EVEN THE ONES WHO DONT USE THERE HEAD

  2. tpc says:

    Give me a break,this is going to cause nothing but fights.How many people do you know, that are big mouths when they are drinking. (liquid courage in the bottle ) there will be nothing but rude and disrespect to the people that can behave .

    1. boxer_mama says:

      seriously? i think this is a great idea…how drunk do you think someone can get in an hour and a half anyway?! and it’s not like they’ll be serving shots of liquor. most theatres will only provide beer on tap.

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