Bloomberg: Something Needs To Be Worked Out With OWS Protesters

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the city will have to “work something out” with Occupy Wall Street protesters camping out in Zuccotti park.

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With the protest in its fifth week in New York City, many residents living near the park are getting fed up with the demonstrations.

On his weekly radio address Friday, Bloomberg hinted that the city could soon take a hardline against the encampment in Zuccotti Park, but says it’s difficult.

“It’s a little bit complicated because there is no one to work it out with,” Bloomberg said. “There just is not any one group, one ideology, one objective, one person to negotiate with.”

Protesters got an earful Thursday night from residents living near Zuccotti Park who are also looking for a solution to the noise, garbage and issues impacting the neighborhood.

PHOTOS: Occupy Zuccotti Park

“Our neighbors do not break into our building and vandalize them. Our neighbors do not urinate and defecate in the street. These occupiers need to vacate our neighborhood,” said Liberty Street resident Linda Fairstein.

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight In Zuccotti Park

But demonstrators say they’re not going anywhere.

An Occupy Wall Street representative told them that demonstrators plan on instituting a “good neighbor policy.”

The rules will limit times for drumming and include a zero tolerance policy for abuse of property.

But some residents aren’t convinced.

“I think the good neighbor policy is, quite frankly, laughable. A neighbor pays rent, mind you. These people do not pay rent to live there. A neighbor works in the city and pays their state and city income tax. It’s disgusting and as someone in my age group, I’m embarrassed by what they’re saying,” said another resident.

While many who live near the park have complained, they still say they support the protesters’ right to free speech.

Meanwhile, demonstrators are getting ready for two marches Friday and another big rally Saturday.

But Bloomberg also said Friday that the NYPD will have to do more to enforce the rules that require permits for demonstrators to stage marches and rallies.

“We’re trying to find solutions to all the problems and I’m not trying to duck it, it is the city’s problem and we will make a decision,” he said. “It’s just not so easy, you can’t just walk in and say ‘you’re out of here.'”

Activists rallied in what’s being called “Stop ‘Stop & Frisk’ Day” in front of the Harlem State Office Building before marching to the NYPD’s 28th precinct.

Starting at 4 p.m., they’ll be joining Verizon workers “to protest Verizon corporate greed” at a Verizon store.

Friday night, Parents For Occupy Wall Street will be holding a “Family Sleepover” in Zuccotti Park.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

“We’re just providing the outlet for parents across the U.S. to be heard because we can’t be down here, we have families to feed and children to tuck in,” one of the organizers said.

Nearly 200 families have signed up for the event, which will feature music, games and other activities.

On Saturday, activists be protesting police brutality with a march and rally starting at 2 p.m. in Union Square.

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One Comment

  1. Idratherbegolfing says:

    Wow I’m losing more and more respect for Verizon workers. They are going to join these losers to help protest corporate greed. You have to be kidding me. Since when is corporate greed for a company like Verizon bad? If you don’t like Verizon go to a different carrier. If you don’t like working for Verizon quit and go find a new job where you think you will be treated in a fairer way. No chance these Verizon protestors would leave their cushy union jobs to be the low man on the totem poll somewhere else. Stop you complaining because they are making you pay into your health insurance or made cuts to your pensions. Most hard working Americans pay for their insurance and have no pensions.

  2. Houyhnhnm says:

    Please, please……let more homeless people, vagrants and assorted miscreants
    mingle with them and rob them blind. And may the temperature suddenly drop to 35 degrees, with a stiff wind. Let’s find how how much staying power they have.

  3. The Realist says:

    Those “protesters” are becoming just like politicians, for whom COMPLAINING about problems is always preferable to actually SOLVING them. (After a problem is solved, you can’t make any more money by complaining about it.)

  4. James Beebe says:

    These retards want socialism because N. Korea is a workers paradise? ( their words), they idolize Che Guevera, but don’t even know his history! If they knew he helped put Castro in powerand set up his system of government, they would first have to ask one question–if socialism is so great, why have so many left and still try leaving the country, having to risk their lives in the process. So many more questions they should ask Koreans, Chinese, Cubans and other people living under Socialist control and poverty. As for Zuccotti Park and other protest sites and negotiating them leaving, simple— get the hell out now or be deported to your choice of one your fantasy lands.

  5. mac says:

    Just when you think they can’t get any DUMBER

    on the radio today..CBS reported on the police brutality rally that the OWS thugs attended.

    The interviewed one girl who said…The arrested us and put about 16 of us in the back of a van…..and they didn’t even give us water…

    Attention OWS protesters…when arrested the police are not running happy hour

    1. Barbara says:

      I keep hearing about police brutality in the media – but absolutely no coverage by the media of WHY the police need to arrest them and what led UP to the arrests. These protestors are breaking some very clear laws and rules that the police have spelled out for them, in order to keep peace in the neighborhood. I live down here and there are clear rules. These people have broken into and vandalized my building not once but THREE TIMES. MEDIA: cover the POLICE FORCE’s perspective for ONCE. I live down here and I am very grateful to the police presence. It keeps me sane frankly.

  6. LeslieR says:

    I lost my job almost 3 years ago when the small, family owned business I worked for was crushed by the cost of complying with new regulations and rising utility bills. I filed for unemployment and received it while I tried to find a job. After 4 month, I realized I had to do something to help myself and my family, so I started my own home based business. We struggled for months, and currently make enough to qualify as one of the ‘impoverished’ by this countries standards. I never looked for an extension from UI, and I didn’t waste my energy whining about the rich. I respect anyone who has the ingenuity, fortitude and financial knowledge to get there. This is America, and everyone has the opportunity if they want to work hard enough. The very idea that those with wealth should be forced to surrender part of it so that others can have more is ridiculous. Go home, OWS, and take a shower, brush your hair and pound the pavement.

    1. The Realist says:

      The O.W.S. group and its top executives don’t want to hear about “ingenuity, fortitude and financial knowledge.” All they want are HANDOUTS and ENTITLEMENTS paid for by everybody else.

  7. css says:

    If you are really rich, you don’t live in this neighborhood. Why it is ok to disrupt a neighborhood of folks who have struggled and finally revived a part of the city that was devastated by 9/11. And, whenever I see someone interviewed they are from New Hampshire or Vermont. You are not neighbors and by the way, are you aware that most bank headquarters are uptown, and the hedge funds too? You are all so clueless except that you know there are inequalities…zzzzzzzzzz. Shouldn’t you be demonstrating in Washington? If you are serious, you would be there.

  8. L.Lowell says:

    Give these nutjobs a chance they would kill anyone who profits from this
    system a little more than they do,We would have OWS with guns shooting
    as they do in the Mid-East perhaps people in doorman buildings would be first to go
    as surely they benefit from Wall Street, where would this street mob violence
    end ,this is not France during the revolution ,this is what you get and are asking
    for “Comrades” Phooey ,let them help care for dying patients in hospice care
    and learn what sympathy is.

  9. Useless leftist itdiots says:

    Time to start raining old D-cell batteries from the roof tops.

  10. Richie says:

    These protesters are looking out and fighting the one percenters that think they can own and control us. Wake up everyone while we can still turn things around. These protesters should be high on your priority list, give them a helping hand and thank them. These protesters should be given the key to the nation. Anyway on the polls, 67 percent agree with what the OWS are doing.I live in Atlanta and I’m coming up to join and fight the cause before it is too late.

    1. Barbara says:

      Ahem! Many agree with your cause. But only 25% of Americans actually agree with your means of occupying parks and taking them away from the public.

  11. Dale Auburn says:

    The protesters’ comrades in Baltimore have ordered that rapes must NOT be reported to police. Will a similar order come down here??

  12. Boarate of NYC says:

    I commute in fro working class Queens everyday. The number of folks living within a couple of blocks of Zucotti Park is not that high. Three sides of the park are office buildings. The southside I think is a rental apartment but I am not sure. I work four blocks from Zucotti park and I don’t hear any noise. All the uproar about residents coplaining is coming from a small goup of people or from the office workers that work near there or by posters who just want to complain.

  13. Nick says:

    We already have places for these useless sh/ts. It’s called Homeless Shelters.

    1. Nick says:

      Or the park owners should start charging these squatters rent.

  14. ti-grr says:

    A M E R I C A N A U T U M N .. Take heart, those of Occupywallst. You are on a noble course. Your voices have been heard and joined by countless others. Like the first Americans who could no longer endure the tyranny of a British rule, you are making your concerns heard. Your worthy actions have spread like a wildfire, bringing a light and direction for real Change, for no more will Americans accept the empty rhetoric of bought and owned politicians.

    There are some who call your actions ‘unorganized’. They do this in an attempt to minimize your efforts; but their devices are known and their days, as they well know, are near an end. Let their words not affect your spirit nor cloud your thinking. This event is like a melding of many elements which will come together and be forged into one mighty sword. For, as in this country’s origins, those Colonists were deemed ‘disorganized’. But from among those struggling Patriots arose those who became our Founding Fathers, the originators of the Declaration of Independence; and by their brave actions this Great America of the People was born.

    Your actions are a new wind that finally brings Hope to the People. But take caution. Some of those who oppose you are desperate and without conscience. The many crimes of government officials, bankers, Wall Street, Federal Reserve (not a government agency), and other corporate thievery – they may try to hide their actions by wiping clean all computer records. Protect yourselves. Keep current paper statements of your bank accounts and deposits, and proof of mortgages and other ownership of property. Trust nothing to electronic files. This will reduce any chaos of their actions, as well as effects of solar activities, now increasing.

    Be encouraged by the numbers joining your ranks. Soon, perhaps those of the Police and other agencies, who will find their invested retirement funds and pensions reduced or vanished, will join your ranks. The military too, for their lives have been spent in two wars founded on lies, and their valiant labors have been barely rewarded.

    To the students and young people: Know many of you are the children of those who resisted the Draft of the Vietnam years. They are the generation of those men and women who died in the horrors of WW2 and came back immediately to claim: No More War Ever! Through their genetics, you have inherited their bravery and other ennobling qualities. When you see parents and older ones among you, know you are in great and bold company.

    As in the days when this Country was forged – Trust in God. There is a Source (a Force, if you will), of which you are part, and which connects all living beings. When needed, ask for help to strengthen your efforts, or the inspiration to move your plans forward. And know your thoughts radiate out to others, equally strengthening and inspiring them. The Founding Fathers knew this. Follow their example and make this land a shining place once again. So be it.

    Reprints, in any media, are allowed if not edited or altered: Copyright S/T – NYC, Oct 7, 2011

  15. ti-grr says:

    NY’ers need to DUMP BOOMBERG. He’s trashed the city by congesting roads with cafe parks and traffic islands. The town is turning into just banks, drug stores, nail salons and the mon-and-pop stores are having to leave due to crazy high greedy landlords.

  16. Peter says:

    Bloomberg have one of your workers go down there and count all the protesters and then withdrawl $1000.00 for each of them and hand out some of your Billions they will go away Quckly!!!

  17. Richie A says:

    Hey Mayor Bloomy, how about the working people who can’t get where they are going because of these dirtbags who litter the street and are mostly out of towners….Get them off the Wall Street area and give them a spot in the Staten Island landfill where they can be non productive…..enough of these parasites….

    1. Barbara says:

      Thousands of people used to use this park. Now I would hazard to guess that well less than 1% of the those thousands of people that used to use it would actually dare to step foot in it.
      This protest has created great chaos and unrest for community surrounding it at great cost to all taxpayers city-wide. No need for anyone else to camp out to make a point – if you disapprove of their encampment – just write a letter, send an email, make a phone call and tell your local representative your thoughts. I agree with many of the protestors’ ideas. But the way they are making their point is unnecessarily burdensome and has sent our local community into the (pun intended) toilet. Literally. Our neighborhood is now a urinal.

  18. joeyg says:

    Thank god i live 60 miles away in my big expensive home don’t have to here all that crap.If you think i am going to share my wealth with you think again jerkie.i wake up 500 am go to work get home 6:30 and you want a piece of me,ya right how about this go to where every you came from take a long bath please and get a freaking job! and if that don’t work- to f-in bad! maybe you could start your own corporation where you sit around do nothing and get handout’s from stupid liberals!!!

  19. vik says:

    UNOCCUPY WALL STREET!!!!!! ‘Nuf said.

  20. OWS Protester says:

    If the residents don’t like us they can move…if Wall Street doesn’t like us they should change and then maybe we’ll stop.

    1. Vik says:

      You’re such a F’in moron!! GET THE F OUT OF NEW YORK CITY!! WE DO NOT WANT YOU OR YOUR FILTHY FRIENDS HERE!! GO CRAP, PI$$ OR FORNICATE ON YOUR MOMMA’S FRONT YARD AND NOT WHERE WE HAVE TO WALK TO GET TO — oh wait, you and your stinkin Flea-Ridden friends don’t know what the word means — WORK!!!! Go back to your playpen with garbage, Baby!!!! Oh and by the way, jerk, it’s MY MONEY that’s paying to babysit your crap-covered behind!!!

      1. OWS Protester says:

        Shove it, Vik-wad! We’re here, we’re q ueer. Get used to it.

        1. SPNYPD says:

          For just another 3 weeks.Get ready to pack it up.

          1. neighborhoodfriend says:

            THANK YOU NYPD!! You have been more than accommodating.

            Time for the protesters to grow up and get out, or at least take it to K Street and outside the White House, where politicians supposedly represent the people and cannot be bought by Wall Street or anyone, right??!!! Shouldn’t you be DEMANDING your elected representatives to be held to a MUCH HIGHER STANDARD???!!!
            Take your message to the proper venue and you might gain more credibility. Right now the message is lost in all the filth that overwhelms Zuccotti Park, or as the neighborhood remembers it prior to 9/11 as LIBERTY PARK.


    2. The Realist says:

      Oh, that’s right – the protesters are mostly from out of town and thus have MORE RIGHTS than City residents ever will.

      1. Barbara says:

        The local community board has ruled in favor of allowing the protestors to remain camped out in Zucotti Park at a great cost to the city. If you disagree with this then make your voice heard. PLEASE ATTEND COMMUNITY BOARD 1 MEETINGS or send a letter to Chairperson of Community Board 1 Julie Menin and Brookfield Properties. Stop posting here, start taking action by contacting your local city and state officials.
        This group has a right to speak their mind and express their beliefs freely in this park and anywhere else in this country. No one would ever disagree with this. But they also have to share this park with local residents, workers, and commuters so other people can once more pass through the space, and perhaps even have a meaningful engagement with their message.

  21. Dale Auburn says:

    The protesters’ compatriots in Baltimore have decreed that sexual assaults must NOT be reported to police. Will a similar order come down here??

  22. former broker says:

    I love the CBS staffed “bloggers” that control this message board. It’s hillarious. As if anyone with half a brain can’t realize CBS is the 1%

  23. Over and Under says:

    This will never end because it is being funded by the liberal 1%

  24. barry says:


    1. The Realist says:

      That’s good news. Strong financial markets will help my 401(k).

    2. GoodKarma says:

      “Jaysus, Mary and Joseph”, what is wrong with you??!! Sad and Pathetic… it must be difficult to live with such anger and envy – in the end you hurt only yourself. God bless your soul, I pray you lose your bigotry.

      1. GoodKarma says:

        PS, this good charitable christian is also happy the market closed up so strongly today, it only helps EVERYONE in this economy! Woo hoo!

  25. CBS is the 1% says:

    w w w . alternet. org

    REAL news

  26. Alexander says:

    It is ironic that OWS, which is ostensibly protesting against corrpution, is collaborating with big labor unions, the most corrupt organizations in this country.

    1. mikey says:

      with the exception of out elected “leaders”

  27. Nonsense says:

    Idiot protestors — We laugh at you and the movement. Its the butt of many jokes at my work place. Any union or politicians supporting this protest have lost our confidence. We believe in free speech but we believe in common sense also. You idiots are just marching all over the place and making no impact whatsoever. You think you are making a difference because you are caught up in the moment but from where I am sitting at, you are the butt jokes in the bigger picture.

    Want to make a serious difference? Start by leaving this protest.

    1. CBS is the 1% says:

      if you think its bad now…..wait buddy boy! we are going to be all up in you and your wife’s face ALL DAY ALL NIGHT

      1. SPNYPD says:

        The trash compactors are arriving in 3 weeks.
        In our out….you’re on your way out, permanently.

  28. Rudy Nineleven says:

    If you don’t like that people are making a racket and ‘allegedly’ destroying property in your neighborhood, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE SYSTEM they are protesting. HELP THEM, you selfish jerks!

    1. john says:

      excuse me, arudy, STFU, YOU SELFISH JERK

    2. Mindless Protestors says:

      How would you feel if I get a group of people and march in front of your home and camp out there for 30 days? The self jerks are the mindless protestors. Tell me more about this system? Is it like that buzz magical “cloud” where everything is just thrown into it. Just blame the “man”. Just blame “management”. Just blame “wealthy”. How about stop the blame game and get down to specifics of what you want to be done and go get it done. Its a lot more useful.

      1. Rudy Nineleven says:

        It’s just…uh…well…like…um…the SYSTEM! That’s the whole problem in a nutshell. Who’s with me?

        1. Mindless Protestors says:

          Thanks for solidifying my thoughts of the type of people representing this movement.

    3. Honest Rob says:

      help them destroy property, defecate in public and urinate in people’s doorways? No, they are QUITE efficient at that, thanks.

    4. Dale Auburn says:

      Why should WE have to help THEM? They’re the ones who invaded OUR city.

      Oh, that’s right… The protesters are out-of-towners who, by law, will always have MORE RIGHTS than mere City residents.

  29. Dale Auburn says:

    The Community Board may represent “residents” but the protesters are mostly from out of town and thus have MORE RIGHTS than City residents.

    1. Val says:

      How do you figure?

      1. Honest Rob says:

        because our taxes directly pay for certain services these people are abusing. They have $300K – they should HIRE a cleaning company and get a permit for port-o-sans. What’s that? they can’t get a permit? that doesn’t mean they have the right to defecate ion my doorway.

  30. pete says:

    Not in my neighborhood, how often have we heard that! It is not surprising that the FAT CATS who can afford to live in apartments with doormen, porters etc. are up in arms now. It is probably not the little inconvenience the protesters expose them to, it is the fear that maybe sometimes they will have to face up to the fact where their money came from that made their lifestyle possible. Remember the French and the Russian Revolution? Hopefully, this time their heads wont roll, but a few sticky fingers will remain on the butcher block.

    1. Val says:

      Hold on a moment. We are in America, the land of opportunity. We are a capitalist county, where it is our right and desire to make the best life possible for ourselves – not by getting handouts from the government, but by earning a living. The people who can afford these high prices apartments have EARNED that money by WORKING. They are not on welfare. So stop your bellyaching and get a clue. They have every right to complain about their quality of life that they are paying for with their hard earned money! I am NOT a “Fat Cat” but I believe a person who has worked hard to earn their money has every right to spend it how they want to.

      1. BO STINKS! says:

        Agreed but these residents largely Voted For BO, this is what you get when a community aggitator is elected president. Many of these astroturf fleabaggers are being paid, advertised payment is on craigs list. Party on Dirt Bags.

      2. Mentality says:

        The poor / loser mentality is always blame the rich and wealthy. Successful people envy them and take actions to become wealthy. These protestors in my book are a bunch of sore losers. Don’t blame the rich or middle class. Strive to be them genius and take personal accountability. Don’t ask others to do that. Do that yourself. Start by leaving this silly protest.

      3. pete says:

        They never earned their money by working hard, they mostly earned their money by stealing from the poor big time. That is the point!!! These protesters are just doing the dirty work for you that you can live your high lifestyle. Yes, you need guts, determination and the ability to suffer to go on the street to protest against the corruption of the banks, outsourcing, and flagrant betrayal of the American Worker and this country. Probably you will never understand as you would never get your hands dirty, but I am sure you would line up fast to get the goodies, these Protesters are sticking their necks out for!!

  31. barry says:


    1. Val says:

      Now, how does that comment fit in here at all? You are a biggot and a hater.

  32. Joe Buck says:

    Most of the protesters are “searching for an identity”. They need to get a life and a job and “contribute” to society. Parasites most of them !!!

  33. EasterBunny says:

    Aww, what happened? Are the protesters hindering doormen from getting to work on time, causing these rich snobs have to open doors themselves? OMG!!!!!!!

    Note to rich snobs (1%): what goes around usually comes back around. Even if it takes a while.

    1. ENOUGHALREADY says:

      Get a clue, the “1%” don’t live downtown. The protesters are RUDE, SELFISH, DIRTY, LOUD, OBNOXIOUS, OBSCENE and don’t even understand that the rights of the neighbors who live there, work hard, and pay their taxes deserve to have a clean, peaceful environment to return home to.

      Daily rallies are fine, occupation of a working class neighborhood is DISGUSTING.

  34. Enough already says:

    Ignore them and they will go away.

    1. Ziggy says:

      They are not going away as this is reflective of the disruptive times we are living in. More and more people are getting angry, fustrated and disillutioned with what is going on in the USA.
      The protests of the 1960s was about idealogy, now, it is about survival – Big Difference.

  35. Ira Birnbaum says:

    Would love to go down there with a fire hose and give him a good ole’ planetyof the apes bath.. Damn Dirty Hippys

    1. Michael Miller says:

      you are a fool and and old fool at that usinig the term hippie ishows how ouy of touch ur are

      1. Honest Rob says:

        yes, Ira.
        The correct term is “Hipster”.
        You can ID them by their barbed wire tattoos and thick trendy glasses.

  36. SeeItB4UDismissIt says:

    OWS protesters are mostly employed, tax-paying, responsible New Yorkers. I know because I’m one of them. A few are loud and annoying (just like your neighbors at home!), but most are thoughtful and respectful. I am a middle class, employed, educated parent, and I and many friends are at the site many days and evenings. Protesters’ taxes go towards the maintenance of public space, and they can protest in it. Not terribly surprising that the extremely wealthy residents of lower Manhattan are not fans, but you can’t please everyone. I hope that the good neighbor policy goes far in helping the neighbors not feel quite so alienated so that they can look past a couple of weirdos out in front. I also hope the news reports begin to make more of a notice of the general economic composition and interest of the lower Manhattan community – obviously it’s going to be a skewed opinion.

    1. Extremely Wealthy? says:

      Extremely wealthy?? Really??

      The extremely wealthy go to their mansions in Westchester or Jersey after work, not hang around in lower Manhattan. Look at the data, these are hard working people who live fairly comfortably, but to call them extremely wealthy is laughable and you should do a google search next time before comments like that.

      1. SeeItB4UDismissIt says:

        The zip code/general area census covers more area than this specific community. Other areas are blended in, making the average household income (of just under $200k – no small figure as is) lower than it is in this actual neighborhood. You’ve been to Zuccotti Sq., right? Not middle class. Single traders largely.

        1. Bob says:

          99% of incomes include incomes up to $354,000. Yes, a $353K salary put you in the “99%”. So – Individuals, each earning $353K can get together and rent homes there and still be a part of your “99%” This is why people laugh at OWS. They have no idea what they are talking about.

    2. clusterpuck says:

      Zucotti Park, while publicly accessible, is still private property paid for by private money. It is not owned by the city or part of the parks system. The fleabaggers are trespassing. They do not have a right to assemble there, rather they are abusing the privilege taken from the owners, Brookfield Properties. The novelty has worn off. This is a diluted, disorganized disruption without a cogent message, so I’m not surprised the residents are ready to shoot the “messengers.”

  37. bday55 says:

    This is like a free semi-political camp for kids. “Wow, Let’s protest the Asian Long-horned Beetle today!!”…”Awesome, Dude! That Rocks!”….”What can we protest tomorrow?” “Hmmm, How about rain?” “Rad, Let’s Occupy St Pat’s” “Screw God and his Greed!”

    1. Stand Up Guy says:

      Polics brutality, yes. Wall Street criminality, yes. Asian Loing hornde bettele? Sure, why not them as well. Anywhere there is injustice and criminal acts by those in power, we will be there to protest and stand up and practice our constitutional rights.

      1. donna says:

        so go to syria and protest.

  38. BO STINKS! says:

    Lib on Lib Crime. Gotta love it when Rich Bo Supporters get crapped on by Fleabaggers. Party on Dirt Bags!

  39. John Mays says:

    Here’s a little tribute video I made for OWS protest. It shows just how greedy the 1% are. Enjoy!

    1. Billy Mays says:

      That was awful, go kill yourself loser.

  40. I live and work in NYC says:

    Enough is enough. They have had their rebellious fun. It is time to go back to their out-of-state homes and look for their first job, and start planning for their careers, instead of this showy rebellion against authority. It is the same story every generation. It is a phase of youth. Squatting in a park and noise is not guaranteed by the constitution.

    1. soccermama says:

      Actually, it is. It’s called the right to assemble peacefully. Read the document. You might learn something.

    2. Wall St. Protester says:

      So according to you, the same greedy CEO is going to give himself a $20 million bonus whether he deserves it or not, and fund that bonus by cutting the minimum wage wages of 1/2 his employees and outsourcing the jobs of the other 1/2 to India, and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it?

    3. The Realist says:

      Those “out-of-state homes” means that they DON’T live here. By law, outsiders automatically get MORE RIGHTS that City residents.

  41. can'twaitforsnow says:

    Since there are no leaders, how are they going to police themselves (see all the crime going on?), honestly spend their donation money, and get some sort of point across. “Making our voices heard” is not a goal. There is no direction, no point except to annoy everyone and get free stuff

  42. The Realist says:

    The protesters are mostly from out-of-town. By law, outsiders always have MORE RIGHTS than City residents.

  43. SokrMom says:

    The residents in question are the 1% who are the problem. It’s not surprising they don’t like what they are hearing.

    1. George says:

      Dear Brainless, Most of the residents of the Wall Street area are just that – -RESIDENTS. They LIVE there! They are sick of seeing you noisy, disheveled folks there, every stinking day. They are tired of your stupid “Drumline”. Personally, i wish one of them would come down with a Baseball bat and crush all of your stinking drums! Go the Hell HOME!

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