Charity Group Hands Out Flyers At Church Of Alleged Clergy Sexual Abuse

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Members of a charity that helps victims of clergy sexual abuse will be back outside a Brooklyn church on Sunday morning to show support for two alleged victims.

The group, Road to Recovery, stood outside Good Shepherd Church in Marine Park on Saturday to hang out flyers to parishioners as they arrived for mass.

The church’s former priest, Monsignor Thomas Brady, is accused of inappropriately touching two 13-year-old boys.

The 78-year-old is said to suffer from dementia brought on by a series of illnesses, but the charity group said the acts must still be questioned.

“People with strokes and dementia don’t abuse children necessarily so what we want to do is we want to try and ask the parishioners to support these young boys,” Rev. Bob Hoatson said.

Some members of the congregation said they plan to stand by their priest.


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  1. Patrick OMalley says:

    This is the Catholic church pedophile protection program, where lawyers, bishops, and the entire congregation will apologize for yet another pedophile priests.

    Parents – keep you children away from Catholic priests.

  2. Ellen says:

    I come from Boston the mecca of the clergy abuse scandal, and stand by the victims of this terrible crime. Now saying that, if this priest was and is suffering from dementia caused by a series of strokes then this should be taken into consideration. I’m not saying the priest should be given complete absolution , but what I am saying is that dementia is an illness that causes at times some unexplained bizarre behavior. Just visit any nursing home that houses these poor souls and see for ourself what the nursing staff have to put up with.

    1. Bob Schwiderski, MN SNAP Director says:

      Ellen — why don’t you just visit a group of clergy sexual abuse survivors and their loving family members and see for yourself the suffering, injuries and damages they have endured since the rapes.

      Be a good samaritian – stop when you see injured victims of sexual abuse – pick them up and take them to a inn for healing and recovery — an action the church leaders refuse to do.

      1. Ellen says:

        Bob, reread my post. I said I stand behind the victims and very mush so. But we have to take into consideration the illness this priest is reportedly suffering from. Talk to any family member that has a loved one suffering from Dementia.

      2. Thomas the doubter says:

        Just because there are victims does not mean they are victims. The word victim to these groups is so broad that it looses any meaning. I talked to a very reliable source at that church and the priest is not able to accomplish an act as suggested. Just because you think you are a victim does not mean you are one and just because you are a victim does not mean that everyone that cries abuse is a victim.

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