Plot Thickens Following Strange Twist At Manhattan ‘Parking Rage’ Trial

Neither Defendant Oscar Fuller Nor Victim Lana Rosas Put On The Stand

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There are surprising developments at the so-called “parking rage trial.” Neither the victim, nor the man who punched her, will testify.

Oscar Fuller left Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday in no mood to talk — just as earlier the 31-year-old decided not to talk to the jury, declining to take the stand in his own defense, reports CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

“We’ll wait for closings. After the trial we’ll see where it goes,” his attorney said.

Last February, Fuller allegedly punched a woman in the face as she blocked him from parking on East 14th Street.

Lana Rosas, 25, fell to the ground and suffered major head trauma. She spent a week in a coma.

In a statement to police, Fuller said, “my thought wasn’t to hit her hard.”

And in an exclusive interview with CBS 2 in March, he said Rosas, all of 4-foot-11 and weighing 100 pounds, provoked him.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, she’s just hitting me, hitting me, and I’m like ‘whoa whoa,’ so I hits the girl, jumps back in my car, and pulls off,” Fuller told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Fuller’s girlfriend testified that she witnessed the punch.

“He didn’t intend to hurt her, sure enough not a coma!” she said.

The defense clearly is betting the jury will find Fuller did not intend to cause serious harm to the victim, and will find him not guilty.

Rosas suffers slurred speech and other lingering effects from the head injury. As a result, the district attorney decided not to put her on the stand.

Instead, the prosecution played 911 calls:

Witness: “Hi, a girl got punched in the head, hit her face on the ground!”

Several witnesses testified they saw Fuller acting “very violent and aggressive” and throwing what one witness called “a full-on knock out punch” to the face of the much smaller woman.

Fuller said he meant to punch her, but not hurt her. The jury will have a lot to discuss.

The jury will take a break Thursday and begin deliberations on Friday. If Fuller is found guilty, he faces up to seven years in prison.

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One Comment

  1. joe says:

    that animal is a coward i hope he suffers for what he did.

  2. DanTe says:

    Stupid deSPICable c\/nt thinks that she owns the streets, just like all the other deSPICables. Should haved decked that deSPICable boyfriend of hers too.

  3. Cagethat Monkey says:

    I hope he wears the fedora hat when he checks in at Rikers. Bubba will find it very appealing. Angry little monkey.

  4. smk says:

    I thought the victim should have testified so the jury was able to see the lingering results of the attack

  5. Jack says:

    I once nudged someone out of a parking spot and the person called the cop on me for vehicular assault. I counter claimed person jumped on my car and caused damage to my nice car. I ended up suing and got a monetary judgement. I received a nice change from their insurance company and the person enjoyed a nice hospital stay and endless days in court.

  6. gotacomment says:

    Yes, Holding, women can be aggressive and i personally think she was wrong for holding the parking space; it also happens to be illegal. Fuller would have proved himself the better person if he had exercised restraint. He did not and that’s why he’s on trial. As for she had it coming and deserved it, it’s easy to let testosterone do the talking, isn’t it? It would appear that you have an interesting relationship with the women in your life.

  7. Holding Spot is ILLEGAL says:

    LESSON – Do NOT HOLD a parking spot. If you do attempt to, don’t be aggressive because you will be treated as a predator protecting their terroritory. What does a predator do when their terroritory gets invaded? Like any animal, they get aggressive and starts attacking. This predator is little rosas. She attacked the man that invaded “her terroritory”. In self defense, the man knocked her out. Honestly whether it was hard or not hard enough is not the point, she got it coming and deserved it fully.

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