2 Injured In Suspected DWI Crash

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Centerport, Long Island man was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

Suffolk County Police say that Richard Heiser, 31, was driving while intoxicated when he crashed his truck into two utility poles near the intersection of Broadway and the Jericho Turnpike in Huntington.

The crash injured his only passenger Jennifer Todero, 34, she was taken to Huntington Hospital in serious condition and was later moved to Northport University Medical Center. Todero suffered a leg injury in the crash.

Police say that Heiser was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and charged following an investigation. He is currently awaiting arraignment.

What would you do to put an end to drunk and impaired driving? Let us know in our comments section below…

  • Gotta open the window...

    I just cheesed myself.

  • Vernon Hell

    Simple solution — public hanging.

  • Anthony

    People drive while intoxicated because it’s difficult to have a designated driver as a chauffeur or chaperone. Drunks don’t usually hang out with teetotalers.

    There will never be an end to DWI incidents, because people like to consume alcohol and they ignore motor vehicle laws.

  • Carlos Liriano

    you are right, why blame the bars, maybe he was drinking in somebody house or somewhere else, check where he was coming from before you run your mouth

  • FJL

    Hold bar owners and anyone who supplies the drinks liable, at least civilly

    • robert

      Spoken like a true lawyer

    • Assume

      Who said there is a bar involved???

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