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Beating Victim From YouTube Video Suffers Seizure

BELMAR, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Police say a homeless man who was seen in a YouTube video being beaten had to be taken to the hospital after suffering a seizure.

Police say 50-year-old David Ivins was seen on a video being beaten and tortured in the woods in Wall Township.

A 17-year-old and 20-year-old Taylor Giresi have been charged.

The two accused allegedly stole the 50-year-old’s bicycle and face charges that include aggravated assault.

The publicity from the story prompted an outpouring of support for Ivins, from offers of a free motel room to cash donations.

He says his sister will be taking him in for the holidays.

“I’m going to my mom’s, people who support me. I’m going get into a program, met a friend today who’s gonna find me work when I get back,” he said.

It was while picking up a donated bicycle at the Belmar Police Department Wednesday night when Ivins had the seizure. His condition is unknown.

The juvenile was released to the custody of his parents. Giresi is still in jail because his family is unable to come up with the more than $100,000 bail.

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One Comment

  1. Deanna says:

    Garbage produces garbage. I hope the parents are proud of the animals they’ve raised. Apathy and empathy are clearly missing in these pigs. The fact that they even asked him for a “hug” mid-beating is absolutely sickening. I pray this stays on their records for life so they are constantly reminded of their actions every time they are denied a job down the road. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Ivan especially during this time of giving. Please visit the Wall township website and donate to “WHIP”, a program that is helping out this poor man. My check was mailed out this morning. Every little bit counts guys!!

  2. Steven says:

    …and the family can’t afford the 100k bail, how are they going to afford the million dollar lawsuit that’s coming next. Hope the parents are proud of the garbage they raised.

  3. 35 yr old says:

    Three words: RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.

  4. Ely, CT says:

    Horrible! It is disturbing to see “Human Beings” acting this way – and most importantly young “Adults”. I can’t understand how one can be so cruel. Hoping Mr. Ivins comes out of this – my prayers go out to him.

  5. DaEmph says:

    They all need to remain in jail. They don’t deserve to have a Christmas. Somone needs to whoop their azzes in prison, screw jail.
    But their white kids, so they will get off easy unfortunately.

    1. Funkee says:

      Why would you even go there? You make your point, then throw in a little racism for good measure. Jerk.

  6. bullett says:

    Here’s hoping that the seizure’s are not from the beating, if they are, hopefully the doctors can stop them without having to perform surgery.

  7. Pi$$ed Off Long Islander says:

    Hope the little $hit spends Christmas in jail. How righteous.

  8. Malcolm says:

    Animals…. real tough guys beating up a homeless man….I hope they get beaten continuously and raped in jail…. They are too easy on these criminals…… excuse me… animals….

  9. jersey joe says:


    1. Mari N says:

      If you’re looking for laughs idiot, you’re on the wrong page.

  10. William Caharnes says:

    Unless the man had seizures before, seizures after being struck in the head means brain damage. Although this man was homeless, he was getting by with minimal assistance. I’m glad that punk could not make bail because I see no defense to his actions. Luckily the homeless man will not have to testify because all the evidence is on video.

    1. SoTired says:

      I agree. I hope this man gets the medical care he needs. It breaks my heart to see people that are homeless so I was doubly disgusted with what these two pieces of garbage did to this man. The 17 year old should be sitting in jail with his friend. 17 is old enough to know better…

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