Memorial Being Held In Kentucky For Grandparents Killed In Stamford Fire

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Memorials are continuing Saturday for a Connecticut couple who was killed in a fire at a home in Stamford on Christmas day along with their three grandchildren.

Lomer and Pauline Johnson are being honored at a memorial service in Louisville, Kentucky. Lomer worked there as a safety chief for a liquor company until he retired.

Just before the fire, Johnson played Santa at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Investigators say he died in the fire while trying to save one of his granddaughters. Nine-year-old Lily Badger and 7-year-old twins Sarah and Grace all died in the blaze.

Authorities have said the embers from the fireplace that were left in a bag in the mudroom of the home started the fire.

Earlier this week, hundreds attended the girls’ funeral Mass, including fashion designer Calvin Klein and other luminaries of the fashion and advertising world.

PHOTOS: Funeral For Stamford Fire Victims

Inside the church, their mother Madonna Badger stood before more than 1,000 mourners and poured out a heartfelt eulogy for her girls.

“Gracie asked me a thousand times if she was going to die before me. I said ‘No Grace, that’s never going to happen.’ But that did happen,” she recounted.

A foundation has been established to honor the memories of the Badger girls. The mission of the Other 364 Foundation is to champion compassion, according to its website.

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  1. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Yes Matthew Badger is the only living victim in this. I felt so sorry for him the poor man was consumed by grief, yet he remained a gentleman in his demeanor toward his estranged wife especially toward Borcina. I agree about the house being torn down so fast. Seemed like they wanted to close this issue real fast but have no fear there is much to arouse suspicion of Borcina and the police have plenty of issues around both of their actions and they reach a conclusion. It just takes time.

  2. joan f. says:

    Is Borcina “connected”? I wonder? Maybe that is why the house was torn down so fast? Why did he look so stone cold and emotionless at the funeral? Odd to say the least. I felt so terrible for that poor grieving father who had to stand there next to the man who supposedly put the ashes out so carelessly. Ugh. No one should have to endure such a horrible thing!

  3. Deborah Jeffries says:

    There are many people all over the internet who are questioning the actions of Madonna Badger and Michael Borcina that ultimately led to the deaths of five people. It’s not unreasonable for anyone to question it because it was completely preventable. Since you’re from Stamford like me Rev. Sexton, do you sympathize with Tricia Coccomo who killed three driving drunk and just started serving twelve years nearly seven years after?

  4. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I stand behind my comments Rev. Sexton and this is America.

  5. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Suzette, how correct your observations are.

    The Santa Claus story, told long after the initial interview of both of them, was a clever PR move on her part to steer public suspicion away.

    She was a PR genius, so this (yet another) calculated move was completely intentional.

    Blaming it on the kids is not only unbelievable since they were sleeping according to reports, but is sickening because it blames the victims for their own demise.

    1. RevBarbara Sexton says:

      Deborah Jeffries

      Suzette, how correct your observations are.

      The Santa Claus story, told long after the initial interview of both of them, was a clever PR move on her part to steer public suspicion away.

      She was a PR genius, so this (yet another) calculated move was completely intentional.

      Blaming it on the kids is not only unbelievable since they were sleeping according to reports, but is sickening because it blames the victims for their own demise.

      January 9, 2012 at 7:26 pm

      1. Anne says:

        And what exactly do you mean by that, Rev Sexton ??? Do I detect some sort of a threat?

    2. joan f. says:

      Does anyone know what is going on with the investigation? How can this fire be investigated if the building is already torn down? Seems like a foregone conclusion to me. I also wonder why the parents were not included in the very well publicized Manhattan funeral?

  6. Suzette says:

    @chris, posters on other message boards have made the same observation as you, and I wonder about this myself. Maybe he actually was “covering” for her, when he told the police that he was the one who disposed of the bagged embers. Or, maybe the two of them staggered out to the mudroom together, and one tossed the bag, which, according to the police, was found “leaning against the (wooden) house”. It is incomprehensible to me that two adults could be that stupid. Plus, all the mother needed to do was to tell her girls that she had made sure the fire was completely out before going to bed, so that Santa would be safe, when he came down the chimney. I think any child would have believed that! There was no need to remove live embers at all. But, realizing that public opinion was not too positive, the mother released the Santa story to the media. In a way this was lthe same as blaming the children for their own deaths!

    Many people have posted that this loss is going to be so hard, if not impossible, for her to endure. Us human beings do a lot of projecting in horrific situations that happen to someone else. We thinik of how we would react if we were in that mother’s shoes, and assume that she is feeling the same depth of emotion that we would feel. I, for one, could not live knowing my entire family had been wiped out in a fire that easily could have been prevented. But is this true of her? One thing is for sure. It is shocking beyond belief that she let Borcina attend that funeral, and worse, stood beside him with her girls’ bereaved father.

  7. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Your LGBT rants are on Rev. Sexton.

    I have no desire to quibble with religious radicals and prefer a higher caliber of intellectual people to have a discussion with.

  8. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Rev. Sexton you stop using the term lynch mob because it is incredibly racist and has nothing to do with people who are asking tough questions about a man who started a fire that killed five people in such a way that would arrouse suspicion and that’s why the police are involved.

    Your comments on other sites on this topic include anti-gay agenda rants.

    Keep the racist lynch mob and gay commentary in the church.

    Has nothing to do with the topic and is offensive.

    1. RevBarbara Sexton says:

      Oh, Deb. I will use whatever terms I wish to. As a matter of fact, check out: (the) Palestinian lynch mobs who have murdered Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel in 2001. The people who were ‘lynched’ were Jewish…just like my Jesus. As for the rest of your comments, including your gay bullying…I am used to unsubstantiated and blind assaults and do believe that neither your ‘race agenda’, nor your ‘LGBT agenda’ are appropriate for the discussion here.-Rev. Barb

      1. Anne says:

        Rev. Sexton,
        I find you to be cloying and condescending. Your self- righteous, sanctimonious, obsequious tone is simply nauseating!

        1. RevBarbara Sexton says:

          Anne–that’s okay! I understand and I forgive you. May God Bless You this New Year. Love, Rev. Barb

          1. Anne says:

            YOU “forgive” me???? Really! For what? How pompous and patronizing of you!
            I repeat: you really ARE nauseating!

  9. NYC gal says:

    Those poor babies is all I can think about. They did not get a chance :*(

  10. johnjay says:

    I completely fail to understand why she and her “partner” should “stay together”…..How do we even know the extent of their relationship? The father of the poor, deceased children is the person I feel sorriest for in this mess. His inability to speak at the funeral was so genuine and truthful. The mother and the contractor I have my doubts about, sorry to say. I can not even believe the contractor was at the funeral and was so physically close to the husband who was grieving with his hand on the mother’s (still his wife’s) shoulders. Yikes!!! That was way too much for me on top of all genuine, real sadness that I (and so many people) was feeling due to the five deceased people in the fire. “YIKES” is all I can say.

  11. DaEmph says:

    why is this such a big deal? People parrish in fires daily and you never heard stories every damn day about it, It sucks, MOVE ON!

  12. larry says:

    I cannot imagine the pain and unbearable guilt this woman will have to live with for the rest of her life. will there ever be any happiness or pain free guilt just knowing what a horrible tragedy was committed accidentally? We think more of the mother”s pain than the father: pain which is a terrible injustice to him. He will forever have the thought of “what if I had been there could i have saved my kids? What if things had never happen for me to leave, would they still be alive today?
    I believe in the spirit of the lord. These two for all intent and purposes should get back together and over come this loss together. There is no other way!!

  13. Justice For The Victims says:

    Perish the thought that the pair who negligently caused the horrific deaths of five innocent people, including three little children, should have their “sprits” broken! Instead, they should “be strong” for each other and cloak each other sins in the aftermath! Sickening, but this is what happened at that spectacle funeral, which was carefully orchestrated to show the thuggish looking “contractor”/boyfriend standing behind her with his paw clasped firmly on her shoulder, while the genuinely bereft father all but fell apart. It was a PR bid for sympathy on the part of the mother, in my opinion, and how creepy that she would want this moron – or sociopathic – firebug to still cling to her expensive coat tails after he destroyed her entire family. It leaves one breathless with disgust, really.

    1. RevBarbara Sexton says:

      God forbid the day should come when a ‘one-person lynch mob’ such as yourself should be allowed to supersede ‘due process’. In this case, that includes an on-going fire investigation, evidence analysis and a police investigation, plus. You must take us for ‘fools’ here if you think otherwise…or that any decent human being would want ‘your brand’ of thoughtless, heartless ‘judgement’. God help you-Rev. Barb Sexton, STAMFORD, CT

      1. Justice For The Victims says:

        How sanctiimonious.Obviously, you had trouble comprehending my comment. I did not offer a “lynch mob” solution, or advocate stringing up the firebug by his toes, now did I? No, thinking people – those of us who haven’t been brainwashed by a liberal media wanting to portray the mother as a saint – are remembering the dead victims and want legal justice for them! Due process of law. Which is a reasonable and moral reaction, given that 5 innocent lives were needlessly snuffed out by her moronic (or sociopathic) sleepover boyfriend, with whom she apparently is still enmeshed, judging from their stunning public display of solidarity at her children’s funeral, of all places. Justice never should be equated with lynch mobs, and if you fail to see difference between the two, there is something very wrong with your doctrine.

        1. RevBarbara Sexton says:

          Justice For The Victims, ‘Tisn’t me who is being ‘sanctimonious’–that’d be YOU! Do you realize that you will be shown the same ‘justice, compassion and mercy’ that you have shown to others? Do you personally know Madonna Badger & Michael Borcia that you are so much the ‘expert’ on their characters? Do you know for a fact that Borcina is a ‘moronic (or sociopathic), as you allege? (Hope you’re credentialed to make those assertions, btw!) Do you have evidence that a ‘firebug’, as you say, was at work?… Or are you just ‘venting’? Anyway, read this and calm down Obviously you are ‘one of those guys’ who assumes that all female clergy in CT are Progressive Libs. Not so. Your prejudices run very deep on a number of things, on a number of levels, but I tried here. Justice! Blessings-Rev. Barb

          1. Phillip says:

            Is that you, Borcina??

            You don’t write like an authentic “reverend.” I feel sorry for your flock, if you are.

            1. Jayne Marquit says:

              Like. Lock up Borcina. Disgusting that she brought that idiot to the funeral. So disrespectful and lacking morals.

              1. Suzette says:

                Agree! She had no morals allowing that lowlife at the funeral. It was like spitting on her children and parents, since he was responsible for their horrible deaths!

                1. chris says:

                  Sometimes I think Borcina might be covering for her and that she put out the ashes or maybe even that they both did. I wonder about this a lot. But, it was in fact both of their responsibilities: him as “contractor”; her as owner. Either way I can not imagine the guilt they must both be feeling. It must be truly torture, and I can imagine them going into a self- protective denial over it. It was probably an accident but it was also seemingly negligent. How sad for this family! I wish them peace: all of them, alive or not. This is sad.

  14. msaddison says:

    This was a horrible, horrible accident. As a mother I can never imagine what she’s going through – BUT SHE AND HER PARTNER MUST STICK TOGETHER. They need each other and they must do everything in their power to be strong for each other…and not let this break their spirit.

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