Bomb Scare On Southwest Flight To MacArthur Airport After Passengers Mishear Word

RONKONKOMA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Some confusion over an announcement led to a minor scare Friday for passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Baltimore to MacArthur Airport.

The airline says the pilot was making a “fun announcement” that the mother of an air traffic controller was on the plane, but Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandi King told WCBS 880 that some of the passengers mistook the phrase “mom on board” for “bomb on board.”

Flight attendants tried to explain that nothing was wrong and King said the pilot explained what he was announcing.

“He did clarify with the passengers that he was wishing the mother on board a happy birthday,” King said.

But after the plane landed in Long Island, two passengers were disgruntled enough to complain to security officials. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

While making a personal announcement isn’t a firing offense, officials say the controller may need to be retrained on what’s appropriate and what’s not.

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  • Who me Drunk

    Did someone say Mom that sounds like bomb .Lets make a scene so we can get on the news Pa.If there was a bomb onboard do you think there is anyting you can do.Just sit their enjoy your flight staring at the hot blonde across the aisle .Blonde or did they say bomb ohh no lets call The news so we can get on it.

  • Capt. Rick

    As if the polit is going to mention there is a BOMB on board. Give me a break. Are some of you that stupid, or just looking for fame? There are some that you just can’t make smile and two of them where on this flight.

  • Arthur Kinney

    I can see how maybe they could make that mistake, but how many Pilots would wish the BOMB a happy birthday? The morons that complained are the kind that need some kind of drama around them, they are pathetic losers and should have drive themselves from now on.

  • orphan annie

    Mothers should no longer be allowed as passengers on any future Southwest flights. This will ensure that this sort of terrible nightmare never has to be inflicted on anyone ever again. The freedoms we enjoy in our free society sometimes come at a high cost and it’s about time mothers celebrating their birthdays started paying their fair share.

  • Lou

    What A – holes! First of all, a pilot would never come on the intercom and say a “bomb is on board”. You idiots have seen too many movies and secondly, that stick you have in your butt must be very uncomfortable!

  • bogs

    another word to the wise: Never, ever, say “Hi” to your friend named “Jack” on the plane!

  • Karen

    Hey Southwest Lovers! Only 3 days left to win $500 on Southwest from Goba! Check it out:

  • danim

    “I would like to register a complaint.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that, please explain everything.”

    “The pilot said ‘mom’ and it sounded like ‘bomb’ and I was frightened!”

    “So you’re complaining that you misheard a conversation.”


    “And who are you registering this complaint against?”

    “The pilot.”

    “For saying ‘mom?'”

    “It sounded like ‘bomb!'”

    “Allow me to express my deepest apologies. Our airline makes every accommodation possible for those incapable of accepting responsibility for their own mistakes, and you can rest assured all those involved in this terrible incident will be suitably admonished.”

    “Thank you.”




  • Michael

    Jeez, two anal Long Island passengers got offended…fuggetabout. Shut up

  • Don

    Maybe they did mis-hear the announcement. However, it was quickly explained. The clowns who complained were most likely looking for their 15 minutes of fame and a free flight. We have become a society of whiners and complainers. If 99 people in a group of 100 want to do something but one person complains and wants to do something else, we scramble to do what the one person wants. The whiners and complainers are ruining life for everyone else.

  • planeruler

    The result of the right-wing’s fear.mongering.

    • dino

      got that right.

    • bspen

      don’t want to get off track here but fear mongering is equally distributed between right and left wing mongerers

  • Katy

    Give them a free trip around the world and heart problem will be all gone

    • Sailor Boy

      Thats what i love a “trip around the world”

  • gary

    Too often people complaint because they think they will be rewarded with something for free just to shut them up. I say give them a boot in the behind and say “don’t come back”

  • Piper1

    Southwest has always been about having fun. The flying experience in today’s world is less than enjoyable and I think SW is trying to lighten up the mood a little. Good job on my flights. MEMO: Charley and other paranoids, take the bus!

  • Melissa

    And were any of you on the flight and had your hearts sink into your stomachs?

    • gary

      were you on board? and how do you know their hearts sink into their stomach? The stupid people in this country are ruining life for the rest of us.

      • Stephen

        Agree with Gary above.

        The title should have read 2 ignorant people complain about misheard word, create commotion for other passengers.

      • Nurse Dee

        Agree with you Gary.

  • Linda

    Name and shame the complainers. This complaining all the time about everything is getting ridiculous. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf, when it’s for real nobody believes it, stop the complaining fools.

  • Onslow

    those who complained were looking for freebies … shame on them

  • Anna

    Give me a break. I’m sure there may have been a few moments of great nervousness but it appears that an explanation was given quickly. I’ve been on flights where a pilot has announced a score in a big game (IE.. a Super Bowl) or commented about the weather in our destination. People need to learn to chill a bit.

  • Sailor Boy

    Wasnt the controllers fault, looks like the flightdeck made the psa

  • Charley

    Memo to airline pilots: can the “fun” announcements. We are a captive audience.

    • Piper1

      Southwest has always been about having fun. For the paranoid crowd, take the bus or clean out your ears.

  • Timbotronic

    The inmates are officially running the asylum.

  • N.G.

    happy birthday to the mom………those who complained are jerks

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