Mike Woodson has certainly made the most of his opportunity since being named the interim head coach of the New York Knicks, following the resignation of his former boss Mike D’Antoni.  Since taking over on the bench, the Knickerbockers have reeled off three straight wins and will try for number four tonight when they welcome the Raptors to MSG.

Boomer & Craig were thrilled to welcome Woodson to the Morning Extravaganza for the first time, and after saying hello they asked him how he was enjoying being on the ‘hot seat’ here in New York.  Woodson doesn’t seem to be enamored by the glitz and glamor of the big city, and his no-nonsense approach seems to be a perfect fit — as long as the Knicks keep winning, anyway.

Woodson talked about holding players accountable — a concept that Boomer loves — and keeping their focus on the goal of winning.  He talked about not being afraid to get in the face of his players, which he has already displayed. Woodson called it coaching, not personal.

On his starting point guard, Jeremy Lin, he said the sky is the limit.  Contrary to early reports that Woodson would be looking to cut Lin’s minutes, he told Boomer & Craig that that is not true.

“I would be foolish to bench that kid,” Woodson said.

He said his job is to put the young point guard in a position to be successful, and he’s looking forward to seeing how he grows as a player.

Woodson said he spoke with all of the players individually and laid out for them what he expects.  What he expects is no nonsense and an Atlantic Division title.  I guess a little nonsense is inevitable, and Woodson did his best to hold back the laughter when Craig asked him about JR Smith ‘tweeting’ a picture of a woman’s large backside a couple of weeks back.

As far as D’Antoni’s sudden departure, Woodson said he saw no signs that D’Antoni would be leaving, but wishes him nothing but the best. He thanked him for hiring him as an assistant in the first place and talked of plans of taking D’Antoni and his wife to dinner sometime in the near future.

All in all it was a nice chat between Woodson and the guys.  Craig of coursed pushed the envelope just a little bit when he busted Woodson’s chops for failing to win a National Championship with Indiana University (1976-1980), who won titles just before (1975-76) and just after (1980-81) Woodson played for the Hoosiers.  I think the fact that Indiana is in the Sweet 16 this year may have softened the blow…

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