NEW YORK (AP/CBSNewYork) — Along with clearing mountains of snow, sanitation workers are also getting ready to start collecting garbage again, and not a moment too soon.

“Nasty – it just looks gross,” Midtown resident Jill Shomer told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Everywhere New Yorkers look, the hills of snow are joined by piles of uncollected, rancid garbage.

“It’s disgusting,” Chelsea Winchell, of Midtown, said. “You don’t want to live in filth.”

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The return of the towering post-storm trash has New Yorkers making a stink yet again.

“It’s very unhealthy,” Roberto Valdes, of the West Side, said. “I hope New York City does a better job.”

The city will resume trash removal on Monday, but with service described as “limited,” and only for areas that normally have Monday collections.

The public has been urged to pitch in as well. Officials are asking residents to make sure that sanitation crews have a clear path for pick-up, and to dig out snow-covered bags and containers.

The FDNY is also reminding residents to dig out their fire hydrants.

Alternate side parking and meter rules will once again be suspended on Monday.

Many residents are still angry about the smelly garbage mess that grew and grew following the Christmas Day blizzard. Some residents say their neighborhoods went 10 days or more without pick-up, forcing people to hold their noses, watch their steps and dodge rats.

Now, with another big storm in the forecast for mid-week, residents worry that the city will make only a small dent in the problem before getting overwhelmed all over again.

“I predict [that] by spring, it’ll be gone,” one New Yorker said.

Dave Carlin