Residents Greet Administration's New Bill With Mixed ReviewsBy Al Jones

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy has made waves in the past with his efforts to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, and it appears he’s ready to take it even further.

Malloy’s administration submitted a bill this week that would reduce the penalty for possession of less than an ounce of pot, and the governor also hopes to legalize medical marijuana.

1010 WINS reporter Al Jones has more on the legislation

Current Connecticut law calls for up to a year in jail for that amount – a misdemeanor offense.

If the Legislature passes Malloy’s bill, the minor possession offense would be an “infraction” rather than a misdemeanor, and would carry a penalty of only a fine of up to $100. Under the new law, no criminal record would be involved.

The issue strikes home for the governor. His own son, Ben Malloy, was convicted of marijuana possession two years ago, but received no jail time, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

Connecticut residents said they are mixed on the proposed legislation.

“I think if he’s going to put a penalty on it, it’s got to be a stiff penalty,” one resident said. “You get $100 for talking on your cell phone – people talk on their cell phone all the time.”

“It’s an interesting idea,” said another. “I think the prison population has to be reduced, and if that’s a method of doing it, fine.”

Gov. Malloy also supports medical marijuana use, which he has said he would sign into law if it reached his desk. The Connecticut General Assembly passed a medical marijuana bill in 2007, but it was vetoed by former Gov. M. Jodi Rell.

What do you think about medical marijuana and/or decriminalization?  Sound off below!

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  1. tom says:

    Doesnt seem like any of you, on either siide, have much of an idea of what you are talking about. Almost none of what you are saying is based in fact, just personal feeling. Medical marijuana is a 1.7 billion taxable dollars a year business. And that’s with only 13 states. Imagine the possibilities. And you parents claiming to worry about the kids, do your job. Be a parent. Equip your kids with the ability to make reasonable, informed choices, and stop worrying about the law. Its all just made up anyway.

  2. 4204everlegalornot says:

    Huff, puff, pass!

  3. knowledge says:

    i just wish the government would let farmers grow hemp. so that we can use hemp seed oil to power cars and homes. the possibilities are limitless. eg. henry ford made a car that ran off of hemp seed oil it burns way cleaner than anything we use now!

  4. Robert says:

    Don’t give up, Malloy! For the first time in ages I’d be proud to live here.

  5. Anna says:

    THANK YOU GOV. MALLOY for finally coming to your senses. As someone before me said, I’ve never been prouder to be a part of this state. When I saw the poll and how many people were in support of this new law I was so overjoyed!! Keep people out of jail for these ridiculous “offenses” and decriminalize marijuana!!

    I can’t wait to bask in the sun with a freshly packed bowl or cruising down the highway without having to worry about going to jail. Anyone who is against this new law being passed obviously needs to pack a bowl… plus decriminalization and legalization of medical marijuana is the first few steps towards total LEGALIZATION!!

  6. Joe says:

    Its still absolutely amazing to me that marijuana is not completely legal everywhere. its also amazing how they compared talking on your cell phone to decriminalizing marijuana. show me the statistics of car crashes involving phones and then marijuana issues. id be willing to bet that cell phones cause more deaths then marijuana in any circumstance. Its time to wake up and face at the facts, question the government people!! stop living in the past, if marijuanas an illegal drug, whats alcohol?

  7. Al says:

    My first MS Exacerbation was in 1982. Started smoking after that only because it wasd the ‘Thing To Do’ (Not proud of it) never had another exaserbation until two years after I stopped smoking it. I tried it again after reading of it’s theraputic qualities and it helped more than any of the prescribed pharmaceuticals. PLEASE LEGALIZE IT AT LEAST FOR MEDICAL USE, MS, Cancer AIDS, Fibromialgia, Depression ETC ! ! ! ! !

  8. George Nichols says:

    Mr. McKinney of Fairfield you are profoundly ignorant! What’s your hangup? ANY kid, adult, citizen that desires to have and smoke marijuana has it. Your existing laws have failed. The laws have Not and Will Not stop anyone from using Marijuana. Put down your ETOH drink and comprehend this fact. Alcohol is far more unhealthy than marijuana, and most other drugs, yet you continue to use it and damage your bodies, families, you lives.
    The government WILL NOT STOP ANYONE FROM USING MARIJUANA – understand this.
    Now, what will you do when you “catch” someone with marijuana? Will you arrest them, give them some lame community service and let them go until the next time they are “caught?” Then, they will have criminal records and can forget finding jobs, supporting themselves, and thriving productive, successful lives, thanks to Your blatant ignorance.
    Go booze yourselves until your livers explode and leave the far-less harmful alternatives to the sane and educated citizens, citizens that VOTE.
    Use your computers, Republicans can get help with this, and research the physical, socical and physical negatives of the two-drugs.

  9. JFunk says:

    Pot heads are not criminals. Smoking pot is less intrusive than alcohol use, and alcohol kills thousands every year while mj makes thousands feel better every year. Seems a no brainer to me… lets stop wasting tax payer money and put it towards something this state/country really needs, like education. Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly!!??

  10. Dakota says:


    1. scooby says:

      remember to keep the car windows sealed with the interior air recirculator on
      so you get max effect from the smoke cloud. Blast your music and keep a couple of those blinking strobe lights scattered on the car floor too.

  11. bigbillny says:

    i would rather somebody smoke a joint and get behind the wheel of a car than somebody drinking a bottle of vodka

  12. Joking says:

    What did the Gratefull Dead Head say, when he ran out of Pot?……….Answer! Who turned off the music mannn? LOL

  13. Joking says:

    Look at the Govs. photo closely, does he look like a guy who just took a hit? LOL!

  14. Trishe says:

    Go CT! hope NY is next.. Jail is simply a school of how to become a better criminal. there is NO rehabilitation in there.

  15. The Lords Soldier says:

    God gave us all the sea bearing plants and herbs to use.

  16. John Rinaldi says:

    Du Pont must be rolling in his grave.

  17. HiOllie says:

    hope the new law kicks in soon Ollie. Smoking joints all day long would be just like chain smoking cigarettes in the car. Look forward to it on the way to work, beach or whatever. Can’t do that with booze man or you can get perp walked. Hell, I walk better stoned than I do straight.Just wanna be legal. lol

  18. Stevie says:

    We Have already proved that it helps certain people with medical problems. And, I never heard of anyone involved in a car crash because they took a puff or two, but try that with a couple of shots of booze. This was always an argument between me and my Dad. And his only answer was that booze is legal and grass is not. Legalize it! Govenor Arnold Schwatneger said! And i quote….If we legalize it, i could pull this state out of its debt, in less than two years. Its like anything else, its has its good side and bad side. And! Education is a big factor, especially with young people.

  19. highanddry says:

    CT has a projected $3.7 Billion budget shortfall and Malloy is concerned with medical marijuana? The only joke bigger than Malloy is medical marijuana itself. While there is medicinal value in marijuana for some conditions, stats in CA show over 90% of the “medical marijuana” use is bogus. The last thing I want while traveling down 95 with my family is a 20 year old stoned “glaucoma” patient; bad eyes and impaired! Where has common sense gone?

    1. GetAGrip says:

      Do you realize that marijuana would help close that budget gap? And as someone who used to smoke pot every day (for two straight years), I can confidently say that it takes a LOT of weed to “impair” someone to the point of not being able to drive. My vision actually improved when I smoked!
      You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, Mrs. Family Woman. You haven’t considered nearly enough factors. How can you even consider yourself to be a decent citizen if you don’t even know what’s going on? Or perhaps you’ve been too busy trying to be an ideal family woman, and not spending enough time looking beyond Fox News.
      Potheads may get paranoid sometimes, but at least they aren’t as paranoid as you are. Go chug more beer.

    2. Anne says:

      common sense would dicate; if a 20 yo had glaucoma; you would want the kid to use Medical Marijuana so his eyesight would improve so he could see better!

      Marijuan prevents Glaucoma by reducing high blood pressure naturally…

  20. highanddry says:

    If you can’t control your kids, control the laws!

  21. Ollie says:

    wow man, can’t wait to get behind the wheel and watch those amazing cloud formations while doing 55mph or so

  22. waynehrdcoc says:

    Finnally soomeone with connon sense, I only wish I could vote for him, he would have my vote , forever. This is a non partison question. its just common sense, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats one of problems now with the U S, seems very few people have any sense at all. and the problem is growing, I think its contagious, ??????

  23. begone says:

    No cure for STUPID! Typical Democrat solution Bye, Bye morals!

    1. aldous huxley says:

      And you are living proof of that. The government was NEVER intended to be the morality police of the people.

    2. GetAGrip says:

      Yeah, yeah. Go tend to your beer gut, elephant boy.

  24. Green Thunder says:

    Reading these comments makes me proud, for the first time, to be from this state. News flash CT, you’re caught in a savage pincer attack between Mass and RI, only a matter of time until you’re the only loser in New England to not have medical or anything…I’m thinkin’…Ganja casinos??

  25. Fawn Liebowitz says:

    Ron Paul is another great politician who believes strongly that the government needs to stop restricting personal liberties. While he personally does not condone the use of marijuana, he would still decriminalize it in order to preserve the Constitution and the rights of the individual.

    1. Duncan20903 says:

      You are confused. Mr. Paul would have no problem with a State criminalizing cannabis. He does have a problem with the Federal Gov’t being involved with Federal law outside of Federal property/jurisdiction. If given his druthers he would toss the Federal law because he rightly believes it as an unconstitutional usurpation of State’s rights.

  26. JH says:


    1. Fawn Liebowitz says:

      Hey, puff puff pass – we’re going counter clockwise now!

    2. LELA says:


  27. Sally Rogers says:

    I don’t smoke it, but I still think its a great idea! Go CT!!!!!!

  28. Extra Ordinary Larry says:

    This governor has got some cajones – good for him! Free the sacred plant!

  29. ben12a says:

    Finally. A politician that understands what the public really wants. This country would be better off if more people got high!

    1. rodney k. says:

      i would be getting high right now, except i don’t have any weed 🙁

      1. Anne says:

        yeah; and any weed i can get is mostly bogus or regujlar; LEGALIZE TODAY !

  30. Ellen says:

    Guess what, smoking cigarets is even more unhealthy.

    1. Extra Ordinary Larry says:

      Agreed !! Smoke cigars instead – much better tobacco !!

  31. gg says:

    I never saw a roomfull of potheads start a pot brawl

  32. towelly says:

    maybe if congress smoked a few joints, and then got the munchies, they would be to busy eating ring dings to listen to the lobbyists.

  33. I have had the pleasure of working with Mayor Malloy as a part of his youth counsel in Stamford. He is a good man and believe he is just.. Really, there’s bigger fish to fry,

    1. argyle says:

      seems like a decent enough fellow and his plan is a good idea

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