MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A police officer was fatally shot by an MTA officer after a confrontation with a knife-wielding man inside a Long Island home, authorities said Sunday. Police officials are still unsure of what led to the officer’s death.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs: Procedures Under Review

Police responded to a 911 call at around 8:20 p.m. Saturday in Massapequa Park.

When officers arrived, they found 21-year-old Anthony Digeronimo with knives strapped to his body and in his hands, said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith of the Nassau County police.

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The officers followed as Digeronimo ran into the house nearby where he lived with his parents, Smith said.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck hears from Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey at a news conference

Once inside the house, the suspect barricaded himself inside a bedroom, Smith said. The officers radioed for backup, but before additional officers arrived, Digeronimo emerged and charged the officers with a knife, Smith said.

The officers drew their weapons and shot the knife-wielding man, killing him, he said.

Resident Theresa Kelly called the police and followed the suspect down the block after he unexpectedly jumped on her car.

“This person came in front of my car, with a mask, he was dressed in all black, very gothic-looking, and he was banging on my windshield,” Kelly told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman Saturday night. “He had a very big knife in his hand.”

A full eight to thirteen minutes later, additional officers arrived including Bureau of Special Operations officers in plainclothes and Metropolitan Transportation Authority officers who normally patrol the Long Island Rail Road.

For reasons that are unclear, an MTA officer fired one shot at Officer Geoffrey Breitkopf, Smith said.

Breitkopf, a 12-year veteran, was pronounced dead Saturday night at Nassau University Medical Center.

“Being a cop was his passion,” Selden firefighter Tony Ryan told CBS 2.

At a Sunday afternoon news conference, Nassau County Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey called the death a terrible accident, but had no answers as to what happened.  The shooting is being investigated.

“I’m not prepared to say exactly what the circumstances were that led to the [MTA] officer to fire,” Mulvey told reporters including 1010 WINS’ Glen Schuck.

The MTA officer’s name was not released. Breitkopf leaves behind a wife and two young sons.

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  1. Michael says:

    A few days ago they said Breitkopf was creeping on the side of the house toting a rifle in plain clothes. What cop totes a rifle? So the MTA cop figured the guy was the prime suspect and shot him. Makes sense to me but the MTA officer should have warned his suspect to drop the weapon first. That’s my opinion. Then he would have found out the guy was a cop. Sometimes when our brain tells us we’re right we make quick judgments like that. However that was a pretty important judgment to make. But then I guess that too is why he made it so fast. Even though he was wrong this time.

  2. boohooo says:

    Kevin: it is probably good for you since youre a crackhead. Now go od on some. Haha

  3. Kevin says:

    She followed the suspect down the street after he jumped on her car with a big knife. Sounds like she was real scared. She should have turned the other way and hauled behind. Sounds like an ex girlfriend of the italian whack job who got killed.

  4. kevin says:

    Sounds like white on white crime. What a shame. Usually – when you hear of a cop shooting a cop it is some white cop shooting a black plain clothes undercover officer or an off duty black cop. This shoting is what happens when you started anointing these GED holders as saints. They become reckless because they believe their own press. Bad day for cops in the NY Metro Area. A good day for some of us.

    1. Lullaby says:

      Wow, how did you get such a backwards ideology? I understand not liking cops, I know quite a few people who don’t though I am not one of them. However, how can you say its a “good day” when you hear of someone being shot and killed? Do you know how that sounds? This man had a family, friends. Maybe you should lose someone to violence and then we can all gloat? 🙂 I wonder if people like you even realize that in the same breath you cry racism, you are being prejudiced against an ENTIRE group of people for something maybe one or two people have done… Man, I hope you don’t have kids cuz we have enough little idiots growing up thinking they don;’t need to answer to authority… and they are usually the ones who end up killing innocents.

  5. Shields Up says:

    Another story, written much better than the hacks at this website, reported that the police officer who was killed was shot through the chest and he was from special operations. Apparently he was not wearing body armor. It’s a tragedy because the body armor could have saved his life. A cop who doesn’t wear body armor is in the wrong profession.

    The picture of this wacko with the knives is telling as is the statement he made In on online profile that he posted on various websites. DiGeronimo, who described himself as, among other things, an anarchist, wrote: “I rarely go outside anymore mostly because I hate interacting with society.”

  6. Neil Robles says:

    It’s too bad that people don’t know or, refuse to mind their own business. Thhis could so easily have been avoided by letting the professionals do their job.

  7. Lori says:

    Why was an MTA cop answering a police call? Unless he was in hot pursuit of Digeronimo from the railroad station, the Nassau cops had this in hand.

    The MTA has enough problems on their own beat. A woman was abducted/robbed at the Hicksville station the other day. You never see any MTA police there.

    1. Bazooka Joe says:

      Never any MTA Police at Hicksville?? There may be times that events happen at Hicksville or other stations when police are not there, but to fall back on the old, “There’s never any police around when you need them” is a bit lame. I have seen MTA Police there countless times, often in groups during pean and non peak hours with their K9 teams, ESU/SWAT cops and other uniformed officers. And you as why was an MTA cop answering a police call?? BECAUSE THEY ARE POLICE!! Actually, they were only offering assistance to their fellow officers who were actually answering the call.

  8. LER says:

    What horrible writing. If you follow the sequence of events as written, the dead man jumped on Theresa Kelly’s car.

  9. Shields up says:

    If this story is correct, maybe the stupid MTA will change their policy of letting their “police” go off the reservation. They are paid to do what…..make arrests at train and bus depots and on the transportation networks? They should stick to what they are paid to do and not respond outside of their paid jurisdiction.

    It’s just so ass-backwards for one cop to shoot another. Where are the training protocols? I feel terrible for the victim and his family and the shooter who will undoubtedly be facing a serious trial.

  10. J says:

    MTA Cop probably didn’t even identify himself as a cop.

    1. Bazooka Joe says:

      MTA cop was in uniform and therefore the burden of identifying oneself in uniform does not apply. However, there is a universal understanding and even an implemented rule in police departments that NO MATTER WHAT the situation, uniform officers ALWAYS supercede the authority of ANY plain clothes officers. That would even apply to a Chief of a Department. It is the reason other means are utilized to identify plain clothes officers. There is always an inherant risk when working in plain clothes. It is why stress is always put on making every effort to ensure plain clothes officers identify themselves. It is a terrible situation here that has been Monday morning quarterbacked way too much.

  11. Shields up says:

    What happened to the COD? They don’t use that anymore? It’s supposed to help law enforcement ID one another whether in uniform or not.

  12. himmy oh says:

    The family members of Officer Geoffrey Breitkopf should file wrongfull civil death suit against the MTA officer shooter and MTA.

    Settle in Court!!!

  13. capt bill's daughter says:

    how tragic that the extended family of the long blue line tragically loses 2 of its sons in the same weekend. my dad was in nypd for 34 years, and i mourn the loss of both these men who carried out their mission to serve and protect their communities. my deepest condolences to their families and comrades. rest in peace officer breitkopf, final roll call answered. thanks for your service and sacrifice

    1. GhettoJoe says:

      He must have made a move, flinched and reached for his weapon. Why else would a fellow officer shoot him? If only he knew how to re4spond in that situation….arms up, make no sudden moves, speak respectfully to the orificer….

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