ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Census 2010 figures for New York state show minimal growth in New York City over the past decade and population losses in the largest upstate cities.

Census officials say New York City grew by 167,000 people to 8.2 million. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he believes census workers missed many immigrants and undercounted.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks with more on Bloomberg’s reaction to the Census numbers

After citing a Census statistic that showed the population of Queens increased only by 1,300 people over 10 years, Bloomberg said “it doesn’t make any sense.”

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb has more on the mayor’s miscount concerns

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz was equally miffed.

“I gotta tell you I’m flabbergasted by these numbers, mayor. I think they made a big, big mistake,” Markowitz said.

Buffalo lost 10.7 percent of its population, Rochester lost 4.2 percent and Syracuse lost 1.5 percent of its population.

The 2010 numbers released Thursday will be used to guide officials drawing New York’s congressional and state legislative districts for the next decade. New York’s current 29-member House delegation will drop to 27, its lowest level since 1823.

The U.S. Census Bureau in December reported that the state’s population grew slightly in the past decade to 19.4 million.

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  1. Walter J. says:

    The King is upset because he thinks they under counted his subjects? LOL, they’re all leaving sire, because of YOU!!!

  2. 3rdGenerationImmigrant says:

    Actually the illegals are not onlyfrom Asia, Central & South America, and the West Indies, but also Russia, Africa, the former Yugoslavia, and Albanis. They don’t pay income tax, working off the books, but they use hospitals, schools, transportation, etc. They are a major burden on the police and fire depts., as they drive without licenses or insurance, and tend to live in over-crowded apts. without attention to fire safety.

    We should return to the ideas of the 19th century: Accept ALL immigrants without wasting time on legal/illegal hoo-ha. If they learn the language, don’t break the law, work and pay taxes for five years, make them citizens. After all, they’re behaving as good citizens! Simple, cheap, and friendly. After all, the sonnet on the base of the Statue of Liberty reads: “Send me … the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Worked for my grandparents!

  3. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:

    bloom berg..ah the jewboy who thinks he is something that you are not..beware this creature runs for the president of the united snakes..behold the anti christ..

  4. MrNativecolor says:

    Unless your heads been up somewhere for the last 15yrs, this is it:
    Rising cost of living (Rent, Clothing, Food, Taxes, Transportation, etc..)
    Inferior Education, Rising Crime
    Stagnant Wages, Layoffs, Unemployment
    Middle Class moving out of state
    Illegal immigration moving in state (cheap labor)
    Wall Street GREED
    This is Bloombergs 3 term solution. Hmmm, makes sense to me..

  5. Jimmie says:

    How can the local gov’t (Mayor Bloomberg) say the census (conducted by the federal gov’t) is wrong?

    1. dude says:

      cuz its like, his opinion, man.

  6. J says:

    The numbers are more correct than not. Many people left NYC after the economic bust. Bloomy is well-totally out of touch with the reality of the economy and sky high living arrangement prices!

  7. Ken says:

    Illegals. If you live in New York, we’ve been swamped by a Mexican invasion over the last 3 yrs. We’re in some serious trouble with over crowding in our schools along with a dramatic increase in cost of bi-lingual education and other services, including welfare. And the children end up losing with over crowding and under funding.

    1. Mark says:

      MExicans?!?, how about Guyanese, and mainly DOMINICANS. My entire neighborhood has been changed by dominicans invading, there are barber shop frunts on every corner in woodhaven with a huge dominican flag on it and they open within the year.

    2. Mark says:

      Also forgot to add, that Mexicans are not the only illegals coming here, you’re pretty blinded and/or ignorant if you don’t know the difference between mexicans and dominicans, and also other illegals belong to other nationalities

      1. ken says:

        I do know the difference, most Dominicans are Black but don’t like to admit it, and Mexicans are mostly Native or Mestizo(mixture of Native and Spanish, and to a lesser extant some African)

  8. gberger says:

    I think the numbers are probably correct. I was a census enumerator last year on the Upper West Side. Many of the new buildings built here in recent years have lots of units that remain unsold and vacant. I also discovered that many units in large co-ops and condos are second homes, investor-owned properties and used only occasionally by owners. I have lived in this neighborhood for many years, but was quite surprised at how many vacant or “other home elsewhere” units there were. I was also involved in Census follow-up operations (NARFU) to confirm these vacancies. I’m sure this is true for many other areas in Manhattan and in some of the other boroughs. I however, believe that some areas are likely under-counted by illegal subdivides, but think the numbers are most likely pretty accurate overall.

    1. Basfrommobay says:

      Did you or any of your colleagues count the thousands of “basement apartments” in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx where several persons live, even sleeping in shifts, because that is what they can afford. Those illegal apartments do not show up on the records of the Building Department.

      One way to test the reasonableness of the Census is to cross-reference the number of children who are registered in schools and their addresses. But I do recall Republicans in Congress blocked appropriations to improve the sampling in urban areas. Politics -urban areas tend to be Democratic strongholds and it is therefore in the interest of Republicans to ensure that those areas are “under-counted” compared to the accuracy of rural and suburban areas that tend to support Republicans.

    2. Ken says:

      Manhattan below 110th street doesn’t tell the story of New York. 70% of the city is non white, earns less than 50,000 receives poor services and has a severely undercounted illegal immigrant population living in their communities. Illegal apartments are everywhere with families doubling and even tripling up. You don’t have a clue.

  9. Anthony Seda says:

    If the Mayor Bloomberg wants to denied the facts so what. The numbers don’t lie! The taxes are too high, the cost of living is too high, and all the overregulation and political corruption that follows. I have family that still lives in the City. They cannot wait to retired and move South. The bottom line is quality of life. UpState New York lost over 48 thousand families. My college friend who was born and raised in Syracuse, NY moved to my home state of Maryland. He gave me a tour of the Syracuse area what a depressed area. No career jobs, crime that is getting worse by the minute. I would never live in UpState or the City because the cost of living. I love New York and its people, But, your politician are always selling you a bag of RHETORIC!

  10. mak says:

    I would leave NYC and NY state in a heartbeat if I could. The cost of living isn’t worth what we make anymore. Top that off with overregulation, nanny governments, political corruption, and unions that run the show, I can’t figure out why we even bother trying anymore. Load up wagons and go West is beginning to look like a good solution.

  11. pest says:

    I’m not even surprised to see BB act like he didn’t know those numbers would be funny looking. The game.. gotta play to win right BB?

  12. kds says:

    Of course, the results are contrary to whatever he envisioned. Gloomberg is a failure! People moved out of the city and NY State in droves.

  13. nyc says:

    With millions of Illegal immigrants in New York that were not counted, of course the numbers will be off ! Oh, I forgot this is a sanctuary city, can’t ask too many questions.

    1. Kazoo says:

      how true, how true, how true!!!!!!!!

  14. ImSoDeep says:

    That org was infiltrated years ago. The numbes are fixed just like the voting machines. blah blah blah. You can’t trust anyone anymore.

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