NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) –  The Crossroads of the World will become more than just a tourist hot spot this summer if The Times Square Alliance gets its way.

Sidewalk cafes will soon be popping up on Broadway between 42nd and 47th Streets as part of a one year pilot program.

The Times Square Alliance on Tuesday issued a request for proposals from area restaurants and vendors to take orders and serve food to people seated at the 100 tables and chairs in the car-free zone.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones speaks with New Yorkers about the idea

Those that dine outdoors will also have more to choose from than just the five vendors that will be issued contracts. The Alliance is also trying to round up some companies interested in providing a delivery service from nearby eateries to the plaza.

Beer and wine may also be served in designated areas for those that like too cool off with a cold one in the sticky New York summer heat.

Proceeds from the vendor sales will go to the alliance for maintenance and security of the plaza.

The Alliance is hoping the move will attract not just tourists but workers in Midtown.

Alliance president Tim Tompkins said the nonprofit is constantly thinking of how to make the Broadway pedestrian plazas a great urban space.

The deadline for proposals is April 15.

What kind of vendors do you hope set up shop in Times Square? Would you consider dining and drinking in the pedestrian plazas? Let us know below

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  1. 2DahPoint says:

    Another brilliant idea for scammers who will pretend to work for a restaurant, take your order and run away with your money.

  2. Sledgehammer says:

    Just when you think you have swwn it all, then comes this! This current administration is apparently “stuck on stupid” First they try to ban smoking nearly everywhere, then they want you to sit in the middle of a poluted street and eat dust and dirt. What a bunch of world class idiots! What page are they on? It’s time to come back to the rel world

  3. Forty Deuce says:

    Nice pro-business idea, but the wrong place for it. The proposed “al fresco dining in quaint Times Square” idea will further clog the already packed-to-the-curb streets there.

    To make the idea work, I guess they will be kicking out all of the current street vendors: the nuts carts, the hot dog carts, the countless souvenir sellers, sign spray painters,caricature artists, “comedy show” ticket sellers, broadway ticket hawkers, the fake “organizations” trying to get you to buy a cd, donate to a fake charity, etc., and oh, actual retail stores that opened up in Times Square.

    It’s already an out of control pedestrian mall mess – Bloomie & Times Square Alliance – please take this one back to the lab!

    In the mood for real al fresco dining in NYC – try a picnic in the park!

  4. Mimi says:

    No thanks!!! We have enough crazies in Times Square..and its already crowded enough!!

  5. BK says:

    The whole reason why the car free areas were created is to give people ROOM to walk, sit, chill. Now they want to privatize the middle of time sq with closed areas only for paying constomers. SOOO STUPID.

  6. Robert Pattinon says:

    I’d like my chicken alfredo with extra car exhaust, please! And could you include a side of smog with that?

  7. Bobbyshades says:

    Will you have to make reservations?

  8. Al Bird says:

    Who will they get to work at these cafes? Any server in the industry will know not to expect a tip from the type of tourist that would dine on a rickety table in the middle of the toilet of the world. $3-4 an hour paid by a restaurant is not enough to make one stomach Times Square. No tips=no livelihood

  9. edward says:

    Bad idea !
    Why would anyone, other than a wide-eyed tourist want to eat in the middle of this kinetic location ? The noise and exhaust fumes are enough to kill…oh i forgot….late in may there will be no cigarette smoking allowed(LOL).
    As another commenter pointed out, it will be rife with panhandlers and other undesirables. As Bloomberg continues to turn our city into a theme park he can escape to his hideaway in bermuda. thanks again, Mayor Mike!

  10. Marcus says:

    Great, I can have my pizza and rice balls while a stinky, filthy hobo ask’s me for money with white foam in the corners of his toothless mouth. That god-forsaken toilet of the world.

  11. Bobbyshades says:

    Wait, did they say BEER AND WINE ?

  12. rockrodes says:

    I`m sorry but this just won`t fly–safer eating indoors at this place anyways and
    not as chill and comfortable like the skating rank of Rockefeller as another example
    I dunno just a stupid idea, this aint like Paris Bloomberg LOL
    People and cars, and forget New Year`s…it would be a zoo! I`ll eat my lunch elsewhere thanks Bummerberg LOL…sure run this place like a corporation LOL
    It`s just makes no sense

  13. bob says:

    bids can’t be from just area restaurants must be open to all vendors, including hot dog vendors. the city is not in the restaurant business and the streets are public property.

  14. rockrodes says:

    Far too busy of a place! Not the right place to eat outside LOL

    Better off near like Central Park or by the
    NY Public Library..where it`s quieter and to get away from the crowds!

  15. drqnsny says:

    Bob, you need to state why it’s illegal, not just give one word.

  16. Carlos Liriano says:

    well friends it is time to pack and west or south, our beloved city is going to the birds.

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