NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When you attain world fame, you deserve a name, and now the Bronx Zoo’s mischievous Egyptian cobra has one!

Nearly 60,000 people voted online for their favorite of five names and Mia, inspired by the phrase “missing in action,” took the top spot getting 27 percent of the vote.

Other choices included:

– Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt

– Subira, the Egyptian word for patience

– Amaunet, a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion

– Agnes, Greek for pure or holy

The public will have a chance to meet the world-famous cobra when she goes on exhibit for the first time Saturday at the Bronx Zoo’s Reptile House.

The 20-inch deadly serpent made headlines after breaking from its cage on March 25.

The slithering sensation was found lurking in the shadows of the Reptile House about 200 feet from its cage last Thursday after nearly a week-long search.

In a flash, the snake became the stuff of urban legend.

Egyptian cobra sketches about  the snake’s liberty were done on late-night talk shows, a Twitter account and Facebook page were created, and of course knock-off products hit the scene. One was a coffee cup, with a version of the famous “I ♥ NY” logo – a coiled cobra replacing the heart symbol.

The snake’s Twitter account became particularly popular, drawing more than 238,000 followers.

The snake was not happy with the selection of Mia, apparently. Thursday she Tweeted “So, the vote is in. They want to name me Mia. But in my heart I’ll always know that my true name is Mrs. Justin Bieber.”

Even though she’s back in her cage the Tweets continue revealing her plan to bust out of the zoo yet again.

“Enough! Tonight I’m busting out. Just like that new A&E show, call me “Breakout King Cobra.” Nothing can stop me!” the snake Tweeted earlier this week.

One Facebook community has an idea: a campaign has begun to get the snake to host “Saturday Night Live.” So far, the page has about 9,800 “likes.”

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Comments (11)
  1. Di'jonnaise Ta'Quanisha Ribbett says:

    I can’t believe they didn’t use my suggestion: Marfa

  2. Rodin says:

    What happened to Zoodini? Of course, very few “readers” know who Houdini might be. The dumbing down of America has no reverse. I wonder how many ‘Snookieas” there were.

    It all started with Oprah and Ronald Reagan.

    “Ronald Reagan left us all a little bit stupidder than we were.” – Robert Hughes


  3. zoo keeper says:

    sadly, 1 of the reptile keepers at the bronx zoo was fired today because of this incident. He was not even working the day the snake was found missing.

  4. the bandid says:

    dear valoispq:
    i had a encounter with a Asian King Cobra in the jungles of Viet Nam in 1971 and every time i think about that morning i freak out and break an break a heavy sweet it was not very nice, she was big and fat, my slack man shot her dead, it have been 40 years and i still freak out

  5. the bandid says:

    Story Rater, you are the biggest moron in NYC, you have no sense pf humor and no brains either, i hope MIA bites you in the ASS.

  6. jjy says:

    I think Mia’s next getaway should involve a plane. And Samuel L. Jackson.

  7. valoispq says:

    I like Cleopatra and mia. Snakes are my biggest fear in the world but I am used to seeing her picture, wonder if I saw her in real life if I would freak out.

  8. James G. Toth says:

    I think D.B Cobra would be a good name.

  9. MFJL says:

    name it “Mubarek” after the snake that was driven out of Egypt.

  10. doris says:

    name the snake
    FREEDOM after the liberation of the EGYPT

  11. Story Rater says:

    Very stupid story / idea / concept. Wish the dang snake had died.

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