NEW YORK (WFAN) — A YouTube clip currently making the rounds is proving, once again, that the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry knows no bounds.

A Boston fan, shown in his kitchen, is trying to get his young son to pledge allegiance to the Red Sox.

The boy, with toy bus in hand, remains steadfast: “But I love the Yankees!

“You can cry all you want,” says the father. “You’re on your own, pal.”

Tough love apparently doesn’t work on this tiny Beantown Bomber. He bawls, “I want to love the Yankees!” as a sibling sidles up to console him.

“I’m not making him cry, he’s making himself cry,” replies dear ol’ dad.

The family rivalry reaches its climax with this hilarious exchange:

“Repeat after me: I love the Red Sox,” says the father.

“No, Yankees. I don’t like … the Red Sox!”

“OK then you’re going to have to find a new place to live!”

Are you proud of the kid’s Yankee pride? What do you make of the father’s statements? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. N says:

    I find a lot of the comments to be a bit ridiculous about what a “bad father” he is. Leave it to yankee fans to jump all over this. How many times has a little kid been scorned at yankee stadium for wearing anything red sox? Plenty.

  2. CHARLIE BROWN says:

    the dad will be the one crying when the world series comes this year and the little boyz watching his yanks in it and the red soxs r watching it from home ha ha boo ya

  3. jerry says:

    next to the words “JACK ASS ” is a picture of this dads face.. This father just added 50 years to the Boston curse The Babe loved kids and he is looking down from the great baseball diamond in the sky.

  4. Bruce says:

    Wow! That is total child abuse. That father is an ***. How can you torment a child of that age over a stupid thing called a sport? Had the child converted to the Red Sox, would he have, then, given that child the master bedroom of the house? Absolutely pathetic. What an idiot that father is.

    1. Adam says:

      You’re an idiot, Bruce. The father is just playing around with his son. He’s clearly not being serious or irrational. He is playing around. My uncles did it to me all the time when I was that young and all the way into my teenage years…it taught me to be able to take a joke. You are a FOOL FOOL FOOL to call this child abuse. I bet you’re one of those “I’m so sensitive and everything offends me” dumb***es that doesn’t think we should keep score for anyone playing sports under 18 and I’d also bet you think they should also all get trophies!

  5. Yankee Pride says:

    I hope this kid sticks to his conviction and remains a NYY fan. It’s really sad that this guy thinks it’s cool to make his child cry over this. One of them needs to grow up and here’s a hint: it ain’t the kid.

  6. john says:

    but dad your red sox are 0-6 and they suck !!!

    1. Lynn Stowell says:

      Sosxs decided to give the Yankees a head start, today 9 – 6, they woke the sleeping GIANT. VRoooooM< Here they come

      1. charli brown says:

        ya u better hope so or thats 200 bucks u owe me 1and 6 ha bu ya

      2. ur daddy big brown says:

        go yankees world series or bust lets do it for big george s in the heavens above the bambino curse follows the soxs this year go yanks

  7. davelom says:

    Most of the above comments are a little over-the-top, but what gets me is that parents, who should (SHOULD) exercise some discretion (especially when it comes to their own kids), record this stuff and then put it up on YouTube and elsewhere, where it will live forever. Is it too difficult to have that foresight that in a few years, this could be terribly humilating for this kid? It’s one thing to have that embarrassing photo in the family album or video stored away in the closet; it’s quite another thing to share it with literally millions of people. Same thing with that NJ Governor kid and the one a couple of years ago in the back seat of the family car after a dentist appointment. People are frigging stupid.

  8. dx says:

    Another one trying to get $10,000. Poor kid is going to think he has to leave his home because of a stupid thing like this. This ‘father’ should be put up for child abuse.

  9. Chris says:

    Typical low-life, white trash Red Sox fan. Don’t you love it when he tells the poor kid that he’ll “…have to find another place to live…”? Some “dad,” huh? I hope someone from Child Protective Services, or whatever they call it in MA, sees this and rescues the poor little guy from all this abuse. Not bad enough to be born into a “family” of Red Sox fans, he has to suffer cruelty at the hands of his “father.” What a dirt-bag.
    Don’t worry, little guy. Like “Hector” says, you’ll grow up happy cheering for a REAL winer, while “dad” has seen the last Red Sox World Series win in his lifetime, unless he figures out how to live another 86 years.

  10. Omar says:

    And now everyone knows why Red Sox fans are a$$holes why the rest of the world should scorn them and their pink hat wearing idiot fanbase. That fool needs to be popped in the face for making his kid cry over something as stupid as a baseball allegiance.

  11. D. Jeter says:

    What a jerk this “father” is! When his kid HATES him later in life, it’ll be clear why!

    1. Hector says:

      come on, the father was not tough on the kid, so the kid know better than his father, so what, this kid is just 3 yrs or so, he’s at the age where he’ll cry if you take his lollipop away There’s no law that says you should follow your father’s team.

      Look at the Mets fans, they follow their father’s team and now are suffering, now that’s abuse. Same thing happened to all Red Sox fans before ’04, 86 yrs of suffering. This kid will grow up happy, cheering for a winning team with a rich history, while his father saw the last championship the Red Sox will ever win in ’07.

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