NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Citing continued budget problems, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has delayed a class of 540 police cadets that was due to start this month.

The NYPD’s headcount now is over 34,000, about 6,000 fewer than at its peak staffing in 2000.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With Reaction From Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Police union president Patrick Lynch called the move a bad decision that would compromise public safety and put officers at risk.

“By not hiring police officers by the end of this year we’ll be down 7,000 New York City police officers,” Lynch told 1010 WINS. “Those are the police officers that should be standing on your street corner or driving the radio cars around your neighborhood. The economic engine of this city is run by people feeling safe.”

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Reaction From City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

Lynch said that in order to keep up with crime you need the proper staffing levels.

“Even if they started hiring now, it takes six months in the academy and a full year before you have a fully trained New York City police officer is standing on the street corner,” Lynch said. “We can not wait until crime flips away from us.”

He said if the city has even one dollar left to spend it should be used on safety and policing.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn blasted the move.

“We will have fewer police officers out there working night and day to protect New Yorkers,” Quinn said. “It means the police officers who are out there are going to have to work harder and take on more — that is simply too much to ask of a police department that is already stretched very, very thin.”

She said it was made without consulting the council.

Mayoral spokesman Stu Loeser said the administration was only moving the April class to July, when 900 recruits are expected to be hired. He said the two classes would be combined.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said “we’ll continue to fight crime with what we have.”

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  1. BUBBA says:

    You are and have always been A BLOWHARD
    Give us a break and KILL YOURSELF

  2. home run read a BOOK says:

    really were do you come up with that, and what book did you read that from and who wrote it? I think you would need both!,,, BUT in a TIME of need the police would come frist well for potection anyway well just a tought,,, pal!

    1. the book home run says:

      (protection) me caveman little slow PAL

  3. ken says:

    First of all, ALL of the additional tax revenue from the increased gasoline prices can be used. This is really found money, considering how fast gas is rising.
    Second, cut the stipend from the local CEC units. People get paid to sit on a PTA and half of these jokers cant sit on a park bench.
    Third, shut down schools that do not perform. Have all children tested to see if they belong in that school. Many of them have ADHD and the parents refuse to recognioze that. There are alot of ways to cut back, if you just listen and use your head a little.

    1. Mike says:

      Ken shutting down schools will force under performing students into good schools making them bad too! When it comes to saving money rid NYC of independent contractors that are in schools who do nothing but suggest the things we were taught to do in college. How about these software companies that the city keeps throwing money to to develop software that fails to meet the needs of NYC. Until we can see how the money is being wasted should we cut education. Cut education and you’ll need more cops….I guess thats what you want though. In conclusion… Stupid is dangerous!

  4. tellitall says:

    dont cut police cut school saftey and traffic you have thousands of those jokers use that money for polkice

    1. MJ says:

      School safety officers in my school work 70+ hrs a week ….to do nothing! they are a waste indeed! They actually befriend the bad kids its comical.

  5. Jim says:

    Bloomturd has been crying that the city is broke for the last 10 years. Every year his administration has had PROJECTED budget deficits of 1-3 BIllion dollars. Every year in the last 10 Years NYC has had BUDGET SURPLUSES in excess of 3 BILLION PER YEAR. If your accounttant wa that inept would you keep them?
    The little Emporer is risking the lives of citizens of NYC with these games.

  6. Howie Sprague says:

    Does Bloomberg & Co. really believe their standard disclaimer: “City Hall insisted the decision to postpone a police class, close firehouses, cut staffing on all Engine Co.’s, …etc. would not affect public safety.” Do the citizens realize that this inept administration places art, bike lanes & pet projects (failed ‘City Time’ project, failed 911 call center project) that pay big $$$ to Bloomie’s consultant friends ABOVE their safety? The frequency of fire related deaths and major alarm fires has risen since the Mayor cut F.D.N.Y. staffing and he plans on closing 20 more fire companies. Now let’s see what his staffing cuts in the N.Y.P.D. do for the crime rate.

    1. dont vote for bloomNUTS says:

      right ON he put a bike lane in park slope along side prospect park take a full lane and half away for bike’s and the side walk is two lane long already use to be two 3 lanes now 2 and the accidents are going up this GUY went to france and thinks that he can put there way of life to city way france is a circle NYC is a SQR well bloomNUTS I SAY

  7. Tom the Bomb says:

    Don’t worry “the bandit”, the cops aren’t taking any “brides” that I’ve heard of but, the misguided ones may be taking BRIBES for some reason though ( and they should be fired if they are doing that).

    NYPD had 41,000 officers prior to 9/11. The number is below 34,000 and between now and 2013 there are 15,000 or more officers eligible to retire. Crime is already on the uptick so if you lose even half the amount that are eligilble to retire this city is going to start to return to the 80’s and early 90’s when 2,300 people were getting killed every year as well as other crimes climbing, not to mention there being holes in the terrorism grid.

    Wake up New Yorkers and help wake up the Mayor and Council.

  8. the bandid says:

    we don’t need any more crooked cops on the streets, fixing parking tickets and taking brides for just about anyting

    1. get a job says:

      bandid sop the hate people are bad and I se your one sorport the teachers police firemen USA soldiers but I can see that you sorport the criminals that the SAME of it all BANDID!

    2. jailbrid says:

      O really you work were in prision doing time????

  9. iggy says:

    let’s make new signs for bridges and also let’s make a piazza at 34th st, but let’s fire teachers and delay new police officers. yay, mikey

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