NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)As the price of gas creeps higher and higher, Tri-State residents and workers are constantly feeling the pinch.

Police are even seeing incidents related to the price at the pump. Police said a Nissan Maxima driver asked for $20 worth of gas in Fort Lee, but sped off without paying, dragging the gas station attendant into the middle of Route 4.

The attendant was pulled to safety without being hit or seriously injured, but other gas station attendants are now worried.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports on finding the cheapest gas station

“It just feels terrible. He’s working at the gas station, getting paid $8, so he’s going to fight for $20 because at the end of the day he’s going to pay for it out of his pocket. It’s very terrible,” attendant Sooraka Bouzo said.

Prices are topping off above $4 a gallon this week and show no signs of slowing down. The statewide average hit $4.02 for regular in Connecticut, $4 in New York and $3.65 in New Jersey, according to AAA.

Steven Colen said he pays well over $4 a gallon in Manhattan to fill up his Mercedes SUV and he blames the government for the high cost of gas.

“If you issue all that debt, you end up paying for it put on the shoulders of workers and taxpayers and everyone else so I think that’s why gas prices are so high,” Colen said.

Manhattan driver Alex Scheer said there’s no one to blame.

No one really. It’s just the economy,” Scheer said.

Some drivers think you just have to accept the high prices. There will be a protest in Newark at 1 p.m. the People’s Organization for Progress.

In Farmingdale on Long Island, some drivers are finding some hidden gems where the price is lower. At a B.J.’s, the price for a gallon of regular is $3.93 compared to the $4.07 at the Mobil Station.

One local resident named Patricia said because she is out of a job she is not only counting her pennies but her miles as well.

“I actually go to the stores on the same day then stay home the rest of the week,” she said.

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  1. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


  2. HooDatIS? says:

    this gas is ridiculous man I just cannot believe how high is it, all you people who are struglling hold on my people ! I know its hard but dont steal, look for ways to help yourself, if your children are not in school send them to school, if your unemployed you go back to school,if you are underemployed please go back to school, elevate your skill sets make your selves interesting…i tried in 2008 because i understood the looming reccession was here to stay…….i was dirt poor before the reccession and I am steady making gains in life because I am a STUDENT……..If your poor please listen to me………..there are advantages we have have that people with higher incomes dont have the right to free education options…..4 yrs of disclipined hard studies will make you a more attractive candidate for the job market…..if u get paid what ur worth u want have to steal gas……
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  3. jimmy says:

    Why is it the Government does not rellease the gasoline down in the south sitting in huge holding tanks to lower the cost of gasoline ? Know why ? The banks own those tanks and as always, want a higher return on their investment. When they with hold, it creates the need to pay a higher price to the station owner, therfore passing that price onto you the consumer.

    1. jimmy says:

      I meant “it creates the need for the station owner to pay more.

  4. Dan says:

    Come on , that is cheap! In Israel we pay about double that price!

    1. jimmy says:

      That is Isreal, this is indeed America, where we use billions more gasoline therefore the need for a discount is obvious.

  5. David Dal'Zot says:

    in France en Europe 5,87 $/gallon!

  6. We can do it . says:

    All stop being lazy and take NJ&NY transit for 2 weeks and car pool and it will send a message .

  7. 1608 says:

    If u drive this is not news.

  8. Barbara Taileb says:

    boycott one gas staion at a time and the prices will come down.

  9. kendra says:

    chilw i might have to wind up living the state of new york or move to another country all toghter hm…hm…

  10. NJ Mike says:

    Greedy Oil Companies and stock market speculation [wall street] should foot most of the blame. Also, the consumers that drive 10-15 MPG dinosaurs. 4-dollar a gallon plus; hasn’t this happened before? Remember Katrina anyone? Any excuse to raise prices. Consumers here’s an idea to reduce costs: get something economical. You may not look cool driving a cobalt, civic, or corolla, but at least you can afford your gas bill!

    1. Anthony says:

      This is not true for the driver that neglects their car, is obese, or carpools. Even if I use those cars, I won’t benefit the rewards of paying less. Besides, fossil fuel is what it is, it’s not rocket fuel.

      1. NJ Mike says:

        You would most certainly benefit from driving a more economical car, even more by carpooling. Higher MPGs = Less fuel you will use at a given distance. Less money it will cost you to fill up. And I’m a tall person, I have no problem fitting in any of those cars. Nowadays, there is little maintenance to be had on these cars to keep them running efficiently. I agree fossil fuel is what it is, however, using less of it saves $money$. Less of my hard-earned cash that goes in some CEO’s pocket and stays in mine. To each their own I suppose.

  11. twokeleven says:

    watch and read my youtube video on gas prices .Maybe a little comedy can help you feel better about it when you really can’t but laugh for the sake of crying.

  12. kendra says:

    however he sees it he still has to pay for gas otherwise him driving off into the sunset isn,t helping any cause he,ll just make the cost go higher cause then someone is going to have to foot the bill eventually…so the goverment need not be involved in this matter to much.

  13. I want 10 dollar a gallon gas says:

    Good! I hope it goes higher and stays high forever. As we Americans are to stupid and greedy to even try to change our ways until we are forced.

  14. Economist says:

    “Steven Colen said he pays well over $4 a gallon in Manhattan to fill up his Mercedes SUV and he blames the government for the high cost of gas.’

    Nope, it has nothing to do with all the people who drive oversized, 15-mpg SUVs.

  15. Jandy says:

    Keep spending trillions upon trillions of dollars on government programs and subsidiaries Mr. Obama and your left wing cronies in Washington. You will see a weaker and weaker dollar as a result higher energy prices. It’s not just the “rich” Did anyone above think that he (obama) wasn’t one of them? Of course he is!

    1. against politics says:

      Be serious, there will never ever be a “perfect” president, the tell you what you want to hear then forget you ever existed.

  16. CLAMP CHAMP says:

    Alex Scheer, you can’t just “blame the economy.” When the economy went bad money didn’t just voporize.. every cent you lost ended up somewhere else.
    somebody is behind this “bad economy” and some people made alot of money off it. blame the rich!

    1. Glenn says:

      Truer words have never been spoken.

  17. Charlie Sheen says:

    Gas , A$$, or Grass, nobody rides for free.

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