NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Possible presidential candidate Donald Trump received several draft deferments from military service during the Vietnam War, according to purported Selective Service records that appeared online.

The website says it received an extract of the records from the National Archives and Records Administration.

The records obtained show that except for a three-week period, “The Donald” was classified 2-S – deferred due to college study – from July 28, 1964 until January 1, 1968.

On July 9, 1968, Trump’s status switched to 1-A, meaning Trump was available for unrestricted service.

Three months later on October 15, 1968, the real estate mogul’s availability was restricted to only periods of war or national emergency, having received a result of disqualified on his Armed Forces Physical Examination.

Trump was ultimately classified 4-F, medically unqualified for military service, on February 1, 1972 – over three years later.

On Tuesday, Trump neglected to mention his multiple deferments, instead suggesting it was pure chance he didn’t get drafted.

“Well, I actually got lucky,” Trump said. “I had a very, very high number, and they never got up to that number.”

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  1. RICK says:

    they he goes trump first lie, strike one. who are this guy to talk about our president? he just hate to see smart black man like obama as our president. all he s doing is making a fool out himself. with the big mouth cursing on tv, no class, he is showing it. who want this guy to run our country? this guy makes my stomach flip. maybe he pay few millions for not to go to war, or maybe he is a coward like the rest of the republican party. and this tea party all bunch of racist people and they not ashame to tell the country.

  2. HooDatIS? says:


  3. B. Agostino says:

    Rich boy’s don’t serve ,they can’t stand sleeping in a
    group situation and public showers most run to the Psychiatrist to get an exemption
    that they are too nervous for combat.

  4. cygon says:

    After New Yorkers elected this swine Bloomberg, I now will never vote for any man who swear to run the government “like a business” !!!

    1. Well Said says:

      Well said !

      1. Rodin says:

        Well you voted ignorant of what “like a business” means. That’s exactly what you got. The bottom line is what matters. Hooray for free enterprise and unbridled capitalism. Shoot yourselves in the foot. If you’re not in the uppitiest 1%, you lose, Pawn!

  5. Bob Fowler says:

    It has become the norm to have a President with a lower moral standard that a pimp. The Donald is pretending to be considering running for the Presidency, for no other end than to increase his Q rating. He doesn’t care whether what is being said is good or bad, so long as his name is mentioned. This is the white Al Sharpton, a buffoon in need of an audience.

    Did any of you actually believe that Trump was a man of integrity or honor? If you did, did the Easter bunny bring you cool candy last week?

  6. jerseyjoey says:

    You liberal Fools, yea what a short memory you have, oh thats right only when it benifits your agenda, I seem to recall clinton dodged the draft and let the draft dodgers back into america. Funny, you see the Demoncrats Now know that trump or any other republican is there end in 2012, so lets start the smear campain now, different this time is America doesnt want whats in the White house at the monent and you will see defeat in 2012. truth will win out in the end, something that liberals fear most.

    1. Earl M Cohen says:

      Whether anyone wants Obama in the White House is moot regarding this specific issue. As to your remark about Clinton dodging the draft, whether he did is also moot: he opposed the war because the US had no business being there in the first place, something history has revealed to be the accurate take on that surrealistically horrific nightmare, and he was poor. That he is a Democrat is also moot; anyone who opposed the draft, was poor, and dodged it had every right to do so. Trump comes from wealth, the sector of society that avoided Vietnam en masse but achieved great wealth from it off the backs of others, most especially the poor who were forced to send their sons there while. Sons of the wealthy got their deferments; poor-born soldiers returned with all sorts of problems. It was not by chance that the largest portion that served over there were black. And half America’s homeless were Nam vets. Reagan and you Republicans saw to that. Trump proved himself to be a coward. Clinton proved to live up to his views, If he allowed draft dodgers to return to the US, good for him.

      I’m not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican, and I’ll not vote for any member of either party come 2012, but you on the right are the most dangerous and most despicable sector of American society in our history.

      Vietnam Vet, 1969-70
      Bronze Star, Army Commendation Medal

      1. Rodin says:


      2. Joan says:

        Thank you for your service, especially during such a terrible time in our history. And thanks for addressing that buffoon!

    2. Rodin says:


      You mean a “smear campaign” like the one Republicans led against John Kerry, a bona fide, decorated Viet Nam war hero who did serve honorably?


      PS –
      I didn’t “serve” either. The SS and FBI ‘rejected’ me.

    3. AFD says:

      What a short memory YOU have. It was Carter who gave a pardon to those who avoided the draft by leaving the country. What’s the difference between people like Clinton who left the country to avoid the draft and folks like Cheney who used multiple deferments to avoid serving? Clinton didn’t think ANYONE should go since he considered the war immoral. Cheney and Trump were both gung-ho on the war–as long as poorer guys did all the fighting.

      1. Rodin says:

        I’m still waiting for someone other than me to mention boozing “W”, our self-proclaimed, self-tooted “WAR PRESIDENT,” running even from his Air National Guard unit to avoid service…. 5’000 troop deaths and counting!

    4. John E. Williamson says:

      Sorry Jersey Joe, you have it COMPLETELY WRONG! Liberals would LOVE to see Trump run…..he’s quite an entertaining buffon.

  7. Richie says:

    Trump would eliminate the deficit almost immediately if he was elected president. He would immediately declare the USA bankrupt and leave the Chinese holding the bag. That’s his MO- run up the tab and then declare bankruptcy…….now we know that he ducked the draft as well……. and he wants to be president……I would vote for Birnie Madoff over that weasel

  8. Cliff says:

    Y’all can alll leave trump along. The country needs to be ran like a business.
    Get on the. Band wagon or just shut up?

    1. Rodin says:

      Please learn to write before you post.

  9. Rod in says:

    There is nothing wrong with draft dodging. The US military is the biggest scam in the world. We don’t need it. Nobody has ever invaded us. All the military does is get other folks overseas angry at us.

    1. Art says:

      The British invaded the US in 1812 and destroyed Washington. During WWI the Germans proposed to help the Mexicans if they would invade the US. And no doubt you’ve heard of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942. Without armed forces there is no doubt the US would never have survived, nor would it survive today. The fact President Bush used our military unwisely shows not that the military is a scam, but that some of our politicians are scam artists.

  10. frank burns says:

    Why is it that the sort of people who support Palin or Trump don’t understand what lying is? Sure, liberals lie, but they also understand the concept. But that Trump is a lier just flies right over the heads of these birther/Tea Party types. They think the issue is about avoiding the draft, are impervious to the idea of LIER. Is it because they have a disconnected about truth — holding to their beliefs against all evidence?

    1. John E. Williamson says:

      If you ever figure out how these people completely ignore reality let us ALL know. They continue to vote in opposition to their own self-interest based on lies…are the teabaggers/Republicans that stupid and gullible? If so this nation has some serious problems.

  11. kevin says:

    i thought that democrats hated war. At least he didnt protest on foreign soil like the traitor we had 2 presidents ago.

  12. Rod in says:

    What’s wrong with dodging the draft. The Military is one big scam. We don’t need it. Nobody has ever attacked us. All it does is invite attacks by angering people overseas.

    1. Kenn says:

      If u were a college student during this period, student deferments were automatic for everyone

    2. Jenetha Temba says:

      how can you say we dont need a military? Does Pearl Harbor and the Twin towers ring a bell. I am proud of anyone who is in service and I know we need good people to volumteer for the job. I’m not too fond of the draft but why did Trump not say “I was classified as medically unfit” instead of the lie he told. If he is able to lie with such a straight face for something so small, imagine when he has to address something bigger.

      1. Nick says:

        Rodin works for CBS.

        There’s no stopping their stupidity.

    3. 88mm says:

      get off the pipe,its rotting your brain.

  13. Common Sense says:

    Odd that so many New Yorkers here in this feedback would say such terrible things about trump considering if he was to become President, he would obviously favor New York and New York city in his policy making because he loves the city so much. You people really do not have much common sense, do you ?

    1. Charles Butts says:

      Donald Trump is not special. All politicians and people in the public eye are scrutinized about their military service, or non-service, particularly during the Vietnam era. If he avoided the draft, it is certainly becomes a point of judgement and character on his part.

  14. Jackie Chiles says:

    While there a many reasons I won’t vote for this man, his military deferment isn’t among them.

    The author of this article is really reaching for something negative to write.

  15. Dan Te says:

    NYC has a billionaire mayor….so let’s have a billionaire in the white house too. Just goes to show money can get you anything you want.

  16. mp says:

    Trump is not only a liar and an adulterer but he is a disgusting racist pig that got where he is true his father’s wealth.

  17. R u Kidding? says:

    Trump is the only person to ever bankrupt a casino! Yeah, let him run our country.

  18. Just Asking says:

    Is it a requirement for a presidential candidate to have served in the military? What’s the big deal?

    1. Omar says:

      When you question a sitting President’s right to serve because he is not qualified, your qualifications and ultimately your integrity must be called into question.

    2. GW says:

      I would say that a liar should not become President but I would be driven deaf by the overwhelming laughter.

  19. Andy says:

    I served in Viet Nam for a couple of tours – If Trump didn’t believe in this war – Maybe he shouldn’t have served. If he was afraid to go to war – then he was a coward who used his money to stay safe. I can respect a man who stands up for what he believes in – I can’t respect a coward. What was he?

    1. Frances says:

      Anyone who is going to be our president is going to send troops into harm’s way. A leader would serve or face the consequences. Troops need to believe the president isn’t sending them somewhere he wouldn’t go himself. John McCain had credibility in this regard–Trump doesn’t.

      1. Rodin says:

        Yeah, just like ‘W’!

  20. Paul says:

    50,000 Korean War National Museum supporters can use charity search engines.

  21. TruthBaby says:

    I’m starting to really like what this guy is saying. Who cares about his hair that is not what makes a man. This man is very successful, comes from a good hard-working family and he speaks TRUTH and I’m sure he won’t take any cr*p from anyone like these pandering idiots that we have in office now. THE TRUTH SHALL SET THE USA FREE!!!!! To bad all the liberals are afraid of it.

    1. Karen says:


      Funny that u say Trump speaks the TRUTH, while this article is showing just the tip of the iceburg of LIES he has stated.

      Get ready for all the Carnival Barkers Lies to come out….It will be very comical…

    2. Mp says:

      You must be a racist just like that arrogant racist Trump.

      1. Jackie Chiles says:

        If he is racist, he has my vote.

    3. Silverpegasus says:

      TruthBaby, talk is cheap, people follow like sheep!

  22. p says:,,, &

  23. Jay says:

    As a registered Democrat, Donald Trump seems to be the only one talking about the real issues affecting this country and how to get it back on track. I have seen many interviews with him and if you listen, he makes a lot of sense. However, the media which is biased will have you believe that anyone capable of making real change is simply an insane clown and most Americans will drink this cool-aid. I like what he says about bringing jobs back and his thoughts on China. Perhaps it’s time this broken country is run like a business. Trump just may be the man.

    1. Kris says:

      So, talking non-stop about Obama’s birth certificate (you know, the one that wasn’t actually missing) and how much money he has is going to get the country back on track how?

      Sometimes when the media says someone is an insane clown, it’s because that person is in fact an actual insane clown.

      1. Jay says:

        Anyone who poses a threat to either party is always made out to be “unelectable” or an “insane clown” If a REAL independent ran, just watch out!! Both parties who will team up to destroy the outsider. In this case, Trump is running as a Republican. You ask how how he will bring the country back? You aren’t listening to the news, or are listening to one of the biased news programs in favor of God almighty Obama. Trump doesn’t need the money or fame, he already has that. He also has tremendous business skills which is what this country needs now. Perhaps you like the change that has brough about? I don’t and no one is talking the right talk. Trump is making the case so far. Any threat to the media darling Obama and that person is destroyed. Americans fall for it and our jobs keep leaving. We sit here unemployed, or fear of losing the job we now have. China owns us and we buy goods that are cheap, toxic with short shelf life. I think it’s time for real change. As Trump said: Obama promised “change you can believe in” while Americans are saying “can you believe this change?”

      2. Jay says:

        Oh, and the birth certificate issue wasn’t Trumps. This has been going on for years. Remember? Trump brought it out in the open because many have questioned where Obama was born and still do. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care about any of this. I just want jobs for our country; a health care system that makes sense and some fiscal conservativeness. Domestic issues cannot be ignored. I’m sorry to say that IMHO, Obama has not delivered the change he promised. Almost everyone I know is either out of work, worried about losing their job, or knows someone who has lost their job. We are fighting too many wars that we are not winning and the country is in serious decline. China will eventually be the world leader. You call this change?

  24. Bill from Downtown says:

    I am an admirer of Mr. Trump, and if he runs, I will vote for him. However, something doesn’t ring right here. I don’t care about the 2-S status. Anyone in high school or college that was of draft age was automaticall given 2-S status. There were many different types of deferrments, including those for teaching, which drew countless numbers to the profession, many of whom never would have entered the profession except to escape the draft thereby significantly contriibuting to the dumbing down of America then – and now as those who entered then are well into their tenured positions . . . but I digress. What concerns me is that Mr. Trump said that he had, “a very, very high number.” I may be wrong, but t seems to me that the lottery system which assigned the numbers did not come into play until 1970 or 1971.

    1. Neither left nor right says:

      So he “misspoke*”, just like Blumenthal, both Clintons, Bushes and on and on and on.
      I’m pretty sure lying is a pre-requisite for higher office.

      *politi-speak for lying.

  25. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


  26. ericm says:

    Once again, it only proves that he’s a man of superior intellect. Why would anyone want to serve in Vietnam, if they can get a deferment?

    1. Mr Sam says:

      I served voluntarily. It’s called patriotism and love of country. Your way and we would be all speaking German now and Sieg Heiling our way throough life. If we follow you way of “outsmarting” the system today we will have towels on our heads and living Sharia.

      1. charles says:

        I wouldn’t compare the Vietnam fiasco with WW 2.

  27. charles says:

    What???? Rich people get special treatment??? No!! This is REALLY news! I just learned that the moon isn’t made of cheese this week. Enough already, I cant stand anymore!

  28. F. Fields says:

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! As a businessman, it is understood that a whole lot negative things go on to get deals done. “The Donald” has in deed lost my respect both as a business man and a father. He is showing his racist attitude with the comments and the persistent attacks on Obamaa’s citizenship and academic background. Did he inquire about Buxh’s shady academic record or lack of proven military participation? NO! Why not?

  29. Angel says:

    Ooops, big mouth ignoramous put his foot in this mouth again, or maybe his comb over clouded his tiny brain, regarding his deferments during the Vietnam War….Maybe he should have double checked his facts before he opened his big mouth. Guess he thinks the American public is as stupid as he is. Doesn’t he know that these facts are easily checked. I think the press is giving him too much air and print time. Just ignore him and see how quickly he fades away back into his hole.

  30. Gomer Pyle says:

    Far too many city, state and U.S. elected are arrogant, millionaire & billionaire CEO’s. They hide their cowardous behind their excessive wealth. None of them have the courage to serve as a member of our military, a firefighter or a police officer. The middle class is the backbone of our country, the mega rich are the ruination of our country.

  31. J says:

    I was born as the Vietnam war ended, so this does not apply to me. Donald Trump is a fugazie chump. How can you serve our country if you never served our country. Get what I mean?

  32. nathan says:

    Add coward to liar and pig.

  33. Mr Sam says:

    Trump/Palin slate. That should keep Rush busy for a while. Trump is Trump, a pompous ass that is above the rules that are made for the unwashed minions not for himself. How do you bankrupt a casino? By law you have to make money. You set the odds in favor of yourself.

  34. m. koobeer says:

    Well. What can one say about this Moran. I have on several occasions take a glimpse at him reading from a prepared speech and can classify him to a 9th grader whom I think can do a better job. He can hardly speak even from the prepared speech. I would love to seen him on stage debating the President whom he hates so much because of the color of his skin. ONLY IN AMERICA CAN A MORAN LIKE HIM BECOME A PRESIDENT. We have had a few morans in the past as presidents.

    1. Sal says:

      And what grade level can we classify you? What is a “Moran” (three times isn’t a typo) “I would love to seen”

      1. Mr Sam says:

        Thank you professor Sal. Don’t pay any attention to substance, just mud sling or demean. It’s easier than having something of substance to say. You must have loved “W”. He must have really kept your mind off his assine policies that sold this country out. He was another war hero, he couldn’t even find it in himself to fly his fighter over the U.S. never mind Vietnam.

      2. El Jefe says:

        A “moran” is one standard deviation of intelligence less than an “idiat.”

    2. Sal says:

      Sorry, I thought you were bashing trump because of his 9th grade education level. I guess you are the professor.

    3. Bill from Downtown says:

      The spelling is morOn. Please apologize to all of the proud Irish Morans who are quite capable of being President of these United States. By hte way, your grammar makes one wonder about your status.

      1. m. koobeer says:

        My status is: several drinks later. Moran!

  35. Ricardo Recchia says:

    Trump shoud let his stupid combover grow long enough to hide his lying mouth

  36. Steven Conner says:

    conscription should be voluntary or the ones who encourage it (the elitists) should offer their first born into as prima facie “recognition” of what they believe in as right. 🙂

  37. sean says:

    he is just a loud mouth glory hunter

    1. Richard T. says:

      Trump will do or say just about anything to keep his name in the news. Come on, people, he knows that he’s not one half as smart as he’d need to be to become president of the United States. This big mouth is just trying to “TRUMP” up attention for his next stupid reality show. This is FREE PR! I say that Ivana and Marla should get together, hold him down, and give him a crew cut! LOL

      1. Sal says:

        what does his TV show end? When that ends, he will go away.

  38. lala says:

    f*cking lloser

  39. Aceof Spades says:

    I dont get what this has to do with anything. Not news at all.

  40. Josh says:

    Where’ s the hair line???????????

  41. Mary Montgomery says:


    Don’t like the man! I’m not surprise he didn’t want to serve his country. The military would have shaved his head……….oh no!

  42. sigusmunt Kreusz says:

    Trump is a liar.The draft lottery wasn’t applied until 1970,( though it was constituted in 1969). What is important to know is what his birthday is. Then any newspaper, like the Daily News, can easily ferret out whether he is telling a lie or not.

  43. Terry NJ says:

    This guy is unbelievable!! and he has the gall to question the president!! I wnder hou his kids got into Wharton, can we see their grades?? or his????

  44. iggy says:

    he got a draft card in 1964, he “says” he got a high draft number, but the number system didn’t take effect until 1969. i know because i was in it. my number was 165 and i was called. the things father bought him out. plain and simple.

  45. cher says:

    Does he really believe his own BS or is he just stupid and think we will?

    1. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


    2. sonny says:


      Hey, It works for ALL other politically inclined narcissists, so why not. The beat goes on.

  46. JAN says:


  47. sulayman says:

    i agree that SOME service to your country be required, but it doesn’t have to be military. I know MANY people who served the USA overseas under harsh in the Peace Corps who make fine public servants and probably better presidents than those of the past.

    1. Anti-Trump says:

      Um, you forget that being in the Peace Corps required WORK! Those Corps people went to undeveloped countries, lived in remote villages, taught school, dug wells, ran clinics (like Pres. Carter’s mother, a retired nurse), and served heroically. Do you imagine this lazy bum would do all that good WORK, and in a place without indoor plumbing? He wouldn’t even serve if he was sent to Las Vegas! Disgusting old twiddlepoop, just wasting air.

  48. HERB says:


    1. Richard T. says:

      You are a loser just like your idol. As they say, birds of a feather, flock together!Get LOST, both you and Trump-

  49. AGENT ORANGE says:

    He should of sent in his hair to substitute for him, then there would be no need for AGENT ORANGE

  50. Ronny says:

    It should be a requirement to be president the candidate has served in ACTIVE SERVICE, not a weekend worrier.

    1. Lucius Junius Brutus says:

      Ron. Don’t you mean “warrior”? Otherwise you eliminate everyone as all presidents are weekend worriors and, hopefully worry the other 5 days as well. That’s the nature of the job.
      Besides, what constitutes “active” service during a war and how can you define “active service” during peacetime?
      Such a rule would have eliminated Jefferson, Lincoln, George Bush and numerous other greats including F.D.R. who had polio and could not have served had he wanted to after he left government after the Great War.
      Besides I doubt such a law could ever obtain the needed votes for a constitutional amendment that would be needed to make it law.

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