CLIFTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Two Clifton High School students have been arrested after a 15-year-old girl told police Wednesday that they had dragged her beneath a staircase and took turns sexually assaulting her during school hours in May.

Police said the 15-year-old girl told them she did not know either of the alleged attackers, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

“She was, [with] probably a little bit of coercion and a little bit of physical force, taken under the stairwell on the first floor,” Sgt. Robert Bracken said.

Police charged Jaime Urbina, 19, and a 17-year-old – both seniors at the school – with aggravated sexual assault, aggravated sexual contact and criminal restraint.

“She was somewhat smitten by their attention originally which probably led to them being able to do what they did,” Sgt. Bracken said.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Authorities Say This Is Not A Case Of He Said, She Said

Authorities said the victim didn’t report the alleged attack because she was afraid, but that a friend eventually told officials.

“She had seen one of the actors in the hallway that day,” Sgt. Bracken said. “Apparently this upset her, she was emotional, she discussed the incident with her friend.”

The 17-year-old, whose name has not been released because of his age, is being held at a juvenile detention center. Urbina is held on $150,000 bail.

Urbina’s attorney said his client vehemently denies the charges and should be presumed innocent. Those who know Urbina said the same thing about a student they described as popular.

“I just hope that he is found innocent,” said junior Jeremie Figueroa.

Authorities said they have hard evidence that supports the alleged victim’s horrific claim, though they wouldn’t say Friday if surveillance cameras inside the school captured the alleged assault.

“We had sufficient cause to pursue charges against them,” Sgt. Bracken said.

Current and former students told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg that teens are having sex all the time in the school building.

“I’m really not shocked because of the way the kids are in that school – they’re uncontrollable, they just do whatever they want,” one woman said.

Students, though, said they felt safe at the school, which is one of the largest in the state – and has two resource officers on duty.

“Nothing ever happened to me,” student Laura Jaramillo said. “I’ve never had any problems. I’ve always been okay.”

Officials on Friday were asking students to come forward if they had any information about the alleged rape .

No comment has been made from school officials.

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  1. malcom says:

    how’s that integration working for you, America?

  2. Tommy C says:

    Bring back corporal punishment ….get the illegals out their 1/2 the problem . With the gangs , ur in a gang ur out . Where the hell are their parents , waiting in line for their family first cards

    1. Andres Felipe says:

      lol you just sit back and wait for an article that has a Hispanic involved to write your ignorant comments what a sad low life pos.

  3. kfedup says:

    @emily: You must be honest with yourself and accept the fact that your town has become a third world country. I have recently talked with a clifton detective and he told me that there are cases like this in clifton on a weekly basis. (along with all the other crime).
    But do not fret my friend. The real estate market is in a slump. Inerest rates are low. Perhaps now would be a good time to relocate your family to a better town.
    It is not going to get better there. The Ozzie and Harriet days are over. I must admit I sympathize with you! I miss the times when I grew up in the sixties and seventies, when we knew all our neighbors and we could let our kids go out and play without worry.

  4. Emily says:

    You shouldn’t judge people from where they are. If you lived in Clifton you would know it’s not a bad place. And i’m sure there are drugs in all schools. trust me. I graduated from clifton and all of my friends are doing something with their lives, some going to the ivy league schools your blue ribbon students are going to. stop being so judgmental and thinking that just because your from a certain place that your automatically inferior to people from other places seriously.

    1. chico says:

      Clifton is a DIRTHOLE from HELL full of DISPICTABLE ANIMALS. Burn them out, and rebuild it now.
      my .02

  5. Louise says:

    I graduated from Clifton High school in another era, when such a thing was unheard of. We were so innocent. What has happened to my Alma Mater?

  6. Bob Fowler says:

    Has anyone considered the possibility that this was not rape? Tawana Brawley claimed to have been raped for days by police, only to later recant her story and admit that she made it up to not get in trouble. The Duke lacrosse team was accused of rape, only to be found wrongfully accused.

    Before we all lose our minds, pontificating over whether or not the young men should be hung, castrated, or gang raped in prison for years, maybe we should wait until some of the facts come to light? It wouldn’t be the first time a young lady cried rape to avoid the truth of consensual sex, would it?

    3 young lives will be potentially ruined by this accusation. Let’s hope that the damage can be limited to those that are wrong only. Until then, slow down on the execution of sentences, ok? Just because CBS reports it, it isn’t necessarily as the story states it.

    1. J Mcguire says:

      This was not rape! When the truth comes out we willl find out that this school is out of control with gang activity. This girl is connected to the gangs. She set up these kids as revenge for one of the gang members. She should be in jail. It does not take much research to verify this.

  7. C wing posse 1991 says:

    It all comes down to the element. Animals raising animals. Clifton’s is the next ghetto. What a shame. Some people just don’t care to better themselves….

    1. boris angolti says:

      I agree clifton is becoming a slum ghetto. Its a shame that the police and school adminisration try to portray the place as some safe haven fee of any problems. The place is a disaster. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT.

  8. Rebecca says:

    I am a more recent graduate from Clifton High School and can tell you that though the school is large, the teachers and administrators care deeply about their students – several police officers also help manage the building. The school community is also very supportive and students work hard (for the most part). There will always be a few incidences at any high school you visit that may be shocking (including several older students), but my friends and I always felt safe here.

    I am disturbed by this news, but only hold those responsible – the perpetrators.

    1. neda velasquez says:

      If you are a recent grad, contact some of the people you know who are still there and you will find that the girl is a real bad seed. The school is infested with gangs and illegals. Any school that needs police on hand is probably completely out of control. I blame the administration, teachers and the board of ed.

      1. Andres Felipe says:

        lol all schools have a mandatory rule to have atleast one police officer present after columbine. Do your research, and i don’t get it why do you associate being illegal with gangs?

  9. Sick 'n Tired says:

    Unfortunately there are no consequences for kids nowadays.

    They simply do what they want and defy any and all authority.

    My guess is that these attackers (or their parents) are of illegal origin. Shame on me if I’m wrong but that’s where my money is.

    1. Kel says:

      their legal status isnt even relevant to anything?

      1. SpaceX gonna give it to ya says:

        That’s it! Ship them off to SPACE CAMP for life. They are going to the Baikonur Cosmodrome for Astronaut training and then they are going to be booted off to the Moon,,,good riddance. WEP assignments on the MOON, that’s what they’re asking for.

    2. Gail Moreno says:

      Shame on you. You are wrong. I would be more concerned with the gangs than the illegals. All involved are US citizens. As far as consequences right know there are two innocent kids in jail and the school is on TV calling them rapists!!
      SHAME ON THE SCHOOL. They are the ones who should be held accountable

  10. doc says:

    Those 2 should be hang by their little weinies. 19 years old and still in HS, something is wrong there! Close down that school if the teachers and admins can’t educate and be in control.

    1. LastoftheZucchiniFlowers says:

      doc nailed it on the head! Why is a 19 year old MAN in HIGH SCHOOL? Send him to jail or to the military like back in the day. If he wants to be a tough guy – let him go be tough in Afghanistan. He can try and start a gang THERE, see how far he gets…Close the school if rape can’t be stopped or if girls can’t be safe from thuglife. Excuse me now while i go vomit.

      1. Pat says:

        Don’t insult the young people fighting these wars overseas by sending this garbage over there.

      2. JR GOLD says:

        THE GIRL IS PART OF THE THUG LIFE AT 15 yrs old!!!!!!!!! What kind of parents let this happen to their daughter????
        @pat. How do you know this kid is garbage? You will see that you are very wrong. I would love to see what you look like! Have you ever beenn in the military? I picture you sitting at home in your living room (probably overweight) smoking cigarettes and complaining about what’s wrong with the world!

    2. Dave says:

      “Doc” said “…… 19 years old and still in HS, something is wrong there!”

      Really? Because a student is 19, the assumption is that there is something wrong?

      No, small head(s), This story aside; 19 and a senior does not imply a wrong.

  11. John A. says:

    While corporal punishment is not very effective,in this case,both of those young men deserve to be paddled at least 10 times each across their backsides before they are sentenced to jail.Then,let the other inmates take care of them.How could these 2 individuals brutalize a young teen age girl?How could this be allowed to happen in school? Parents assume that their children are going to be safe in school-this crime is outrageous and all of the parents should demand ,especially those of that young lady,a thorough investigation by the police as to how security could have been so lax!Someone needs to beld accountable for this!

    1. john portelo says:

      I will be anxiously awaiting your response next week when you hear the real story

  12. CSI says:

    Starting them off young. What a waste.

  13. Cathie Black says:

    0bservations: 1) shame on the Clifton H.S. teachers and administrators if things are THAT out of control. they DON’t have to be! 2) SHAME on the CHS students for being ANIMALS. 3) Re: the comment by the person in India: stay there. PLEASE, just stay there.

    1. jojo says:

      Shame on the teachers. Teachers are not there to discipline or police unruly kids. They are there to teach.

    2. K says:

      How could you call the whole CHS students for it? It was just two people.

  14. Gill says:

    oh!! Thank God!!! I live in India with only 65% educated but we Indian r far away from those types of incidents. American r free but not children, espacially GIRLS.

    Clifton High school is just an Pointing finger my dear, what about other 3 fingers….!!!

    1. ham07 says:

      @ Gill

      You are kidding right. India has great drive an ambition But don’t tell me the girls there are better off than in America. The girls are second citizens for the most part and are arranged to marry someone they have never met. They may or may not get educated and they do what the man says. Yes we have heard the terrible stories of girls being raped in villages and then they are found guilty of someone allowing that, and how they get thrown out of families. Girls who throw acids on their faces because they don’t wish to marry the man chosen for them, or girls get acid in their faces to make them ugly when they refuse an arranged marriage.

      Nice try Gill, but India has it’w own issues with how females are treated.

      1. CSI says:

        Dont forget the girls who are sold to brothels by their own family.

    2. Hungry Lion says:

      Indian men have very small P*nis and find it hard to satisfy their women. That is why they match up.

      1. Raul says:

        You are right about that, but would love for you to fu€# me with your big(ger) pen%#

    3. BF says:

      Indian men are to polite about sex. This reflects about how polite they are in customer service calls. Polite = Boring… really boring. This polite state of being hides the really corrupt nature of India. Every human is human and Men are part animal in instinct. So don’t fool yourself.

    4. LastoftheZucchiniFlowers says:

      I have never been to India, but excuse me Gill, would you mind clarifying your comment? I am a medical provider and my colleagues from East Asia have often commented about young brides being burned alive by less than acceptable dowrys, or if the mother in law doesn’t care for her new indentured servant. Of course, it’s ‘illegal’, just like drugs and infibulation, however this does not mean it’s not happening. So while this story is a hateful indictment on THESE TWO NEANDERTHALS, I doubt any parent of any girl who attends school there will be sending their daughters to India! PS – I don’t think you are legit, Gill. Sorry. Moreover, the lower caste girls are usually sold into prostitution if they’re really poor. Brahmin girls, different story altogether. Most of them are here in NY/NJ practicing Internal Medicine.

  15. Lucy Lee says:

    As a 1978 graduate of Clifton High, I am APPALLED to hear about this. I’m glad I don’t have kids, and I’m glad my brothers don’t live in Clifton anymore so their kids won’t have to attend Clifton High. Whatever happened to Clifton when the worst thing that happened in school was getting caught smoking a cigarette or a joint, or getting into a fist fight? The school has gotten much worse over the past 25 years with teachers being attacked by students, drugs, sexual assualts, and weapons. This is why people don’t want to send their kids to Clifton High and they are leaving for the suburbs.

    1. Truth says:

      1978 and 2011 are about a million years apart. It just isn’t Clifton but in a lot of places. Students are not afraid of teachers in today’s society. Look at the news about NYC schools. Kids misbehave, cops put handcuffs on them and the next thing you know is that there is a multimillion dollar lawsuit against them. Blame society for taking out a good old whipping if kids were to misbehave.

    2. Emily says:

      It’s not clifton, it’s society nowadays. It’s not the school that is bad, it’s just some kids not all of them just like in any town or state or country.

      1. kfedup says:

        NO It is Clifton. My kids go to a school 15 minutes from there and it is a blue ribbon school. No police, no gangs, no drugs! Maybe there are some kids who smoke in the bathroom. Perhaps an occassional fight. CLIFTON WILL BE LIKE PATERSON AND NEWARK VERY SOON if it is not already there

      2. emily says:

        @kfedup You shouldn’t judge people from where they are. If you lived in Clifton you would know it’s not a bad place. And i’m sure there are drugs in all schools. trust me. I graduated from clifton and all of my friends are doing something with their lives, some going to the ivy league schools your blue ribbon students are going to. stop being so judgmental and thinking that just because your from a certain place that your automatically inferior to people from other places seriously.

      3. emily says:

        @kfedup You shouldn’t judge people from where they are. If you lived in Clifton you would know it’s not a bad place. And i’m sure there are drugs in all schools. trust me. I graduated from clifton and all of my friends are doing something with their lives, some going to the ivy league schools your blue ribbon students are going to. stop being so judgmental and thinking that just because your from a certain place that your automatically inferior to people from other places seriously.judge people by their own actions not other peoples actions

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