JERSEY SHORE, NJ (CBSNewYork) — If you need to “go” at the Jersey shore, you may be out of luck.

A new poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University showed New Jerseyans think there aren’t enough bathrooms near the beach. 

In fact, 83 percent of those surveyed say the state should require shore towns to provide restrooms for beachgoers. 

“In the beach available of restrooms question, women are more in favor of it, 86 percent and men are pretty much in favor of it, 80 percent,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “That and parking are the two big issues in communities that don’t actively solicit beachgoers.”

Bathrooms at the beach and beach access rules have been hotly contested issues in the Garden State.

The poll found that 48 percent say shore communities have too many restrictions for getting to the beach.

The state’s Department of Environmental Protection wants to relax rules, allowing shore towns to create their own beach access plans which would then have to be approved by the DEP.

But the proposal has drawn opposition from many beachgoers who don’t trust shore towns to make sure the public has the right to use the beaches and not just shore residents.

Some opponents say exclusive towns like Bay Head and Mantoloking already make it difficult to use their beaches by providing little parking, no bathrooms and excessive rules.

And while bathrooms are available at resort areas along the Jersey shore, some say smaller towns don’t provide bathrooms and even ban food and drinks from the beach.

The DEP said it will work with communities to craft access plans that make local sense while protecting the rights and needs of residents and businesses.

But despite a lack of bathrooms, overall New Jerseyans say the shore is a great place to vacation, with 80 percent calling it “very good” while 73 percent say they’d recommend visiting the Jersey shore to family and friends. 

The poll surveyed 1,610 registered voters from June 14 to 19.

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  1. tony from LES says:

    NYC PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF NJ PEOPLE CLOGGING UP OUR GRID AND FLOODING OUR CITY BECAUSE THEIR STATE HAS NO DECENT JOBS…….do you realize how stupid you people sound? you come to NYC to work and we come to you to relax………….practice what you preach red necks!

  2. lydia says:

    Go Home. The more we provide the more BENNYs will come down to our beaches/towns. In all honesty, go somewhere else.
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    1. nathan says:

      So the new trick on this site is to comment on the topic briefly and then spam for a website. There’s a few who have been doing this and think they are getting away with it. They’re wrong. You have been reported.

  3. todd says:

    NJ always 5 years behind NYC yet 1 mile away…………who even goes there to vacation? what a dump!

    1. Mr. Incredible says:

      @todd – go fist yourself. We don’t like you either.

      1. todd says:

        on a thread like this you dont need to use “@” when replying, its built into the interface to show who you are replying to……………..PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW DUMB AND INCOMPETENT NJ PEOPLE ARE. THEY CAN’T EVEN USE A SIMPLE FORUM AHHAHAHA

    2. Mr. Incredible says:

      Glad it got your Geek attention. Now everyone knows you are a dork.

      1. todd says:

        no its simple common sense for 2011………..something only someone 5 years behind wouldn’t understand! GET IT? HAHAHAHAHHA

    3. Mr. Incredible says:

      common sense tells me you took the bait.

  4. frank says:

    can you just pee in the water? its already choc full of sewage…….

  5. Mr. Incredible says:

    @VK – These people don’t live at the beach. They are the type of people we try to run out of our towns with pitchforks and torches. By the way it’s called the “beach” not the “shore”. Ignorance is also a problem over here.

    1. steve gold says:

      you run people out of your town with pitchforks and torches…….thats right i forgot you own the town and the beach and these people are trespassing………and this is why NJ is the ignorant, wayward state that it is………people like yourself are bred there………..Mr. Incredible your beach is a dump and so is your jobless little town!

      1. Mr. Incredible says:

        Clearly, you don’t have a sense of humor. If disrespectful and egomaniacal vacationers clogged up your town on a seasonal basis you would understand. North Jersey and South Jersey might as well be different states.

  6. Mr. Incredible says:

    Go Home. The more we provide the more BENNYs will come down to our beaches/towns. In all honesty, go somewhere else.

  7. VK says:

    No. 1 Problem On The Jersey Shore? – it’s the trashy guidos and guidettes

    1. Mr. Incredible says:

      VK – These people don’t live at the beach. They are the type of people we try to run out of our towns with pitchforks and torches (BENNY). By the way it’s called the “beach” not the “shore”. Don’t worry, ignorance is also a problem.

      1. Sal says:

        That’s it Mr. Inc, drive everyone out of your “beach” town, and all that will be left will be your inbred family. I guess you never leave your “beach” town.

    2. Mr. Incredible says:

      Wow, how bitter are you? I leave every day to work in Manhattan, commute 2hrs back home to spend my money locally. Inbred? This article is about the beach not Arkansas. Did we read the same article?

      1. be reasonable says:

        Mr. Incredible, he means that by the way you type, it seems like you are from Arkanasas. In fact thats why there are always jokes about NJ and people from NJ because you guys are backdated in your thinking and the ignorance level is quite high for its geographical location. I mean seriously, you are less than 2 hours from an international megatropolis and you want to impose “not in my backyard” values? Thats typical of NJ, which is why like someone else said, its 5 years behind NYC. There is such a stagnant rigid attitude there that it shows in the competency of its people. It’s a shame too because Northern NJ has some really great resources but the people really hold themselves back. And where you live there is no economy which is why morons likes you come to NYC for work!

      2. nathan says:

        Are you getting paid by the post? If so please earn your $ and say something intelligent.

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