NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It was an Independence Day with a flair, as the 35th Annual Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Show over the Hudson River lit up the night sky in every color of the rainbow.

Tens of thousands of people lined the Hudson River to enjoy the pyrotechnics show, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Children were mesmerized – except for 4-year-old Skylar Foxwell, who held her ears as her sister, Aubrey, protected her.

“I’m her big sister, I guess that’s what I’m supposed to do,” 10-year-old Aubrey said.

Couples were spotted throughout the crowd, enjoying the show arm-in-arm.

“Definitely romantic,” Amber Lloyd, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, said. “They’re doing a great job.”

Revelers lined up by the thousands, some as early as five hours ahead of time, to see the fireworks show along a closed West Side Highway.

Sadid Telb, 9, was there with a full crew.

“My mom, my sister, and my dad,” he said.

Then there was Zulma Rivera, of Pomona, who was watching by herself – but was surrounded by hundreds of newfound friends.

“I got here very early to see this,” she said.

They were all there to see another year of the Macy’s fireworks – 40,000 shells in all – light up the Hudson River in a big way.

Now, though, it’s all about the massive clean-up efforts. An army of street sweepers was at the ready shortly after the show along the West Side Highway as the city prepared to get the road reopened to traffic.

Just hours after the event, the nation’s biggest and best fireworks show was just a memory – that is, until next year.

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  1. Michael H. says:

    dude; fake nathan…get a freaking life, man.

    1. nathan says:

      MIchael he’s severely disturbed, ruins this site and yet CBS wont ban him. Why I have no idea.

  2. pyrotechnics says:

    Who invented fireworks?

  3. KPMc says:

    “It was an Independence Day with a flair…”

    no ‘a’ needed. It should read… “It was an Independence Day with flair…”

    1. KPMc says:

      C’mon guys… I know if you work hard enough you can get your writing and reading skills up to a JHS level, just keep plugging away at those english as a second language lessons.

  4. Rafael says:

    Yeah Manhattan and NJ can see it all fine and dandy, but Brookly, SI, Queens and the Bronx have to watch it on TV

    1. Michael H. says:

      agreed. The move to the West Side is a big “F U” to the “other” boroughs. The West Side is NOT easily accessible. The fireworks need to be brought back to the East River so the entire city can have easy access to viewing spots. Barges in the harbor would be a big help too. The city’s exuse of “lower Manhattan is not able to handle the crowds” if barges would have been placed around the Statue of Liberty is a bunch of nonsense. Far more people would have watched from the Brooklyn and Staten Island shorelines than they would have from Battery Park.

      Or maybe Beyonce simply didn’t want to compete with noises that are actually pleasing to the ears.

    2. Clark A. says:

      What about Connecticut?

      1. Michael H. says:

        Go get your own explosives.

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