NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – This is not your average Duane Reade.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell In Lower Manhattan

The new store at 40 Wall Street has offerings that go way beyond the typical pharmacy.

“Women can come in, appointment not necessary, and get a blowout of their hair,” says Duane Reade president Joe Magnacca.

But Magnacca says it’s not just the hair salon which sets this store apart. It’s also the sushi bar and juice bar.

“Traditionally drug stores are used as transactional, which means people come in, they buy what they need, and they leave. We want people to come in and shop and browse and live the experience that we’ve created inside the store,” he says.

It’s all part of trying to grow the brand.

“Oh, it’s still, first and foremost, a drug store, and all the other attributes that we put in the store really are there to build on the success of the drug portion of our store,” he says.

The store is 22,000-square-feet – the largest Duane Reade in New York City.

In a nod to its location on Wall Street, there’s also a stock ticker.

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  1. val says:

    Is their sushi the Duane Reade generic brand? LOL!

  2. advice says:

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  3. steven says:

    All that is left of Manhattan is Chase bank and Duane Reade. At any given time you can walk to one within a block or two. Nobody notices anything wrong with this picture? Or are you too distracted by the garbage that CBS and the other Big 6 media companies keep you distracted with?

    5 things you should know:

    if everyone knew . com

  4. scott feingold says:

    BROUGHT TO YOU IN PART BY……………………your local corporate gangster and drug pusher : )

  5. james says:

    It’s like when the neighborhood drug dealer or drug cartel gives back to its community for letting it run its rackets. Pfizer, Lily, Novartis etc…..legalized drug pushers…..GREAT JOB AMERICA

  6. Moon Them says:

    Does Poland Spring deliver WATER to the MOON yet? That would really help tourism there.

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