Fundraiser Friday Night Raises $20,000 To Help With Victim's Medical Bills

BAYONNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A young New Jersey man is in a coma fighting for his life after police said he was attacked by more than a dozen people over the weekend.

Police said Dawid Strucinski was on his way home from a convenience store in Bayonne around 3 a.m. Sunday morning when he came to the aid of a friend who was engaged in a fight with a group of teenagers.

CBS 2 obtained exclusive video of the brawl. Watch it below.

“It happened in a matter of seconds. I think they were just out looking for trouble. They asked us from a block away if we wanted to fight,” friend Dan Soutkin told CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

Soutkin, who found himself in the middle of the fight, said he saw his friend Strucinski get out of the cab to help, but that’s the last thing he remembers.

Police said the 22-year-old suffered severe head trauma after a mob of 13 to 20 people repeatedly punched and kicked him in the head. Strucinski remains in intensive care at Jersey City Medical Center.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports: A Crime Of Opportunity?

Investigators said they arrested two teenagers on Friday, in addition to the three Bayonne teens picked up on Thursday — a 16-year-old boy, and two teenage girls, aged 17 and 14.

Charges are pending against three other juveniles.

Police said prior to the attack the group of teenagers had come from a house party on 15th Street where alcohol was served. Alcohol Beverage Control investigators are now involved in the case.

“I don’t know why anyone would do that,” friend of the victim Dave Aziz said on Friday. “I don’t understand. There was no purpose. I keep hearing that they were drunk but you don’t do those things. You don’t do those things to a person. No one deserves that, especially him.”

A motive for the attack is still under investigation. Investigators said the fight was not gang related.

Many of Strucinski’s friends were shocked by the attack, saying the recent Rutgers University graduate is the type of person that others love being around.

“Honestly, he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life,” friend Steve Grau said.

“It’s hard to believe that someone would ever want to harm him,” another friend said. “He was being a good friend and in turn something terrible happened to him. It’s not fair at all, he doesn’t deserve it.”

“It’s hard to say how he’ll be when he wakes up,” friend Ciffany Lanza said. “But he’ll wake up, he’s a fighter.”

A fundraiser was held Friday at the Polish American Center in Bayonne to help Strucinski’s family with his medical bills. At least $20,000 was taken in, and an additional $5,000 was raised on the Internet.

“He is in everybody’s prayers and it is wonderful what everybody is doing,” friend Michelle Bulvid told Smith.

Strucinski, an avid soccer player, has a passion for law enforcement. He majored in criminal justice and is hoping to join the FBI.

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  1. John says:

    Sugar coat it liberal media. Blame it on “alcohol”, anything but the facts which comes down to two words; feral apes.

  2. Lindsay says:

    These kids should be charged as adults. They do not have futures ahead of them, obviously. They do not know any better. Alcohol is not an excuse. They’re not responsible and they’re making poor decisions. There are no excuses. Nobody cares about reckless kids. End of story.

  3. David says:

    This is horrible reporting. Why isn’t the story reporting that all these teenagers are black? Black mobs are attacking people all over the US. Why is the media ignoring this?

  4. JR from CA says:

    I see lots of posts here assuming that the teen mob attackers were black. Is this based on facts or assumptions? I saw the video and some of them looked white although it was really bad quality. I looked on Derrick Hilton’s Facebook page (the 18YO arrested) and he’s not black. Maybe Latino or mixed race. Definitely the mob teens are thugs and savages, but does anyone have FACTS that the mob was all or mostly black? Like, what was the police statement of witnesses? (For sure though if the mob was white and the victim was black you’d hear it over all the news.)

    1. Mr. Ski says:

      Part of the problem in definitively stating that Dawid’s (a white Polish-American) attackers were black is that our “justice” system denies the free release of information about minors. It was reported in the local press that the Bayonne Deputy Police Chief said that these thugs were “black, white and Latino” – but in what proportion? This information is not being officially released but based on witness reports, most were non-white. So what are people to think and post in the absence of official and accurate reporting? Anyone who lives in Bayonne (as I do) can tell you that most criminal youth-on-youth activity is race-based.

      Release the data on these minors, some of whom have already been released into the custody of their “parents” (who raised them to be vicious animals) while Dawid still lies in hospital. At the very least, release the names and pictures of the parents, who should also be held accountable for the actions of their offspring. I pity the teachers who will not be informed in September that these brutal, degenerate criminals are in their classrooms. Charge them ALL as adults and let the chips fall where the may.

      Ah, but “nothing bad every happens in Bayonne” and its citizens are left in the dark through the cowardice of their public officials.

      And it is a sad fact that had Dawid been a non-white ethnic-American and his attackers white, the furor and “indignant outrage” expressed and publicity generated would far exceed that which has been over him.

      My prayers are for Dawid, his parents and family, his friends. And I pray that our public officials finally wake up to the reality which Bayonne is.

  5. Christy says:

    I would just like to send my heart out to Stucinski and his family. I have prayed for all of them since I heard of the incident and I continue to pray. Since i heard of this assault I am so touched. These kids do need to be charged as adults. Nothing can replace the harm they did to this boy and family and friends and even us people in the community. I keep praying for his well being. And the ones that are juveniles the parents should be charged too. And now please step up the patroling of officers so that this will not happen to another one of our loved ones. Please.. More cameras, more patroling. Prevent this from happening. Again, I pray so deeply for that family.

  6. Moishe says:

    Mob assault, twenty to one, is not a ‘fight’ contra the headline. Nor should there by any confusion about motive, the motive was racial animus. Each of the attackers must be tried as adults for attempted murder augmented by a hate crime charge.

  7. michelle says:

    For more information on ways to help Dawid please visit or email please help by showing your support

  8. zibi says:

    David modle sie za Ciebie. Jestem z Ciebie dumny. Tak jak nasi ojcowie i dziadowie pokazales charakter, wrazliwosc i walecznosc i dlatego wyjdziesz z tego. Jesteś jak kwiat na klepisku. Jestem o wiele lat starszy ale podziwiam Cie. Niech Dobre Moce przywroca Cie do zycia. Swiat, szczegolnie teraz potrzebuje takich ludzi jak TY.

  9. jennifer carangelo says:

    the police need to enforce the curfew as well just bcuz its summer doesnt mean these kids should be roaming the streets!! and to the mother that let them drink and then leave, be prepared to lose money and pray u get no time. look what happen and u should know how they act!! I KNOW U DO!!!!! these kids and the other incidents are just a prime example of something being lacked, well alot is being lacked now these kids are really gonna know how its like to be miserable. they have no idea and i hope it sparks a flame before its too late!! they need to open places so these kids can have mentors and do what they enjoy doing ,instead of running on the streets being something they’re not. DONT LET THE STREETS WIN!!!

  10. grumpy old man says:

    Bayonne used to be a nice town. I used to deliver milk to sub dealers there in the 60sand early 70s. Never had any problems. I’m glad I’m not there anymore.

  11. doc in NJ says:

    as a physician, I wonder if these frequent, non-random acts of savage violence occurring in teens are the result of displaced rage deep in their psyche. But if so, from where does it emanate? Destitution? Poor family structure? Extreme envy? As with everything in medicine, it probably has a few causes. Let’s hope we can find some answers soon…

    1. richard Allen says:

      No doc its because these kids are making a PERSONAL CHOICE to be a ni—gggger instead on being black.

      That’s all the psychology you need to understand this problem…..its personal choice to be a thug niggg-gggger

      With all the rap music glorifing this…what else should we expect.

      We need to empty out the jails of non violent drug possessors to have room to store these animals.

      We HAVE achieved MLK dream of being judged by the content of your character…..its just millions want to be n-iggggerz and have a horrible content of their character.

      No one needs a PH.D for this…all you need is to stop being politically correct….that’s it!

    2. HUGO says:

      hey Doc, how about blaming Bush?

    3. Moishe says:

      The attackers performed a sophisticated cost/benefit analysis and concluded their night of fun was worth the risk. Fear as a civilizing tool has a place. I suspect you would agree had the races been reversed or had the victim been a relative. Then concern over the motives of the poor dear attackers would be replaced by a clarion call for justice. Cold, hard, cleansing justice.

  12. bill burns says:

    Coloreds running in gangs terrorizing people all over the country. How come the NAACP doesn’t put an end to this? Oh, you mean thet are behind it? I get it now.

    1. 1st Black Astronaut says:

      Post pictures of Charles F. Bolden, Jr. everywhere. He was appointed by Obama himself to be the new NASA Administrator. These kids should be looking up to Mr. Bolden, as a shining exemplar.

      1. Moishe says:

        I thought the election of Obama would have the same positive effect. But no, I guess not. Maybe black social pathology is incurable. Seems so.

        BTW, Mr. Bolden maintains his agency’s primary purpose is to ‘outreach’ to Muslim societies. I presume to assure them our loud space machines mean them no harm.

  13. Annj says:

    I hope that every person in that mob gets picked up by the police, goes to trial and gets convicted. They should spend their life in jail and think about what they did. Let’s pray this young man survives.

    1. Muh Lips, Muh Lips, Muh Lips says:

      Put a pair of LIP PLATES on each of them and ship them back to Afreaka.

  14. Christine says:

    These wilding type attacks are getting more and more common now. People, protect yourselves from a possible gang attack. At least have some mace on you if you HAVE to go to a bad area or you are out late at night. Don’t be a victim.

  15. Old Timer from Yorkville NYC says:

    Nice looking kid ,hope he pulls through but with brain damage one can suffer
    even years afterwards and get Parkinson’s disease or stroke .terrible.

    1. SPACE CAMP forever says:

      you mean seizures….Prisons are no longer deterrents to crime. We need radical change. Ship them all off to SPACE CAMP in the summer, EVERY SUMMER. I’m referring to the Baikonour Cosmodrome Astronuat Training Center where they get booted off to the Moon when they complete the program. Rehabilitate them into Construction Astronauts.

  16. General says:

    I pray for David and his family. He was helping out a friend and this is what he gets beaten to near death. The race of this mob doesn’t matter. They are just part of an angrier society. Police need to step up and enforce all laws. People today get away with too much. Once police show their authority again in the community and enforce the laws people will learn there are consequences to their actions. Right now, everybody can get away with everything. Its sad that society is this angry and violent. May God be with David and his family.

    1. r says:

      Lifetime in solitary confinement with no possibility of parole for all of them. The death penalty is too nice for them — a few minutes of suffering, as opposed to a whole lifetime to think about what they did.

    2. Moishe says:

      Unfortunately the race of the mob does matter because race mattered to this mob. Assaults of this type are virtually always black affairs and the victims are almost always non-blacks. This is nationwide.

  17. Kevin Scott Koepke says:

    This happened up the street from my father’s house; they should be tried as adults and their parent’s held financially responsible for Mr. Strucinski’s medical bills…

  18. Jeremy from Staten Island says:

    Has anyone on this board actually met David?

    1. Mr. Ski says:

      I have. He is a former student of mine. A wholesome and upstanding young gentleman from a fine family. What, you think he caused this situation? Shame on you!!

  19. max says:

    My Goodness people
    Does it matter what color anyone was
    There was no reason for such a senseless beating

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder

      1. badman says:

        your anger is borderline personality disorder, and you’ve confused “conservative” for “hateful.” you may not give true conservatives a bad name.

        go on beeping with rage, little man. it does nothing except amuse us.

    2. Sickntired says:

      Yes it matters what color they are, these unprovoked attacks on whites by feral blacks are happening all over the country. Time for some vigilante justice!

    3. Moishe says:

      The victim was attacked because he was white. So yes, color does matter. Tell us the truth, would you be so oblivious to race had the victim been black and the attackers white?

  20. Nec says:

    Those types of people drinking the Hennesy always looking for trouble, but when one of their own is killed for their tough guy stupidity, they all of a sudden want justice.

    1. Omar says:

      One of which people? You weren’t there, you don’t know who attacked him. Maybe it was ze Germans you imbecile.

      1. Moishe says:

        ‘Which people’ was established by the police report. Mystery solved. And no, it wasn’t Germans. No bratwurst or waltz music or precision engineering was involved.

    2. lissa says:

      I love how everyone tries to blame black people when a WHITE lady just got away with murdering her child. WAKE THE HELL UP! This is everywhere!

      1. Guess Who says:

        Funny non two non-whites microwaved their kids recently and not a word from the MSM. It’s not news because minority violence is too common.

      2. says:

        Are you saying that a mob of teens murdered somebody’s child?

      3. Moishe says:

        Casey Anthony is an anomaly. Black mobs attacking non-blacks is the norm. The MSM has no interest in reporting the larger reality even if it enhances public safety. This places the burden on citizens to inform themselves in order to protect their families.

  21. danny says:

    Lots of dumb racists here. Like a mob of whites have never gotten into fights like this. Sheese people. Wake up!!

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    2. rose yop says:

      Let me think… when was the last time a mob of white teens jumped a black kid??

      Wait, don’t tell me… let me see…

    3. Moishe says:

      Once again with this ‘fight’ nonsense. It was a racially motivated mob assault. Let’s be more careful with our words and deal in facts, okay?

  22. Whitey says:

    Black people can’t help but kick whiteys in the head. It’s programmed in their brains. Like the mf word.

  23. fight for life says:

    They should pass a law about kicking in the head. When someone is down thats it let them be why act like a killer and kick in the head do people understand the force that a kick in the face and head causes.They should all be charged with attempted murder no matter what the ages of these punks are.

  24. Sam says:

    I hope they charge these teenagers as adults. They intentionally kicked this guy in the head. They intended to kill him. They should be charged with attemped murder as an adult.

  25. FRANK NITTI says:


    1. Wilson says:

      I’m gonna say they were very dark

    2. Whitey says:

      In Bayonne? Hmmmm. Not light.

    3. p8nt says:

      That’s not even a valid excuse for the mob’s actions. It doesn’t matter what color/race the person is, this type of thing happens in all society.

      1. Whitey says:

        Yeah but mostly in darker mobs.

    4. Tell it like it is says:

      Hey Mr Nitti, What color were they? Look in the mirror pal! Good ole WHITE TRAILER TTRASH that’s all that live in Bayonne. Racist whites ready to blame their problems on the whole world. Dey yo peeps baby…..

      1. Guess Who says:

        Not bloody likely, section ape trash.

  26. Fight like a man says:

    They should pass a law about kicking in the head. When someone is down thats it let them be why act like a killer and kick in the head do people understand the force that a kick in the face and head causes.They should all be charged with attempted murder no matter what the ages of these punks are.

    1. Sam says:

      So right.

    2. Christine says:


  27. p8nt says:

    I blame the Hip Hop and Rap culture for this. Nothing like filling the minds of the youth with garbage that glorifies being a gangster and violence.

    1. Whitey says:

      Amen. Execute em.

    2. danny says:

      So, can we blame the music of the ’60’s for the drug culture? Ozzy for suicide? Elvis for sex? How about (GASP!!) the parents? Art imitates life, not vice versa. The violence rap and hip hop describes are things the writer sees in his/her everyday life.

    3. badman says:

      translation: I am very afraid and I don’t know what to do about it.

      1. Moishe says:

        Meanwhile you’re fearless and have all the answers.

  28. Bman says:

    We live in a city of savages ! My God!

  29. Bigbrostyx Walls says:

    This young kid didn’t have a cell phone.The first thing he should’ve done was call the authorities.Then perhaps he could’ve helped his friend.Let’s pray that he recovers from this incident.

    1. ??? says:

      Even if he had called the police he would have stepped in to help his friend and the result would have been the same. He stepped up to the plate to help a friend being attacked by 20 people, how many of us would have done the same.

      1. Erich Liebreich says:

        $26,000 is not enough to help this poor man.
        I hope the family and friends find a Civil Atty to file a lawsuit against the families od the perps and the liquor store supplying the booze.

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