NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced a new campaign Friday aimed to stop people from purchasing pets from so-called puppy mills.

The ASPCA, in a news release, charges that operators of puppy mills run their facilities in often unsanitary, overcrowded and cruel conditions, “where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.”

Cori Menkin of the ASPCA spoke with 1010 WINS on Friday and said that the organization is hoping to “impact the industry” by asking consumers to not shop at any pet stores that sell puppies.

“This campaign isn’t just about where to get a puppy. It’s about all of the pet-owning public and what they can do to help. So it’s about not buying any of your pet supplies at pet stores that sell puppies,” Menkin said.

The advocacy organization also commissioned a poll that found 80 percent of people would not purchase a puppy if they knew it came from a puppy mill.

“Our poll results indicated that nobody’s making the connection between pet stores and puppy mills. And if that continues the demand for those puppies is going to continue,” Menkin said.

“The more we can hit at the demand and decrease the demand for their ‘product,’ the more impact we can have on the market. If people stop buying the puppies, the puppy mills will stop churning them out,” said Menkin.

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  1. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    I could sit here all night and tell the Scams that “HSUS” “ASPCA” and “PETA but I will just put these 3 links about what and how these Organizations Scam you !

    This is prof take a look for yourself and make up your own mind ! and please may I add, Please only Donate to your Local Humane Society and dog Shelters in your own town !

  2. Bonnie Thompson Jensen says:

    This is crazy, there’s a lot of good breeders out there, and for these organizations to keep letting everyone think they are all (puppy mills), is just not the way it is, that is not the only place pet stores get their dogs. This must be another way for the ASPCA to receive donations just like the Humane Society of the United States, use the money they recieve for lobbying and trying to change laws in every State they can.. Just give money to your local shelters, instead of funding any of their false agendas !!

  3. Tom Grady says:

    80 percent would not buy a puppy if they knew it came from a puppy mill.
    What are the other 20 percent thinking? Can 20 percent be that uneducated to this issue? Apparently so – and that’s really sad.

  4. Old Man says:

    The ASPCA should BE ASHAMED of even mentioning how “other 0rgan-izationns” are doing wrong. The ASPCA runs ads on TV soliciting MONTHLY SUPPORT for these animals and comparingt their “care” to the plight of millions of NEEDY (HUMAN) CHILDREN all over our nation!! Want to do some real good?
    Help a NEEDY CHILD!!! This animal rights (?) BS IS WAY OUT OF CONTROL!
    You people have lost sight of the real world and need TO GET A LIFE!

    1. Mary says:

      I don’t believe that any one indicated that this is the only issue confronting society, or that animal welfare is, in fact, their only charity. Puppy mills (and how their product is sold) are one of many injustices in our society of which most are unaware. That’s what this discussion is about. And BTW, in a related issue, people who abuse animals also abuse children, and there is evidence that cracking down on animal abuse results in less child, and other family, abuse. It’s about breaking the cycle of violence. But that’s for another discussion …

    2. In Reality says:

      Do you own a puppy mill? Do you own a pet store that sells puppies from victimized dogs in a puppy mill? No one is suggesting taking away from the organizations that help children. There are so many programs for people that it sucking my paycheck dry. People need to be held accountable for their actions including the horrors of puppymills.

  5. Debbie says:

    These poor innocent, defenseless animals in the puppy mills need all the help they can get from people with a voice. It is nothing but a vicious cyce! The puppy mills breed like a factory, the pet shops get the puppies, unsuspecting people buy them, many then end up back at the shelters and never see the light of day again. Who wins? The mills and pet shops at the expense of the animals. This needs to stop and we the people can all help, spread the word, visit your shelters!

  6. georgedunne says:

    The ASPCA should not be cracking down on puppy mills; but rather the people that buy pets that don’t have a backyard. Pets, especially dogs, don’t want to be institutionalized in a small confined apartment all day, only to be walked to relieve themselves. This puppy mill campaign is just a ruse to clean out its own shelters, or divert patronage to some expensive AKC recognized breeders.

    1. Pat Patterson says:

      It’s like the overbreeding of people, every little bit helps.

    2. Lynne says:

      you are ignorant to anything other than what is in your face. To make a comment like that is ridiculous.
      Being a pet sitter i do believe dogs should have all the exercise they deserve and people should truely consider that before getting any animal
      Puppy mills are a huge industry of pain and suffering… evidently more than you can fathom

  7. Daniel says:

    There should be a law banning the purchase of puppies and kittens from pet shops using credit cards. Cash only would stop most people from impluse buying from pet shops where 99% of puppies come from horrible puppy mills. Missouri is the puppy mill capital of the U.S. and Limerick, Ireland is the puppy mill capital of Europe.

  8. Lisa says:

    Why just puppies? Why not kittens as well? Cats are just as cruelly exploited as dogs by ethcally-challenged people looking to make a buck. Many years ago, before I knew any better, I bought a little blue-point Siamese kitten from a pet store on Lexington Avenue (which is still there). About a week after I got him I noticed he did not seem well so took him to my vet, who did an x-ray and told me Applehead was perfect outside but completely genetically malformed inside, and there was nothing to be done about it. I called the store and told them this nmews, they told me to bring the kitten back and they would exchange it. But I knew they would only kill him so I kept him comfortable until he died a few days later. I was later told by someone who opened my eyes that this happens a lot with “mill” animals – the mothers are bred and bred to the point their own bodies can’t produce healthy babies. Any kind of dog or cat you could want can be found in either a local shelter or a specialized adoption group, just check the web. Don’t buy any animal which is the product of cruelty and greed.

  9. Grim Fandango says:

    Good i hope that puppy mills get shut down. It’s a horrible place for animals, dirty and the animals are often sick or dead. If i had power to take down these places and save the animals i would. Actually i would save the animals then burn down the mills. I really feel bad for all those poor animals that have to suffer from human filth.

    1. Pat Patterson says:

      Maybe the answer is less people. Babies are having babies like breeding fleas. Why does everyone think they have the God given right to raise animals or kids in an environment with no hope? God only had one son, and Jeasus didn’t have any. Is there a lesson here?

  10. georgia719 says:

    Write to politicians and have them ban the sale of animals in pet stores. Some cities are doing this and if enough do maybe it can become a state to state action instead of just cities. If there is no money to be made then there is no purpose for mills. 80% of dogs in the 3 ACC locations do not ever get homes – they are euthanized. has a slew of pets for adoption to that rescues have gotten from people and pulled from the kills ahelters. Want a real reality check – go onto and see what animals people can be….then tell me we shouldn’t have stronger rules for owning animals and stop pet stores that just want to make a buck – they can make plenty selling just pet products.

  11. McFadden says:

    I used to support them. But I live in NYC and have found out that they’ll spend ALOT of money to break rules of coops that don’t allow dogs. I actually love animals, but when they’ll spend so much on legal fees to disregard rules, and actually mislead about “certification” of animals, well, I guess they don’t need my money and are fooling everyone. In NYC, many apartments have thin walls and no garden. It’s as bad for the dogs as it is for the neighbors. Some buildings are great for animals. But if the ASPCA has more regard for themselves than the individual rules for a coop, and our sanity, well, no more support from me…

    1. Mary says:

      Everything is politics these days, isn’t it? I used to contribute to the Humane Society of the United States until I found out about their other agendas, like taking animals from disaster areas before their owners had the time to track them down, then selling to shelters who sold them. Not to mention the huge sums of money people donate to help the animals caught in a disaster. Or that NONE of the money they collect as a charity goes to actually help shelters. Best thing, if you are so inclined, is to donate directly to your local animal shelter. And adopt a homeless pet – probably the best pet you will ever have.

  12. Vicki says:

    Mary, you make a good point. I would also like to add to your comment re: the AKC papers. The American Kennel Club (“AKC”) charges breeders to register their dogs. I’m sure they make alot of money this way.

    The AKC could stop alot of the abuse and misery that goes on at puppy mills. “AKC papers” are basically a trademark that the AKC permits breeders to use when selling their dogs to consumers as an indication of the “quality” of the “goods.” All trademark owners need to “police” their marks to ensure that they are being used properly – if a mark isn’t being used properly, they could lose rights to it (I know this because I am an intellectual property lawyer.) The AKC could inspect these breeders’ facilities and refuse to issue papers to breeders who don’t measure up – it’s as simple as that!

    I mentioned this a while back on the ASPCA’s Facebook page and my post was removed – how interesting! I suspect (but don’t know for sure) that the AKC donates some money to the ASPCA and the ASPCA doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

    However, a saavy investigative reporter looking for an interesting angle for a story would be wise to follow up – I’m just saying 🙂

  13. gjk says:

    Okay then, tell me where i should buy my puppy if i want one?

    If stores that sell puppies aren’t the place, where is?

    1. Mary says:

      1) breeders, if you want a pure-bred puppy
      2) rescue organizations
      3) breed rescue, which may even have pups

      just google them. Most pure-bred dogs will have a national club – find the website and ask about good breeders.

      even “backyard breeders”, i.e. people that have a couple of dogs and want to make some extra money, are better choices than pet stores. These people generally aren’t concerned about structure or genetic health issues, but the dogs they breed are typically their pets, whom they care for and thus are well-treated.

    2. Adam says:

      How about your local animal shelter, humane society, SPCA, animal control, etc.? I’m sure you can find lots of dogs, and other animals, of all sizes, just waiting to have a real home.

    3. georgia719 says:

      There are over 150 dogs in the 3 ACC shelter (which still euthanize if a home isn’t found). They are at 326 E. 110th St. NYC 212-722-4939; 2336 Linden Blvd, Bklyn NY 718-272-6460 and 3139 Veterans Rd West in Staten Isl, 718-966-3608. Dogs are $150 for pure breeds any age. $100 for puppies up to 4 months. $65 for 5 months to 4 yrs and $35 for 5 yrs and older. Yes they ahve a lot of pits (FYI all dogs go thru a variety of in depth testing for aggression and if a dog has agression it is euthanized). They also have many many other breeds, especially with the apt size/breed ban of Bloomberg and the lousey economy and people having to move and give up their animals. Hope that helps. They are open for adoption 12-7 EVERY DAY.

  14. Mary says:

    I hope they also include stores than only sell puppies, like “Just Puppies”. When asked, they’ll tell you that their puppies come from breeders in Missouri (the state with possibly the highest number of puppy mills). Hmmm, why would a store in Maryland have to get all their puppies from Missouri? Another point they need to make is that a dog’s AKC papers does not mean that you have a good dog, bred to breed standards and to have good health and temperament, it just means that the dog is purebred. I’m really glad someone is starting to get out the word on pet store puppies.

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