GREENWICH, CT (WCBS 880) — Although no official confirmation has been made, residents of a gated community in northwest Greenwich claim to have seen a mountain lion.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports 

Two people at the exclusive, gated community called The Chieftains, which is the former Gimble estate, claim to have seen a mountain lion.

Dennis Shane with Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, says right now, it is unconfirmed.

“Absence of physical evidence, a good picture, paw prints, scat, which is fecal matter, we really can’t put this in the category of a credible sighting,” Shane said.

Just down the road two months ago, there was a credible mountain lion sighting. The big cat was stuck and killed by a car in Milford.

It was the first wild mountain lion in Connecticut in more than a century.

Genetic tests showed it came from South Dakota and made an amazing 1,800 mile journey east.

Anyone who thinks they’ve spotted a mountain lion is asked to call local officials and the DEEP’s 24-hour hotline (860-423-3333).

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  1. Ray says:

    I think there’s a lot more wildlife out in our woods than most residents are aware of. As someone who hikes and fishs in the Fairfield County area, I am amazed at some of the animals I come across- sometimes face to face ! It is very possible that more than one mountain lion made the country-wide trek here and is quite happy to live off of the small prey it would encounter in the woods as well as the occasional tasty dog or cat snack ! I think it is always a wise choice to look at your surroundings while out in the backwoods of our great state..

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