300 Strong, They Vow To Put End To Series Of Sex Attacks Dating Several Months

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Brooklyn residents are taking back their streets — by force.

A string of high-profile attacks, including one captured by surveillance cameras, sent hundreds of people into the streets Wednesday night to fight back and send a message to the predators and police, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

If there is power in numbers the more than 300 people who took to the streets of Park Slope sent a strong message. They will not tolerate violence in their neighborhood.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports: Voicing Their Frustrations

“I think it’s crucial that the other communities see the importance of coming out voicing, Let the voices be heard against sexual assault,” said Antonia Clemente of The Healing Center.

The “take back our streets” march was organized by a grass roots group called “Safe Slope.” Organizers wanted to take action after police say a man has raped one woman and sexually assaulted eight others in South Brooklyn since March.

Park Slope rape suspect

Residents in Park Slope, Brooklyn are banding together to help catch a rapist responsible for at least eight attacks since March. (Photo: CBS 2)

“We’re here for the victims and we can come together as a neighborhood to help empower our neighbors to take a role in their own safety,” said Michael Crumshow of Safe Slope.

“To let the perpetrator or perpetrators of these acts know we are watching and we are going to look out for our neighbors,” resident Crystal Flemming said.

“I hope they catch him soon before something really bad happens,” one man said.

Women and their families and friends walked side by side, taking over Park Slope streets and then rallied together, sharing self-defense tips and vowing to protect each other.

“We’re here because we all care about our name and care about one another,” one woman told the crowd.

“It’s unfortunate that we have to constantly look over our shoulders and it’s important for everyone to be a global citizen and to really make sure that we create a world where woman shouldn’t have to protect themselves from rape because men are taught not to rape.” Mallory McMahon said.

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  1. NYC42A says:

    Police are a great deterrent but they can’t be everywhere. NYC policies are allowing these attacks to happen by leaving women defenselss Stun guns and Tasers are designed to help women protect themselves but they are outlawed in NYC. If woman are attacked then Mr. Bloomberg and his policies is letting it happen.

    1. Prospect Ave says:

      72 pct cops are lazy. Out with Insp pintos

  2. KPMc says:

    Oooo.. Is this a love match between neanderthal bigoted racists?

    Will we hear same-sex wedding bells in the future? It’s great that NYS gave you guys the right to marry.

    Congratulations and Good Luck.


      Hey stop with all the hating
      and the name calling

      I am 5 foot 10inch Aryan female
      Red Head

      1. KPMc says:

        You’re right. It was wrong of me to insult neanderthals like that. I saw something on the History Channel and it turns out THEY were pretty intelligent and more advanced then we give them credit for.

        You and Conservative on the other hand…

  3. Dale Auburn says:

    So Park Slope wants safe streets. Doesn’t everybody?

    My question is this: Which OTHER neighborhood should become less safe so that THEY can be more safe?

    1. Carlo Fortunato says:

      Maybe we should stop cutting rich peoples’ taxes and hire more cops.

      1. Mark says:

        Way too many cops as it is. They are the real welfare leaches.

      2. NYC42A says:

        Cops can’t be everywhere. Maybe letting people be able to defend themselves should be an option for those that want to. Look at the stats and let me know how many cops you think the city needs or may just hire a bodyguard like Mr. Bloomberg.

        Year to Date:
        341 Murders
        998 Raps
        12,526 Robberies
        11,742 Felony Assaults
        12,280 Burglaries

  4. Aron Kay says:

    you are sick

  5. Aron Kay says:


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