HAUPPAUGE, NY (WCBS 880) — As many as 1,400 workers on Long Island could soon lose their jobs in Suffolk and Nassau counties.

WCBS 880’s Long Island bureau chief Mike Xirinachs reports

Executives in both Long Island counties are proposing budgets that would slash hundreds of jobs, 709 in Suffolk and another 710 jobs in Nassau.

Both spending plans call for union concessions for workers to pay for part of their medical premiums.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said a county employee who didn’t want to be identified. “Where are all those tax payer dollars that we’re spending? It shouldn’t happen.”

It’s another hit on the middle class, says that worker adding “how much more can we take?”

Nassau County faces a $310 million budget gap. County Executive Ed Mangano says the cuts are needed to balance the budget and will save $10 million annually.

If approved, the layoffs would go into effect on January 1.

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  1. anne says:

    What nonsense nogravy train for county employeeswe have had no raises in three we finally got a 2% this year and we also gave two paychecks back to the county a year ago. Our medical has been getti g worse with large copayments and the drug programs get worse each year. we are not getting replacements for employees lost many county employee put in hour with out getting paid, yes hit the cops and teachers but leave the county workers alone most oi us work for the county for the medical we opted for less money and better medical which is already going away. When the economy gets better it will not be on the backs of the county workers it will be whenbig business starts telling the truth and paying their fair share and insurance companies ande pharmaceutical company stop filling their pockets with gold while the hard workig middle iincome people pay all the taxes ok do layoffs more forclosures and more people to leave long island. Large Corporations need to stop hording the profits for themself and buy equipment for their companies and pay their employees fairly leave the little people alone and go after the big money to fix this economy

  2. Peter says:

    Up to now civil service workers have been riding a gravy train with salaries and benefits far outstripping the private secor. And they have been exempt from disruptions in the economy. Welcome to the real world folks.

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